Carving Roller Speed Skatingフランスの を覗いたら、全く飾りっけの無いブラックの Carving を紹介していました。そこで、 をチェックしてみると、以前よりもブーツやフレームの種類が増え充実した品揃えになっていました。多分、いまもハンドメイドのイタリア製靴らしく、このシンプルな作りのブーツで 495ユーロ (約66,000円) と高めです。販売チャンネルが無いのか日本では未発売のようです。

Le SIMPLY PURE de Carving

Translated by (Aug. 18, 2009)
We present a new model tailored in carving, SIMPLY PURE.

An entry model in the range of custom pricing, but meets the same quality as the top models CARVING, the manufacturing process is exactly the same as for other brand models:
  • Carbon Faceplate custom made vacuum air = less air bubbles in the layers of carbon, more strength, rigid hull + without adding more material so lightly.
    NO SANDING OF HULL AND NO POLISH! = No risk of impairment of carbon.
  • In-liner light weight microfiber, with ventilation flap on the inside.
  • In-liner LEATHER! on all models tailored Carving range: less odor, more resistant, highly breathable, less bulb and more hygienic for your feet.
  • Holds inking aluminum + no screws M6
  • Tightening with metal eyelets
  • Fingerprinting by bandages
  • the price: 495 €
In short: a high-end manufacturing, a clean design, simple and light.
Rollercourse: Le SIMPLY PURE de Carving
Inline Skating Notebook: CARVING Speed Skating (Feb. 24, 2008)

ところで、ヨーロッパで Luigino の販売していた Orana Dynamics が Carving Racing の Standard Boots を扱い始めました。廉価版と言うだけに、Custom Boots より4割強安くなっています。

The best racing products available on the market today. Pure Italian Craftmanship. Available in Europe now.

Carving Black Star 2009

Carving Diamond 2009

A shoe for intensive practice speed, ideal for skaters confirmed in search of material quality and durability.
Ideal for beginners as phase progression starting competitions (marathons or trail).

Orana DynamicsCarving's top of the inline racing boot.Shoes Carving standard premium. Shell Carbon / Epoxy Resin high quality. Chausson breathable micro fiber. Double side protection.Tightening laces and buckle microm? © cudgel. Holds 6 aluminum inking screw M6.
Sizes: 36-45 (195mm) , 36-37 (165 mm)
Colors: White or Black
Retail Price: Boots only 380 €
Available: in Europe now.
Orana Dynamics: