Bont Vaypor 2010

出たー!と言うほどの驚きがありません。英国のユニオンジャック を採りいれたデザインンです。英国連邦 The Commonwealth of Nations では売れそうですが、ちょっと残念な Bont Vaypor の2010年モデルです。Bont Skates Message Board では、反応が良さそうですが・・・なぜ、今 "Union Jack" なのか?、考えてみると微妙な感じがします。

Bont 2010 Flag Vaypor

Alexander Bont (Nov. 9, 2009)

Introducing the new 2010 Bont Flag Vaypor.
Pricing will be the same as the Leather Vaypor.
Available in stock and Custom (2 point and 3 point boot).
Available in 6 weeks, orders can be placed now.

The inline version will use a new material and the first samples will be ready mid December.

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South American Vaypor

by Alexander Bont (Dec. 21, 2009)
Heads up. Bont will release a new South American Vaypor. (A Vaypor with a South American theme, not made in South Anmerica)The colors will be based on the wild custom colors that our South American Customers order. Expect a lot of color.

by Alexander Bont (Jan. 17, 2010)
Introducing the new Bont South American Vaypor. You can order this skate now and it will be ready for shipping in around 5 weeks. This package will come standard with our new South American wheel which is based on the HRR formula which is perfect for South American tracks and roads.

Bont South American Vaypor
Bont South American Vaypor

2010 Vaypor Zero

by Alexander Bont (Jan. 24, 2010)
Introducing the new 2010 Vaypor Zero. A combination of our top selling Vaypor model and a super strong and light weight rubberized silver fiberglass material that has evolved from the Microlite.

BONT Vaypor Zero
BONT Vaypor Zero
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Bont's 2010 Products

by Alexander Bont (Dec. 3, 2009)
We have already unveiled a number of new products for 2010 and there a quite a few more to come.

The Apache will be deleted at the end of the month and replaced by the Z. Here is how our lineup will look
  1. New unreleased model
  2. Vaypor including new Flag Vaypor and Zero Vaypor
  3. Z
  4. Jet
  5. Cheetah
The Vaypor will get some upgrades:
  • Slightly more dense padding
  • Front TPU bumper with air vents

Air vents with mesh now pump air into the skates keeping your feet cool.
  • Suede microfiber liner

A new suede microfiber liner which is long lasting and antibacterial. You can also see the new roll top cuff.
  • Super comfy tongue like we use in the cycling shoes

A new super comfy tongue that does away with the need for heat moldable tongues because it is so comfy.
  • We will remove the thermoplastic from the boot to save weight and rely on our very moldable resin for the heat molding of the boot. We have done a lot of work on our resin over the past few years and it is extremely moldable.
  • The cuff will get a roll top where the liner gets rolled over the outside of the boot and then sewn. It's a small change but it looks neater.
The Vaypor Zero will look a little like the Bont Zero. The same boots that the girl in another thread on this forum is flying around in. It will be a very hot looking boot.

The Flag Vaypor is paying a little bit of homage to our motherland England (The Queen of England is still Australia's head of state).

The Z will get Australian leater outer, microfiber liner, a hand made base made up of 85% carbon and 15% fiberglass. No thermoplastic to save on weight, but still very moldable.
The difference between the Vaypor and Z is that the Vaypor is made of all carbon + uni directional carbon and the liner is different.
The Z and Vaypor + new un-named model are all available in Custom made.
All boots are available in 2point and 3point. I have been taking the photos of the 2 point skates just to remind everyone that we do still make 2 point skates (around 15% of our skates)

If you haven't already seen the Cheetah, it is an all fiberglass boot, but that fiberglass is hand laid in different directions so it is a very light, stiff boot and great value for money.

The top of the line unreleased model will be a specialty speed skate. I'll release it in about 4 weeks.

We will have two new 3x110mm frames coming out in early January. 11.2" and 12".

We will keep the Alpha and Semi-Race, this is just the speed lineup.

There will be a lot of new wheels, but the Mint's will still be the main wheel for the road. I'll give you more wheel info closer to the new season as we are doing a lot of testing over the winter.

New racing suit design for 2010.

New pricing will be released on Jan 1.

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