Mogema Cross Trainer Frame

Inline Planet Skater Network に Mogema 100mm X 3 + 84mm Frame に改造を施し、110mm X 3 + 94mm にサイズアップした面白い写真が紹介されていました。マウントスペースが165mmなので、フレーム取り付けボルトがウィールに触りそうなくらいギリギリ、ブーツサイズが不明ですが、フレームバランスは少し後ろのようです。それにしても、車高が低くて使い勝手は良さそうです。真似をしたくても、この Mogema Cross Trainer Frame は廃盤なので、限られた人しか出来ません。

Mogema Modified Frame 3X110mm + 1X94mm

Mogema 155-RR 100
The kiwimaster-special-frames for 3x 110mm + 1x 94mm wheels.
( Original Frame : Mogema Cross Trainer Frame 3X100 + 84 )
Inline Planet Skater Network: kiwimaster-special

Mogema CrossTrainer 100 Frames

Mogema CrossTrainer 100

The CrossTrainer frames have the patented and successfull DualBox geometry that eliminates vibration. The CrossTrainer-100 model accommodates 3 100mm wheels at a similar height as regular 84mm frames. The bigger wheel size increases the comfort level substantially and provides higher speeds. Available for ice is a fixed skate and an extremely reliable and stabile clap version, both offering a 1.3 mm blade made of speed steel hardness 62 HRc. This guarantees the blades to remain sharp for a longer time, even on black (nature) ice. The CrossTrainer concept is designed with a 165 mm spacing for boots mounting which provides compatibility with existing Mogema boots and skates. All parts for the Cross Trainer will be available separate too.
  • Wheel assembly: 3x 100mm + 1x 84mm
  • Frame size: 12,8 inch
  • Cross section: Dual Box(tm)
  • Axle system: M7X1 single piece
  • Boot mounting: 165mm spacing, 8mm lateral slot
  • Graphics: Transfer print 4-colour
  • Vertical height: 102mm rear platform to ground
  • Weight: 260g excl. axles
  • Alloy: AA6005T5 Mogema CrossTrainer 100 frames

Junker + Mogema 155-RR + Roll'X (3X104mm+1X88mm)

Mogema M155RR 100
  • Shoe: Junker
  • Frame: M155RR
  • Wheels: Roll'X 104mm/88mm
  • Bearings: HTB Hurricane, BSB Swiss Micro and a few Twincam
  • Height: Rear 104mm, Front 93mm Show me your skate! (Nov. 7, 2010)

Mogema 155-RR 100 (2006-2007)

Mogema 155-RR 100 Dual Box Marathon 3x100mm + 1x84mm