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年末に解散する ZEPTO Skate WIC Team の Scott Arlidge (NZL) が、ドイツで建設中の Arena 2009 のスタッフとして紹介されています。2010年はドイツを拠点に WIC と Arena 2009 の2本立てで活動するようです。

Arena 2009 - Indoor inline track in Geisingen

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The new in-line skating track, "Arena 2009" in Geisingen ideal of Speedskating reach out to shop. On the A81 motorway towards Singen you reach the first covered, standard in-line railway in Germany in just 20 minutes.

The Inline Arena in Geisingen will be the centerpiece of the German Inline Sports. The plant will have a length of 200 meters and be equipped with banked corners. Around the square inline Hall 6000 are open and offer nearly 3,000 spectators. Outside the hall will create an outdoor course with about 6 meters in width. The hall will be completed in 2009 and is expected under the management of Scott Arlidge (team rider Bont).

In addition to the rail line will create another attraction for in-line skaters in Germany: Around the inline skating track is planning a network that is already existent cycle paths along the Danube river opens up and expands, as it was previously known only from Flaeming her skating, thus the path not only for professional skaters interest but also for recreational and amateur skaters who want to take tours through the beautiful southern Germany.

Further information will be available soon at this point or on the homepage of the inline skating rink arena2009 in Geisingen: Arena 2009 - Überdachte Inline-Bahn in Geisingen

Season Review Arena 2009

by Scott Arlidge
Welcome to my first column for the arena2009 homepage. Check back here frequently for an inside look at what I consider the worlds leading inline speed skating facility. But for my first column I’m going to give you a brief history of my involvement with this amazing project.

I was lucky enough to be involved with this project at a relatively early stage. My team manager Jorg Dietrich heard about it, and knew that I wanted to continue to work inside the inline speed skating industry so he put my name forward. After meeting with the people behind the project I was lucky enough to be offered this job as manager of the arena2009. This all happened during the 2008 inline racing season, and to be honest I had no idea where Geisingen was. Once the World Championships in Gijon were done I started to increase my involvement. We looked at many things. I was lucky enough that before I got involved many of the major things had been decided. It was my job to make sure that what they had decided would be good enough for the worlds top skaters, while at the same time be able to handle the day to day training and usage from anyone who could put a pair of skates on.

Before I knew it March 2009 rolled around and I was on a plane and I was back in Germany. It was a shock for two reasons, firstly there was 30cm of snow, and secondly and obviously more importantly the big green field I last saw five months ago was now a full blown construction site and things were moving. I was told that they would of liked to be further of where they currently were but because the 2008/09 winter was especially hard they weren’t able to make the progress they had hoped.

As the spring was coming to an end so was the road course. On a chilly morning mid-may I did my first laps. It wasn’t the final layer of asphalt, but we were just testing the shape. It was lucky that we did; even though we’d spent hours looking at plans we needed to change the shape of one corner. It was the corner in the “S” bend. We decided to make it more of a straight line. After this the top layer of asphalt went. Since then I, and many other skaters have done countless laps. The general agreement is that is a very technical and difficult course, while still having some high speed areas.

Fast forward a few weeks and the track was taking shape. Please see the technical section of this site for all the details. One thing I will talk about is the Vesmaco surface. I pushed quite hard for this because I feel its very important. Its now normal for World Champs to be held on tracks with such a surface and there are no tracks, let alone ones fully covered, with a Vesmaco surface is this area of Europe. It’s a completely different feel to the bare tracks and its very important for those top skaters to train on what they will encounter at the world championships.

Just before I flew out to China we held a four day kids camp during the school holidays. There were close to 30 kids, and it was very successful. The kids had so much energy and show so much enthusiasm for the sport that it really confirmed that this was a good thing.

In 2010 I’ll be looking after the coaching side of things at the Arena, as well as working in and running the shop at the track. If you have any questions please contact me

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The coworkers of the arena2009

Scott Arlidge (NZL), Anna Bryan (NZL), Kathrin Eller (GER), Sabine Uhrig (GER) and Jörg Dietrich (GER)



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