Speedskating - Technical Basics

Ruedi Wenger 氏の著書 "La tecnica del pattinaggio in linea" を DVD 化した "Speedskating - Technical Basics" の予告ビデオが YouTube に投稿されたので採り上げてみました。解説言語が英仏伊独の4ヶ国のみですが、経験者なら練習方法は映像を観て理解は出来ると思います。

Speedskating - Technical Basics

by Ruedi Wenger (Dec. 25, 2009)
A new film about Inline-Speedskating technique. Available in 4 languages: english, french, italian, german.

Idea and realisation: Ruedi Wenger
  1. Acquiring basic elements:
    1. Basic position
    2. Acquiring ankle sensivity
    3. Shifting the centre of gravity
  2. Basic technical elements:
    1. The straight line
    2. The bend - parallel tuning
    3. The bend - crossover step
    4. The start
  3. Application on the flat track
  4. Competition
Length: 35 minutes
Price: 20 Euros

The film is based on the book of Paolo Marcelloni: "La tecnica del pattinaggio in linea" (2005)

La tecnica del pattinaggio in linea

La tecnica del pattinaggio in linea

The most comprehensive manual of inline skating techniques.

Ranging from the basic technique to the highest level. 100 practical exercises to teach the perfect technique. More than 500 pages and 1,000 photographs in 10 chapters, a valuable tool for technicians and athletes.

You can find a trailer on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2w3_UdmoWQ

The film is available for sale by Ruedi Wenger
Tannrain 19, 6214 Schenkon, Switzerland
e-mail: ruedi.wenger@edulu.ch

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