Brno Circuit Inline 2009

Brno Circuit Inline近年、海外ではカーレースサーキットで行われるインラインレースが増えています。日本だと Twin Ring MOTEGI など最適だと思いますが、そんな企画などいかがでしょう。ところで、下りではスピードが60キロ以上でると言うサーキットで、去る10月18日にチェコで開催された第一回 Brno Circuit Inline 2009 のレポートがBeInlineにアップされましたので、採り上げてみました。

Brno Circuit Inline

Team race - Masaryk Circuit Brno - 18 October 2009

Enjoy the unique atmosphere of the race and measure the forces with rivals even the most demanding track profile. Go through the entire racing circuit to which ever get to skate. This is the endurance race teams that go štafetovým way (one competitor on the track), race length is 5 hours. Team size is 2-5 riders. Can be freely rotated, but after driving at least one circuit. Everyone can participate, over 15 years. Fun and intensifies part. Will be evaluated not only performance but also an aesthetic impression on the track team, which will be awarded a special prize. The well-being will take care of known Brno moderator Tonda Kala.

Masaryk Circuit

The event takes place in any weather, if the track is safe. About that decision just before the main event referee. Throughout the day participants will have a restaurant on the premises of AMD. Given the large number of queries, where individuals seeking a team, we all come to pass and the teams on the ground.

Inline ride at the Masaryk circuit in Brno
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Brno Circuit Inline 2009 was a success

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Sunday, 18.10.2009 at the Masaryk circuit in Brno held a first event of its kind in our country, a team race at Brno Circuit inline skates Inline 2009th Almost winter weather in recent days did not make too big a chance, but finally just before the race umoudřilo (it stopped raining and the temperature remained just above zero) and the race could begin.

At the start, gathered a total of 19 teams from the CR and Slovakia, also drove in the category of individuals. Track Brno circuit, as expected, proved to be challenging, but still passable on skates. Great cannot allow the high speed in the downhill (over 60 km/h). Average speed of the winning team was just below 30 km / h, which probably best illustrates the performance of the circuit.

The team won the overall ranking Bratislava (composed Jaromír Ščepka, Sergei Fesenko, Vladimir Bystrianská, Peter Ambrus, Radoslav Čankov) before ISC Gigasport Prague and Brno Fila Black Ice. Among women, the fastest team Fila 2nd Black Ice In the category of individuals received primacy of Peter Choc from Liberec, Adriana Andresová among women.

The race itself was preceded by a test ride on the ring road, which was attended by approximately 150 participants of all. Accompanied by the famous Radio Crocodile cars circled all the skating circuit in the entire length of 5.4 kilometers and it was probably the first time in its history. Those slower it took about 25 minutes, which is quite sufficient to start to take place as scheduled at 11 hours. After five hours at the finish line was the fastest team in the legs 148 km. An important aspect was the fact that during the event there were no serious falls and injuries.

Handed over prizes to the winners including councilor Brno Mgr. Jaroslav Suchy, mayor municipal districts Žebětín, Mr. Vit Beran and Ing. Stanislav Juranek, who took over the sponsorship of events. The whole day was accompanied by moderator Tonda Kala, who finally suggested the question whether the participants would come next time. The answer he was choral "YES".

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Inline skating on the Brno circuit in Czech

(Oct. 26, 2009)
Last weekend for the first time inline skaters took over the Masaryk Circuit in Brno, Czech, famous for its MotoGP races.

Frozen because of the very low temperatures, but satisfied after a 5 hour team race, all 150 participants and organizers are happy to repeat the event next year, in the growing skating nation of the Czech Republic.

The general winner of the event - that was supported by Cadomotus - was the Bratislava Team (Jaromír Ščepka, Sergej Fesenko, Vladimír Bystrianský, Peter Ambrus, Radoslav Cankov). Fila Black Ice Women 2 Team was the winner in the women category.
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