CadoMotus Skates 2010

CadoMotus の 2010年度 Complete Skates の写真のみ公開されました。ちょっと渋めの外観に仕上がっています。ただ、まだ詳しいスペックは分かりません。判り次第、暫時追加更新していきます。

CadoMotus のロゴが新しくなりました。

CadoMotus Complete Skates 2010

CadoMotus Skating: Packages 2010

New corporate logo for CadoMotus

(Oct. 15, 2009)

CadoMotus Skating presents its new corporate logo

The original logo has been simplified into an easy-to-reproduce monochrome design of horizontally-aligned text.

CadoMotus: A new corporate logo for 2010

CadoMotus 110 series

(Feb. 25, 2010)
For the new inline season CadoMotus launches two new performance skate packages. Based on the new Comp an Pro boot.

CadoMotus Pro110 skate
CadoMotus' brand new Pro110 skate

CadoMotus Pro110 skate
CadoMotus' brand new European version of the Pro110 HiLo skate

The new Pro110 boot is available in two versions. Red/black and blue/silver. Both boots are exactly the same except for the colours. The carbon shell is heat moldable and its fit is sligthly wider than the Pro108, it's forerunner. The red/black boot comes with the Pro+ 4x110 frame and MPC Road War Firm wheels. The blue/silver boot comes with a Pro HiLo frame.

A professional skate for professional athletes. A moldable but strong boot with lot's of support, with the best frame and wheels available.

CadoMotus Comp HiLo skate
CadoMotus brand new Comp HiLo skate

The Comp skate comes with a 4x100 or HiLo frame and OEM wheels. The boot has a glassfiber shell and is heat moldable. Offers a great deal of support for competition or junior skaters and offers great fit out of the box.

Together with a new designed Comp HiLo (110-100-110-110) frame and new designed and to be released race wheels.

CadoMotus' Race Machine
CadoMotus' Race Machine

The best sold boot for this spring

CadoMotus skate packages in 2010:
  • Elite109 - € 700,-
  • Pro 110 - € 550,-
  • Pro HiLo - € 500,-
  • Comp HiLo - € 400,-
  • Comp 100 - € 400,-
  • NewSpeed 90 - € 350,-
  • NewSpeed 110 - € 300,-
Pure Skating News: CadoMotus 110 series

2010 Catalog

(Apr. 21, 2010)
All CadoMotus' summer products in one catalog. Available for download now!

  • All 2010 skate packages
  • Racing pictures
  • HiLo vs. 4x110
  • Product explanations

Download the 2010 catalog by clicking the cover above