BONT South American Wheel

BONT がコロンビア、ベネズエラのリンクに対応した South American Wheel を2010年から供給開始するそうです。公開された写真の110mmウィールに硬度が明示されていないので、全く未知なる存在です。南アメリカのリンク路面って、そんなにも特殊なのでしょうか?。まー中国リンク向けのウィールも販売されたので、ありうる話ではあります。

BONT South American 110mm Wheel

by Alexander Bont
This is the wheel that will match the South American Vaypor.

BONT South American 110mm Wheel

In 2010 we will release a new South American Wheel decked out in the colors of Colombia and Venezuela. This wheel has been specifically designed to meet the needs of South American Skaters with their unique track conditions. Testing went extremely well and the wheels are now being produced for the 2010 ...season. Look out for a matching boot in the new year.

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Bont South American Wheel review

Letme (Oct. 31, 2010)
First of all I am not sponsored in anyway from Bont, nor I sell their products.

I had a problem last season with rough roads and high-vibration-feet-massages and that races almost got me to the edge with my nerves (riding for team saved me to finish that races). So I decided never again. I searched the net for good wheels for rough roads with nice absorption but good roll when I found Bont South American wheel to be made just for that. I was trying to get reviews but there are none, also none of sponsored reviews are out there, but I still decided I will buy them and try them (not much choice from other wheel's manufacturers anyways). This year I was missing that same races but yesterday we had a race on similar surface and it was a blast. I can compare my wheels to my competition's wheels (Matter Yellow and Atom One Orange) and Bont South American outrolled both on downhill and reached higher top speed without drafting. I was really impressed by that, since in my mind softer wheels shouldnt get that much roll at all. In curves (180 degree turns) all the guys were sliding to keep them on road but I was able to cut on inside lines with Bont South American and exit curves with higher speed. Further more on the end of race all competitors where throwing skates off because their feet were killing them, but my feet felt normal.
Bottom line is I am really really impressed with Bont South American wheels and I would recommend them for anyone who is racing on rough roads. Bottom line for objective comparison:
    -They have same roll as Matter Yellow and Atom One Orange on rough roads
    -They grip way better than Matter Yellow and Atom One Orange
    -They absorb vibration unimaginable better than any of above wheels
I must underline that I have made this comparison strictly and only on rough roads. Rough roads is where this wheel really preforms at its best and where its meant to preform.

I cant really comment on durability since I will be using this wheel strictly for races.
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Bont's 2010 Products

BONT South American Vaypor

by Alexander Bont (Dec. 21, 2009)
Heads up. Bont will release a new South American Vaypor. (A Vaypor with a South American theme, not made in South Anmerica) The colors will be based on the wild custom colors that our South American Customers order. Expect a lot of color.
Release date: Within 3 weeks.

by Alexander Bont (Jan. 17, 2010)
Bont South American Vaypor

Introducing the new Bont South American Vaypor. You can order this skate now and it will be ready for shipping in around 5 weeks. This package will come standard with our new South American wheel which is based on the HRR formula which is perfect for South American tracks and roads.

Bont South American Vaypor
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