National Speedskating Circuit

NSCJoey Mantia がプロモートしている NSC (National Speedskating Circuit) の実態が良く判りませんが、こけら落しのNSC 第1戦が11月9日に Pattisons West Skating Rink で行われます。それに先駆けて、Joey Mantia のインタビュービデオが公開されました。

The Birth of NSC

NSC (National SpeedSkating Circuit) was founded and created by Miguel Jose, a 4 time inline speed skating National Champion, with the intention of commercializing inline speed skating, thus turning it into a professional mainstream American sport. With the help from 26 time World Champion, Joey Mantia, Miguel was able to form an organization strictly for professional inline speed skaters.

Athletes: Jeremy Anderson, Steve Carter, Ben Carey, Joey Mantia, Jake Powers, Fourth Lacey, Keith Carroll, Chad Horne, Jarod Fischer... More to come

Pattison's West Hosts NSC 1 - November 9, 2009

You're not gonna wanna miss NSC's kickoff event! An action-packed event full of speed and thrill; the fastest guys in the world go head to head at over 27 mph on a 100m track. Come in, bring your friends if you have some, bring your mom, bring your dad, bring your kids, no one is going to want to miss this! Music, drinks, ladies, racing, and excitement packed into the sickest 3 hours you've ever spent in skating rink.
Pattisons West Skating Rink: 34222 Pacific Hwy S Federal Way, WA 98003-6880
Inline Skating Notebook: NSC 2010 (Jan. 21, 2010) New!!

Initiation Joey Mantia Interview

Exclusive interview with Joey Mantia. Joey talks about the circuit, rivals, and what his predictions are for the first event.

What Is NSC?

(Oct. 8, 2009)
NCS's mission is to make professional inline speed skating a mainstream sport by creating an environment that is fair to the professional athletes and entertaining to the audience. NSC will unveil the exciting sport of professional inline speedskating to the American public without sacrificing the integrity. What you can expect from NSC is a production that brings you the world's best inline speed skaters competing in an event filled with excitement and entertainment.

What is the NSC?
NSC is culture, its competition, its danger, its sex appeal, its excitement; it’s flat out hot nasty speed. NSC is the sport of professional inline speedskating.

Still Confused?
NSC stands for National Speedskating Circuit. It is an all male professional indoor inline Speedskating Organization.

What do we do?
We hold 5 competitions in a season ranging from January to September to determine who are the fastest sprinters, endurance athletes, and overall middle distance grand champion. There are 12 athletes signed to our league. Each athlete is either a sprinter or an endurance athlete. There are 5 sprinters and 7 endurance athletes. The distances are as follows 300m Sprint, 500m Sprint, 1000m endurance, and 1600m endurance. If you are the top 3 in points in either the sprint or endurance races you move on to qualify at a shot at being the 800m Grand Champion. At the end of each competition someone will be crowned sprint champion, endurance champion, and grand champion. All points lead to a final season winner in all 3 disciplines.

Why would you come to an event?
Our 12 athletes are the best indoor inline speedskaters in the world. If amazing competition isn’t enough for you, we added top local hip hop dance performances, live hip hop music, and beautiful roller girls. Roller girls are not to be confused with roller derby girls; A roller girl is a beautiful model who carries the event signs prior to each race.

For those of you not familiar with our sport, WELCOME! We invite you to join in on the exciting world of professional inline speed skating.

The Immediate Future

by Keith Carroll (Nov. 2, 2009)
NSC 1 INITIATIONAlright, the immediate future has me flying to Washington State in three days. I will be there Thursday afternoon and I think I'm going to get a chance to skate their practice which will be cool. After that I'm not really sure what I'll be doing until Monday Nov. 9th when I'll be racing a 1000m and a 1600m indoor.

In case you live in a box and haven't heard.. Miguel Jose has started a circuit for speed skating, it is called the National SpeedSkating Circuit (NSC). The purpose of this circuit is to expose the sport that we all know and love to mainstream america. There are 12 total athletes that will be competing in two different categories: Sprints and Distance.

There will be five sprinters who will compete in distances of 300m and 500m the athletes are:
  • Ben Carey - Current Pro Men's National Champion
  • Steve Carter - Need I say more? Former bronze world medalist in 300m and possesses one of the best starts. 2003 Pro Men's Champion. Will do things you've never seen on skates.
  • Joey Mantia - A billion World Titles. Former Pro Men's National Champion in 2004, 2006, and 2007.
  • Chad Horne - Youngest sprinter but experienced skating other 4 sprinters. Unofficial fastest 500m ever. Not the greatest start (compared to ben, steve, and joey) will have to make passes to win.
  • Justin Stelly - Always competitive, sick hawk, will throw passes and move up. Again, not the greatest start compared to first three.
Then there will be seven distance athletes who will compete in distances of 1000m and 1600m, they are:
  • Jeremy Anderson - Skating on his home floor. Oldest athlete at 33, but always in/near the front at the end of races.
  • Fourth Lacey - Coming back after a six year layoff. Little is known about his current shape but he once was one of the fastest distance skaters.
  • Terrence Almond - Former silver junior world medalist. Aggressive skater. Always does something exciting at the end of races.
  • Jarrod Fischer - 2008 Senior Men's National Champion. Came on to the Pro Scene last season, is a great middle distance skater (1500m).
  • Keith Carroll - Skates in the front of races. Competitive in all distances.
  • Jake Powers - Junior Men's current National Champion, burst onto Pro Scene last season earning a top placement at virtually every meet he skated.
  • Justin Mannon - Current 3x junior world medalist. The longer the race the better. Often a last lap/ last minute passer.
Alright there's the rundown! Looking at the athletes it is going to be an awesome experience. You can check out for more information. Skaters! The only way we can help this grow is for you to show your support! This is a chance for skaters to make money doing what they love like every other athlete. If you can't make it to Washington on Nov. 9th, then check out the link above on Nov. 9th and watch the live feed. You won't want to miss this and every single spectator helps. Tell everyone you know, whether they skate or not. Tell them to check out what you or your kid does.
A Younger Perspective: The Immediate Future

NSC1 Initiation! Results

(Nov. 10, 2009)
Justin Stelley won the Grand Champions race.. He looked great... Here is a recap of all races
  • 500m Steven Carter
  • 1000m Justin Stelley
  • 300m Joey Mantia
  • 1600m Justin Stelley
  • 800m GC Justin Stelley

  • Over All sprint champion Steven Carter
    Over All Endurance Champ Justin Stelley
    Sickest pass ($500 given to Steven Carter)