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今年の2月20日に初めてインラインを履いた39才のカナダ人女性 Nadine Currie Jackson さんは、なんと先月 New York 100K の Masters 部門で優勝、そして今月は A2A に挑戦し、タイム 6:34:09 で完走。彼女が Inline Planet Skater Network に書いている Blog を読むと、1980年代に活躍した元ショートトラック選手で、ここ数年は滑っていなかったそうです。Eddy の Skatefarm で練習したそうですが、そうとしても、8ヶ月足らずで、ここまで完成された凄いアスリートが現れるとは、驚きました。


A2A………Ob-la-di, ob-la-da, life goes on, brah!

by Nadine Currie Jackson (Oct. 13, 2009)
Nadine Currie JacksonLast week I completed my first Athens to Atlanta “skate”. To say the least, it was the most emotionally diverse event I have ever experienced in my entire athletic career. Name every emotion and I felt it…. some a little more than others.

Overall the A2A felt like a lifetime of memories. This annual event is a tradition I am proud to have taken part of. It was a celebration of skating. It was a test of true grit.

As I skated through the streets from Athens to Atlanta I felt a surge of energy when realizing I was going to be included in this camaraderie of skaters who have completed this “skate” over the past 28 years.

Nadine Currie JacksonA huge thank you goes out to all of the volunteers that made this possible. I did not have any support people along the route and the volunteers at the check-points were my “rock”. I don’t know if they realize how much impact they had but when you are skating solo for most of the race and you come around a turn and you see these people who have no idea who you are and they are cheering it really picks your spirit up and helps you squeeze out whatever energy you have left. Thanks so much for the words of encouragement and the nourishment!

Due to my own struggle with navigation and an incorrect judgment call, with about 8 miles left, I made a mistake and skated off the route. So I did an extra 5 miles. This was the biggest challenge to my usual happy-go-lucky character. I had a lot of dialogue with myself…out loud. There were some tears and also some bursts of laughing. There was no way I could control or hide how my soul felt at that moment. As an educator I like to think there is a lesson to be learned that appears in all forms. What I received was greater clarity on why I skate, and taking a simple wrong turn was not going to spoil my experience.

As I skated into Peidmont Park I was relieved to see the orange cones, I knew I wouldn’t go off course again. Around the bend I saw the finish line that I would eventually skate across for the first time but not the last…

Lala how the life goes on. ☺

A2A 89 mile Division Age 30-39 Women

  1. Marcy Turek (Team Rainbo) U.S.A.

  2. Jessica Wright (Loves Pk) U.S.A.

  3. Naomi Grigg (London/SkateFreestyle) UK

  4. Nadine Currie Jackson (TWINCAM) CAN

NYC Skate Marathon 2009 - 100K Pro Women

  1. Isabel Bernier (Age 16) COL

  2. Morgane Echardour (Age 21) CAN

  3. Daniela Sandoval Vega (Age 15) COL

  4. Nadine Currie Jackson (Age 39) CAN
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