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Bill Begg 氏から2010年度 Asianic Inline Cup 予定が提示されました。今年と比較すればレースのボリュームは増えましたが、年初開催予定のオセアニア地域レース以外は未定の部分が多く、まだまだ、決定するまでは時間が掛かりそうです。Begg 氏に限らず誰もが思うように、韓国・日本での開催実現に期待が寄せられています。

Asianic Inline Cup 2010


by Bill Begg (Oct. 6, 2009)

Get out of cold Europe, have a great Skating Holiday down Under, with Numerous events " TO EXCITE YOU ALL" so watch this space, as a great program of "ASIANIC INLINE CUP" events surrounded by New -Zealand & Australian Open National Championships. Plenty to Pick from, so lets start from the start of January. 2010

MonthDate2010 Event
January2nd - 4thNew Zealand Open National road Championships Palmerston North.
4th-9thPalmerston North New Zealand -2010 New Zealand Open National Indoor track champs Palmerston North ( 100 meter indoor )
17th-23rdMelbourne 2010 Australian 100 meter Indoor Track, plus Road titles.
24thMelbourne Australian 42 km Marathon champs & ASIANIC INLINE CUP Number 1 for 2010.
26th-28th26th Bank Track - Timaru "Tour of South Canterbury",
27th Road,
28th Bank track, including famous steeplechase stage.
30th Saturday,- Wiamate sports carnival, 500 & 5,000 Points AIC events on 400 meter track to end 8 stage "Tour of South Canterbury " plus Sports carnival Handicap races.
30th/31stTimaru AIC Marathon either Saturday Evening or Sunday Morning.
February6th/7thHastings - New Zealand Open Banked Track Championship Hastings.
13th/14thBlenheim ASIANIC INLINE CUP ( AIC ) 500 & 5km Points Saturday Bank track AIC Road Marathon SUNDAY.
27th/28thPerth Australia AIC 500 & 5 km points Bank Track Road Marathon Sunday.
THe AIC will conduct end of season races likely to be Queensland & NSW & North Island New Zealand after October, end of October or Early November possibly Hastings Bank track & road, or Palmerston North Road , and Avalon Bank Track & Upper Hutt area road.

MonthDate2010 Event
20th/21stMalaysia or Singapore. ?
27th/28thSingapore or Malaysia ?
April3rd/4thHONG KONG
10th/11thIndia ?
17th/18thIndia ?
From 8th & 9th May through till 25th / 26th October AIC events proposed for China & Korea, with the possibility Japan.

Then return to India, Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia if a demand for events, before Finishing in Australia & New Zealand.

Regional Zone Sub Competition Events within ASIANIC INLINE CUP,
  1. Oceania: Australia & New Zealand.
  2. South East Asia: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India & any others within the region.
  3. Northern Asia: Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Korea & Japan.
International senior Age over 17 on 1st January, only top grade usually compete for money.

Junior International Age over 13 years but under 17 years on 1st January,

If of a high standard Junior Girls over 13 & Junior boys over 15, may choose to apply to race in the senior competition.

Masters two grades over 35 at the 1st January & not yet 45 years, over 45 years on the 1st January 2010, the year of the competition.

These Grades will cost a $25 USA one off registration fee to the AIC & the overall points will be recorded seperately for each grade, even although depending on time availability of course or numbers of competitors, some races may be run together. Individual AIC events will have there own entry fees.

Where possible a 500 meter road sprint for Seniors & Juniors will be held prior to the marathons with Bonus points, also sprint primes in the marathon's & hill climb primes where the courses allow for an uphill section.

This is a broad overview to advise how & when we will be getting underway, a certain ammount of events will decide the regional & overall Asianic Inline Cup Overall Winners, this number will be determined once we have a more settled programme.

Also as perr the sport for all policy Recreation & learners, plus younger Childrens races will be held, to suit the demands of the area, but points will not be kept ongoing for these events & no pressure on the young to perform, if there are oustanding 12 year olds, as per the Oceania champs, they could join the Junior competition, its unlikely for males, but a possibility for females.

Bill Begg

2010 Programme

(Oct. 6, 2009)
Hi All,

Read Skaters Paradise down under thread for the start of AIC & some races & lots of options.

You can pick up the number 1 AIC race in Melbourne Australia on the 24th January on the way accross to Timaru, Christchurch nearest International airport & will arrange pick ups to Timaru. In Timaru the home town of the Begg Family Billits for overseas skaters can be arranged, so you get accomodation provided by a local family, at this bveautifull seaside city, with the safest N.Z. open Ocean beach 100 meters from the Bank track & skate facility, on Beautifull Caroline Bay.

Get ready for the " ASIANIC INLINE CUP" ACTION IN 2010, its going to be big.

(Nov. 4, 2009)
Hi Skaters,

After attempting to fit in both the N.Z. & Australian Championships Marathons, as events that carried AIC points & skaters could attend both, but Saturday evening the 23rd January in Timaru following the big car race meet at Levels, will be the first AIC & also likely to double as the N.Z. Marathon Champs also.

The Australian Marathon Champs in Melbourne on the morning of Sunday the 24th January, will also carry AIC status & points.

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