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ホームページ Rollerblade 2010 の新コンテンツ Rollerblade Magazine が順調に更新されているようです。Team Rollerblade が廃部になった後だけに、アクセスが減るかと思いますが、少しは減少の歯止めになりそうです。最新の記事は Olympic Games of Vancouver に出た、元 Team Rollerblade の Alexis Contin です。

Former Rollerblade Skaters in Vancouver:

(Mar. 10, 2010)
Chad Hedrik takes two medals, Alexis Contin close to the medal

The Olympic Games of Vancouver are close to their end. It will surely be a new success for winter sports and the Olympic Committee. It was a success for… inline skating too! Actually, many former inliners competed on the ice of the Richmond Arena (long track) or the Pacific Coliseum (short track) during this last couple of weeks. Many of them have been part of the Rollerblade speed skating teams in the past.

Chad Hedrik was one of the biggest stars of the long track races. The Texan won a gold medal in Turin four years ago, and he was the favorite of some races such as the 5K or the 1500m. Hedrik, who was part of the first Rollerblade pro team at the end of the 90's, won 50 world titles on the skates during his career. At the age of 33, he is still very competitive and motivated: “now that I am a father, I know who I am racing for, and it is different.” He managed to capture a bronze medal on the 1000m, right behind his team mate Shani Davis and Tae-bum Mo (South Korea), the day when the US Olympic team won five medals (the best result of a US Olympic team ever)! He also took a silver medal with the US team in the finale of the relay race - where the Canadian team captured the gold in their Home Olympic Games! 

Chad Hedrik VancouverChad Hedrik Vancouver

Alexis Contin was racing for the first time at the OG. The French, who won a world title on the skates last year in Pamplona, Spain, was very motivated as well. He captured a bronze medal (on the 5K) and a silver one (on the 10K) at the European championships on ice in January. “I am here to take a podium” he said frankly before his races. But he did not succeed. He finished at a promising 6th place over the 5K, only 1’’53sec. behind the bronze medalist Skobrev. And he took the 4th rank over the 10K… “I have no regret. I broke my personal record and I gave my best. Rendezvous in four years in Sotchi!”

Alexis Contin VancouverOlympic Games of Vancouver

Rollerblade can be proud of the athletes who were supported in the past. Shane Dobbin also switched for the ice recently, and he became one of the most competitive New-Zealanders on the long track. He achieved Top 10 results in the World Cup before he came to Vancouver, where he raced the long distances. For sure, Shane will be one to look at during the next OG. Roger Schneider also competed the long track, but with less success. The Swiss giant, winner of few World Inline Cups in the past, will probably continue his career on the ice, which will probably not be the case for Alexis and Shane…

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