Review Powerslide 2009

Powerslide Newsletter に Team Powerslide 2009 の総括が掲載されていました。まだ2010年のチーム構成などには触れられていませんが、来年はより強力な布陣になるのは間違い無さそうです。

This was 2009 - and 2010 will be even better.

To take a look in the future it is always helpful to take the look back.

Actually the whole year was affected by the Finance-Economic-Job-Market-Bank-Trade-Consumption-Crises. Or did someone try to influence us?

The weather was pretty good for people doing outdoor sports - always sunny in april. Ok, we couldn't prevent that the summer months were somewhat wet. Nevertheless there were a lot of chances to participate in the most beautiful and most widespread sport in the world - just after Rugby 7 - right?

Let's talk about the Olympic games. We got the biggest chance ever to take the step into the big show, right to the fat pots of cash, including TV presence. Sadly S. und M. have to shut down their dream of having a "skatebordell". We got the world-skating association thinking it is a great idea to have the champions league final (Berlin Marathon) at the same date as the final of the world championships (China). But they really worked hard to achieve the goal of becoming olympic - fail!

In the end we can be sure that even Doug Kent (MVP 2007 and 2008 in the PBA Pro Bowling Series) misses his pins sometimes. You don't belive me? Don't you watch the PBA Series on Eurosport at prime time?

At the same time our sport has everything a good sport needs to have: beautiful winners (thanks Chechy and Bine for the great season 2009!!!) who should have been on the cover of a magazine long ago, even if it is just naked on the cover of the playboy. Tension until the end (Yann one missing point is one point too little!!!) passion and team spirit (the German national team - just perfect!) and a love story in which even the hardest hollywood-producers cry (was this the reason for the missing point?).

It is going to be quite difficult to top this in the future - we are going to give it a go anyway.

More to come in the next newsletter!
POWERSLIDE 2009: Newsletter November '09

Team Powerslide 2009

* Powerslide Matter World *

Yann Guyader

Fabio Francolini
WIC-03 (Alessi)

Matteo Amabili
WIC-08 (Alessi)

Andres Munoz
WIC-13 (Matter)

Elio Cuncu
WIC-20 (Alessi)
* Powerslide Phuzion World *

Pascal Ramali
WIC (Phuzion)

Kwinten Tas
WIC (Phuzion)

Felix Rijhnen
WIC (Phuzion)

Nicolas Zamudio
WIC-12 (Phuzion)

Christian Diaz Granados
* Powerslide Matter World *

Cecilia Baena

Giovanna Turchiarelli
WIC-04 (Alessi)

Jana Gegner
WIC-06 (R/B MPC)

Nathalie Barbotin
WIC (Alessi)
* Powerslide Phuzion Women *

Sabine Berg

Lisa Kaluzni

Sandra Wieduwilt

Johanna Burggraf