DVD "HIGHROLLAZ Vert Rollerblading"

日本から Yasutoko brothers、 Ayumi Kawasaki が出演している DVD "HIGHROLLAZ" がブログで話題に成っています。現在のバートシーンはもちろん、過去の Chris Edwards まで網羅したバートスケート保存版と言えそうです。

Highrollaz Vert Rollerblading

DVD Highrollaz Vert RollerbladingHIGHROLLAZ is proud to present vert rollerblading as never showcased before. We've compiled the best available vert footage from the past and present. Includes Europe, Japan, Australia, America, England, X-Games, Woodward, and ASA events.

These unique athletes from all over the world have been achieving new levels in this aspect of rollerblading.
  • Sections from:The Yasutoko Eito, Yasutoko Takeshi, Marco De Santi, Shane Yost, Marc Englehart and Thumper Nagasako.
  • Also featuring: Nel Martin, Ayumi Kawasaki, Sven Boekhorst, Borja Fernandez, Fabiola Da Silva, Cesar Andrade and more. With cameos from Chris Haffey and Chris Edwards.
  • Distributed by: Integrated Distribution
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Highrollaz Vert Rollerblading Trailer

http://vimeo.com/9424278 by thumper Nagasako

http://vimeo.com/9425808 by thumper Nagasako: http://vimeo.com/hifocused