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明日から東京でフィギュアGPファイナル (the Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final) が始まる。日本では想像できないけれども、そんなスケーティングをローラースケートで演じてしまう Music Skate Art の宣伝ビデオが投稿されました。イタリアで12月20日に Christmas on skates として開催されるようです。イタリアはアーティスティックスケーティングのレベル高い。

Music Skate Art : December 20th 2009

Translated by (Nov. 29, 2009)
Music Skate ArtSunday, December 20th, 2009 at 20.00 at the Palasport Verona will be held on major new event "Music Skate Art-The stars of skating" gala figure skating skates, created thanks to the success of the previous 3 editions of "Christmas on skates." The best athletes of the season, the most talented skaters of the world scene, European, Italian driving the car for a great night of sports, art, charity and entertainment, which will see the participation of singer Lola Ponce Giò di Tonno and Alex.

Among the athletes who captivated the audience with stunning choreography and stunts: Roberto Riva, Tanja Romano, Andrea Barbieri, Melissa Comin De Candido and Mirko Pontello, Celebrity, Dario Betti, Precision Team Albinea, Cristina Trani, Millennium, Michela Mezzari, Patrick and Venerucci Francesca Colombo, Martina Comparotto, Division, Giulia Solemn, Enrico Fabbri and Laura Marzocchini.

A show of dance, music, passion and fun presented by the beautiful voice of Francesca Cheyenne RTL 102.5 and Luigi Vesentini known sports journalist Telearena.

area numbered € 20.00
field free € 14.00
reduced field free (child 4-12 years) € 7.00
Doors opening hours 19:10
Information: - Tel.0456801916 - 3453596890
Skating Idea: Music Skate Art : 20 dicembre 2009

MUSIC SKATE ART - Gala The Stars of Skating

Translated by
In Verona, the great stars of figure skating and music come together to forge an unprecedented event, the Music Skate Art gala dedicated to the spectacular world of figure skating.

Sold out of the 5,000-strong presence of the past and the important issue of media ottenutodalla event this year on the runway of Art Music Skate skaters go down alongside the singers Alexia, Lola Ponce Gio di Tonno and who accompany their songs live European champions and many other stars of figure skating national.

When you turn on lights and reflectors on the track of the magic will begin Palasport Verona, skaters, singles, couples, quartets, groups, enchanted the audience with a show of music, dance and acrobatics, 120 minutes of emotions, sports, adrenaline, passion and fun with a phenomenal cast: Melissa De Candido Comin and Mirko Pontello (multi-World Champions of Dance), Andrea Barbieri (World Champion 2009), Celebrity (Quartet award-European Champion and Italian), Division (World Champions 2009 Group Show), Dario Betti (Junior World Championship 2009), Precision Team Albinea (Vice-World Champions 2009 Synchronized), Cristina Trani (Bronze at the World Cup 2009), made even miss the presence of true legends like skating, Roberto Riva for the first time in Verona ( winner of 19 world titles), Tanja Romano (the only woman in figure skating history to win 14 world titles), Laura Marzocchini and Enrico Fabbri (multi-World Champions and European Champions 2007), Patrick Venerucci and Francesca Colombo (pair winning artist 12 Ori World).

Smappo...event your life!: Music Skate Art Galà Le Stelle Del Pattinaggio