Interview with Sabine Berg

Powerslide Newsletter に The 2009 World Roller Speed Skating Championships in Haining での活躍が記憶に新しい Sabine Berg のインタビュー記事が掲載されていました。いまや、ドイツ希望の星でもある Sabine Berg のインタビューは Powerslide が帰国直後に行ったそうです。

Interview with Sabine Berg.

(Oct. 2009)
She just became a 3- time World Champion, which has been the first German world title for 15 years now. Powerslide did an interview with Sabine, just after her arrival.

Sabine BergCongratulations on your incredible success Sabine! Can you describe the feeling you had winning a gold medal at the world championships? The first gold medal in 15 years, for a german team?
It is a great feeling! I'm happy and pleased with this success. And I hope to carry it on in the future.

How fulfilling is the reward to yourself for the hard work, when you are standing at the top of the podium, listening to your national anthem and receiving your gold medal?
The winter session wasn't optimal for me, because I had some injuries. The 2009 season however, was very successfull for me, but I had never thought about being a world champion. So it was so much better to be on the top of the podium, listening to my national anthem and feeling that this is the direct result of the hard work during the year.

You were not the only one on the german team to win a medal. You won the womens relay together with Jana Gegner and Mareike Thum and there were 3 more bronze medals for the german team. A stunning success for the german team and as well a great confirmation for your coaches! Is the german team going to be a candidate for even more world titles in the future?
Although our arrival was very late, we had been very successfull. I could evolve every day at the track races, ending with a great 5th place at the 1.000m track race, due to the help of my teammate Mareike Thum. On the street it went much better for the german team. I felt very well at the 20.000m elimination race. My teammates did the pace for me and I could survive all eliminations. I was already very satisfied. But I kept on fighting and defended my first position over the last 400m. Germany is on the right track international business and there are some very good youth skaters coming up in the national team. So, I think it's going to be a young, strong and dynamic german team in the future.

Can you give us a little report about your time in china?
It was my second time to china and I would say it is always great to go there. Everthing is completley different, from the language, which is always going to be a big mystery for most europeans and the hot and humid atmosphere, to the food of course. At breakfast, the chinese people have a warm meal usually, so we were pleased to be in a hotel, which had cereal in the morning. At lunch and dinner the chinese also have a warm meal - always rice.

Really many people came to the events, so the stands had been full for most of the time. They were fascinated by the heats and races, which created a great vibe for the skaters. In the moring and in the evening there were less people at the competitions. Our interpreter told us that Chinese people need more time for sleeping and relaxing, than we usually need. Apart from that, everything went quite relaxed. The pre- elimination rounds and the semi-finals had been in the morning and in the afternoon had been the races. So we had a lot of time for chilling or visiting some places.

Sabine Berg wins at Senior Women 42km Marathon of WC Haining 2009

You also did your A-level this year. Has the winning of the World Titles been the highlight of the year for you?
Yes, I did my A-level successfully this year and I am now going to do a study in sports and mathematics. This is going to last five years, which means I can go on with speedskating!

Do you now have a few days to relax and enjoy your success, and what will the future be for Sabine Berg?
I had many meetings with the press during the week after our arrival. We have now something like a lazy phase but in a few weeks the trainings-season for 2010 is going to start.

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