SAAB Salomon Team 2003

現在、バンクーバー冬季オリンピックのスピードスケート、フランス代表にチャレンジ中の Pascal Briand が SAAB Salomon Team を率いて参加した Seoul World Inline Cup 2003、その当時の華やかなりしSWICの懐かしいビデオが10月に投稿されていました。フランスでは Alexis Contin がオリンピック代表に当確だそうです。もう1人の Pascal Briand も決定すればイイのですが・・・。

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Inline Skating Notebook: Salomon Inline Skate Team 2006 (Jan. 8, 2006)

1st divisie marathon: 4th place

(Dec. 27, 2009)
yesterday i was then in groningenland...the place where i 1st train in ice in 2005 with egbert post... i raced the 100laps of the marathon in 1st divisie. it is good for me to prepare the 5km in EK cause most of the time i train alone so i miss to get speed from other skaters.

so 100 laps in the middle of a group is perfect for me, it give me good feeling cause it remember me inline.

so what about the race...i start easy, just enjoying to be in the middle of the pack, trying to relax my technic in the straight line and pushing my corner. somethimes i look a bit in front to see what happen so i m sure not to miss the right breakaway.
laps after laps i get more feeling in the corner, i can feel i need to put more body weight on my left leg...and push longer...
in the middle of the race...a group seems to go away so i make more speed and come back...we are about 15 skaters and it was a good move cause we lapped the i can relax again in the middle ^^ and think about technic.
after 60laps i start to get tired...not feeling so good bpm goes to 190...are stay there^^...i m alive ^^ ...but then i took more time to skate and rythm get down to 170 again which is easy for me.
10 laps to is the sprint for the pack so i get ni position 10 about so i don t get suprise by some guys...and after this sprint 2 guys try to go away but i m just behind so ..... i want to keep the thinks compact a sprint is better for me...
few guys try again but ice is fast so not so easy to go away...
3laps to go ...i g onear place 5 ....1 lap to go i go in 2nd place...let one guy 3m in front so he don t block me but still get some draft...
300m is time for me to pass ans take the lead, i try to keep the guy close so i pass him just before the corner to block the other...but he died so timing went wrong...anyway i m first in last corner...and....stupid me i go to much inside too close from the protection...and i m too carefull on this bad ice to built not enougth speed out of the corner and i can see 3 guys passing me like rockets^^....hehe damm i m 4th....

1500m Heerenveen (Nov. 13, 2009)

    Pascal BRIAND FRA 1:49.11
      300m - 24.15 - (24.1)
      700m - 51.12 - (26.9)
      1100m - 1:19.68 - (28.5)
      1500m - 1:49.11 - (29.4)
    Personal records 1500m: 1:47.24
BRIAND Pascal Blog: 1st divisie marathon: 4th place

i will be in vancouver ...feel so good

(Jan. 27, 2010)
and yesterday i finally learn i will be in is such a great news for me , i m so thankfull to everybody that helped me so far...i will make message for all soon but now i m still under the CHOCK news...i enjoy it full...i enjoy every second of my training full...

5 years i m training for this...going is a dream and a all my focus will go on doing my best there...that is why now i m training so hard on inline and short track...using the training tools that make me as strong as possible
BRIAND Pascal Blog: i will be in vancouver ...feel so good

thanks to all your nice message on facebook

Pascal Briand I m going to Vancouver
BRIAND Pascal Blog: : thanks to all your nice message on facebook
Ville de Un Choletais aux Jeux Olympiques de Vancouver

Alexis Contin and Pascal Briand at the Vancouver Olympic Village during the welcoming ceremony of the France

by Pascal Briand (Feb. 10, 2010)

Yesterday evening was held the welcoming ceremony for the French delegation, it was great especially when we heard the Marseillaise ...
LSC Roller: Alexis contin et Pascal Briand au Village Olympique de Vancouver lors de la cérémonie de bienvenue de la France にバンクーバー冬季オリンピックに参加するインライン出身のアイススケーターが紹介されていました。

Inline skaters on Ice to Vancouver Olympics!

(Jan. 27, 2010)
Derek Parra was the first Inline skater to win the Olympic gold in ice skating, after that we saw many more Inliners try their luck on Ice.

Followed is a list of Inline skaters who are going to the Olympics in Vancouver, hopefully we can see some surprising performances from these outstanding athletes! Inline skaters on Ice to Vancouver Olympics!

Inline Speed Skaters Who Transition to Olympic Ice Speed Skaters

Carl Foster, Ph.D., FACSM, is Professor of Exercise and Sport Science at the University of Wisconsin in La Crosse. He is a past president of the American College of Sports Medicine and a member of the scientific support team for U.S. Speed Skating.
(Feb. 17, 2010)

Heather Richardson, a former elite inline speed skater, is competing in the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games in ice speed skating (a similar, but distinctly different sport) and in three different events. While this seems like an unusual transition, it is remarkable in that Heather has only been speed skating on ice for a comparatively short time. However, it is not as unusual as one might think at first. Ever since KC Boutiette became the first “inliner” to successfully transition to ice speed skating at a high level (winning a place on the 1994 Olympic Team), there have been a number of inliners who have successfully made the transition to ice, including Jennifer Rodriquez (2x bronze in 2002), Derek Parra (gold and silver in 2002), Joey Cheek (bronze in 2002, gold and silver in 2006), and Chad Hedrick (gold, silver and bronze in 2006). There have been several other former inliners who have been good enough to make Olympic teams, although not quite getting onto the podium.

Speed skating is, like running, cycling, swimming, and Nordic skiing, an energy-demanding sport, where the main criterion for competitive success is the ability to propel oneself faster than their competitors. As such, it requires a very good physiology in terms of both aerobic and anaerobic energy production. However, speed skating is very much a sport that requires propulsive efficiency, being able to time the push-off to the split second and as well as with the proper form. In that regard, elite inline skaters have some real chance for high-level performance in that they are already very good skaters, and only have to make the adaptation to a steel blade instead of wheels. The dependence on technique also means that athletes like Heather can do multiple events; if you are a good skater, you are a good skater. There are differences in the sports. In ice speed skating the technique is typically more “static” (read “painful for the legs”) and there is no opportunity to skate with your competitor and ride in their draft. In that regard, the sports are very different emotionally; in ice speed skating, you are racing the clock and your nearest competitor may not be in the same pairing.

In most inline events, you are head-to-head with your major competitors. It’s a whole different feel of racing. The transfer of weight and the use of the “rocker” (slight curve) of the skate blade is also very different than the technique of using wheels to transfer energy to the earth. Not every inliner, even the very good ones, can make the transition to ice. However, even with perhaps only 10% of elite inliners able to make the transition, the “wheels to ice” program is one of the major talent pools for U.S. Speed Skating. In fact, until the last year, the program was coached by Derek Parra, one of the most successful athletes at crossing from wheels to ice. Derek is now the long-distance coach for U.S. Speed Skating. So, I’ll be watching with interest when Heather “goes to the start.” Based on the result of other inliners who have crossed over, she might provide a pleasant surprise for American fans.
ACSM Winter Olympics Expert Commentary: Inline Speed Skaters Who Transition to Olympic Ice Speed Skaters