No One-Eleven in 2010

あの、スイス山岳コースの One-Eleven 111km が来年度開催中止のニュースが入ってきました。最盛期には1600人いた参加者が900人まで減少、さらに、この経済事情でスポンサーの資金集めも難航しているようです。アジアは立ち直る兆しがありますが、欧州は DBS Bank 倒産など経済が持ち直すまで、まだまだ時間が掛かりそうです。

After 12 years of One-Eleven's Final

Translated by (Nov. 3, 2009)
The longest inline skating race in the world is history. The 111 kilometer-long competition through the cantons of St. Gallen and Thurgau took place this year after 12 Deregistered the last time.

Around 1000 people on 12 One-Eleven participated. Photo: Donato Caspari

The main reason is the declining numbers of participants, such as OC President Paul Gubser, a report of the Eastern regional news confirmed. During the boom years 2003/2004 still some 1600 professionals and amateurs at the One-Eleven drove a race, this year there were approximately 900.

The sponsorship money flowed with the economic crisis not as abundant as they did in previous years. Moreover, the expenditure has increased each year, as Gubser said. About the exact reasons for the end of the line race Gubser will first check after he has informed workers, communities and other partners. Nach 12 Jahren One-Eleven ist Schluss

Inline Skating Notebook: One-Eleven 2007

After 12 years, One Eleven's Final

St. Gallen, Translated by (Nov. 9, 2009)
The longest inline skating race in the world is history. The 111 kilometer-long competition through the cantons of St. Gallen and Thurgau took place this year after 12 Deregistered the last time.

Termination of the Inline one-eleven

Thank you for the support over the past 12 years

The Inline One-Eleven will no longer be pursued. At the Board meeting of 20 October 2009, we have decided after much consider the Inline One-Eleven quit after twelve years. The decision was not easy for us, because about 20 OK-members and almost 1,000 helpers have invested in recent years a lot of heart and soul and time into the occasion.

Inline One-Eleven was in 1998 a difficult start, because it was initially difficult to grasp, organize an in-line race over such a long distance and as a skater still be put through. But after the first held, it became apparent that the race is unique worldwide and will become a kind of cult status. Year after year the number of participants increased and reached its peak in 2004 with 1600 participants from 17 nations. The event was held national and international attention, and each winner of the Inline one-eleven can confirm that there was something very special to stand in St Gallen on the podium. No other race in the world is so selective and attractive at the same time.

For a race over 100 kilometers and with the high technical standards, however, is only a limited pool of participants. The extreme length, and the rapid descents deterred many amateur hangover from participation. The sport and the material developed rapidly, so were driven ever faster times. The sports at the international top level rose, but the broad masses of the experience-skaters and skaters has been getting smaller. We realized that the zenith was passed to stop and also the sophisticated range of different distances and the cooperation with the German Blade Challenge, and the Swiss Inline Cup were unable to dwindling attendance.

Since 2007, distinguished himself from the organization as an economic problem. On the one hand, the costs increased due to the ever-increasing security requirements and also reduced the revenue from startup funds, contributions and sponsorships. The gap between expenditure and revenue opened up more and more, making the race in recent years could no longer be cost-effective.

Many people have invested a lot of free time each year and holiday in the event and it is understandable if the motivation diminishes slowly, especially when all relevant factors must be pointing down and the financial losses of the event will be met from the club treasury.

We have decided after the 12th Host the Inline One-Eleven to stop. Sporty and organizationally, the last event was probably the best ever. We say goodbye with heavy hearts, but with the satisfaction is already a legend of the sport to be inline.

The positive feelings at the thought of the past 12 years are greater and we do not want it all for their efforts failed to thank many drops of sweat on the route but also beside quite sincerely. In particular, all the good words which reached us on our guest book again and again, this step does not make us easier ...

Keept on rolling - the inline sport is not dead, he lives in and through you all continue and inline one-Elven will live on through your stories as a legend ...

Keep all your stories found on our website in the guestbook and / or Facebook - are you proud of your achievement. For all finishers even a Wall of Fame established in Facebook so that your benefits will never forget - wear you as a member and write about your participation (s), stories, experiences, struggles and joys ...
one-eleven 111 km:

A sad day for Inline - The end of the St Gallen 111

Ben1 (Dec. 2, 2009)
Hi all,

I found out today that my favourite race of the european inline season has died a natural death. Due to lack of sponsrship, the difficulties involved in organising such a long race and dwindling numbers (this year still had over 1,000 entrants but it wasn't enough) this 12 year old classic through Kanton St Gallen will not be run in 2010.

This was one of the few genuinely difficult races of the season with brutal hills and tight, technical corners. I for one am very sad to see it go.

If anyone has any experiences, photos etc from over the years to commemorate this great race, please share them below!

And here is one for Bill, I couldn't find a list of past winners but I am pretty sure Tristan Loy's domination of this race in the late 90's has made him the athlete with the most I right?
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