BONT Entry Skates "Cheetah"

Skate Package で300ドルを切る Vanilla Flash が Vanilla and Company から11月に発売される。その対抗馬として BONT Skate がリリース予定しているのが、この写真の BONT Cheetah です。チータとは、いかにも速そうな一度聞けば覚えてしまう、いいネーミングです。気に成る価格は、スペックにより差がありますが、US$280-US$384 となるようです。発売が決まると良いのですが・・・。

BONT Cheetah

The Cheetah doesn't have Super Mold Technology but it still is very heat moldable. This skate is very light weight. It has a composite base with exposed black fiberglass rather than Carbon as on the Jet. It is made on the same last as all our other boots with the same manufacturing process. The fiberglass is hand laid and pressure wrapped like all Bont models. The best part about this skate is the incredible low price. ABEC 7 bearings. The Bont Cheetah is available in either 2-Point or 3-Point. US$280-US$384 depending on specs. Bont Cheetah

BONT Cheetah 3-Point

The new Bont Cheetah is positioned under their Jet model and considered a recession beater. It's an economical way to get into inline racing with a comfortable, supportive skate with great quality components. it doesn't have the super mold technology of the Jet model, but still is more moldable than most other brands due to Bont's advanced resin technology.
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Bont Cheetah 2point, 3point

ICT PR & Demon: Bont Cheetah 2point, 3point

Cheetah - Entry Level 3 Point Skate

by Alexander Bont (Sep. 23, 2009)
The Bont Cheetah brings new meaning to the term 'value for money' for an inline skate. This is a fully heat moldable, light weight fiberglass racing boot that is loaded with features.

This boot is made by hand using Bont's monocoque manufacturing technique. Each layer of fiberglass is hand laid in different directions before being painted with resin and then bandaged extremely tight to remove any excess resin. The boot is then baked in the oven for 45 minutes for curing. The light weight outer skin is then stitched and glued to the base.

The package skate comes equiped with Bont's AL S-frame wich is one of the strongest frames on the market and weighs just 170 grams. The wheels are either Hyper Stripe 100mm or Bont G3 110mm and the bearings are Bont's ABEC7 racing bearings.

BONT Cheetah 3 Point
BONT Cheetah 3 Point
BONT Cheetah 3 Point
  • 100% fiberglass base
  • Epoxy resin
  • Tongue Air vents
  • Microfiber liner
  • Microadjustable buckle
  • Hand made 1 piece all carbon construction
  • EVA innersole
  • Heat moldable tongue
  • Velcro tongue holder
  • Waxed laces
  • Lace cover
  • Aluminum S-Frame
  • Bont or Hyper Wheels
  • Bont ABEC7 608 Steel racing bearings
  • Mounting Options: 3pt, 2pt 165mm, 2pt 195mm.
  • Black with White Trim
  • White with Black Trim
  • Boot only (2pt or 3pt): $165
  • 3pt 110mm Package: $384
  • 3pt 100mm Package: $360
  • 3pt 90mm Package: $360
  • 2pt 90mm Package: $315
  • 2pt 80mm Package: $280
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Bont's 2010 Products

by Alexander Bont (Dec. 3, 2009)
We have already unveiled a number of new products for 2010 and there a quite a few more to come.

The Apache will be deleted at the end of the month and replaced by the Z. Here is how our lineup will look
  1. New unreleased model
  2. Vaypor including new Flag Vaypor and Zero Vaypor
  3. Z
  4. Jet
  5. Cheetah
The Vaypor will get some upgrades:
  • Slightly more dense padding
  • Front TPU bumper with air vents
  • Suede microfiber liner
  • Super comfy tongue like we use in the cycling shoes
  • We will remove the thermoplastic from the boot to save weight and rely on our very moldable resin for the heat molding of the boot. We have done a lot of work on our resin over the past few years and it is extremely moldable.
  • The cuff will get a roll top where the liner gets rolled over the outside of the boot and then sewn. It's a small change but it looks neater.
The Vaypor Zero will look a little like the Bont Zero. The same boots that the girl in another thread on this forum is flying around in. It will be a very hot looking boot.

The Flag Vaypor is paying a little bit of homage to our motherland England (The Queen of England is still Australia's head of state).

The Z will get Australian leater outer, microfiber liner, a hand made base made up of 85% carbon and 15% fiberglass. No thermoplastic to save on weight, but still very moldable.
The difference between the Vaypor and Z is that the Vaypor is made of all carbon + uni directional carbon and the liner is different.
The Z and Vaypor + new un-named model are all available in Custom made.
All boots are available in 2point and 3point. I have been taking the photos of the 2 point skates just to remind everyone that we do still make 2 point skates (around 15% of our skates)

If you haven't already seen the Cheetah, it is an all fiberglass boot, but that fiberglass is hand laid in different directions so it is a very light, stiff boot and great value for money.

The top of the line unreleased model will be a specialty speed skate. I'll release it in about 4 weeks.

We will have two new 3x110mm frames coming out in early January. 11.2" and 12".
We will keep the Alpha and Semi-Race, this is just the speed lineup.

There will be a lot of new wheels, but the Mint's will still be the main wheel for the road. I'll give you more wheel info closer to the new season as we are doing a lot of testing over the winter.

New racing suit design for 2010.
New pricing will be released on Jan 1.
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Vanilla Inlines.......

by Godzilla (Sep. 3, 2009)
Even with our cheapest packages, we need to keep the quality high. Take the wheels for example. I have samples of the wheels used on the Vanilla skates, one wheel has a lot of rebound, the next one has no rebound. Look at the frame, you can see that a skater has not designed that frame. The front is too thin and the rear looks like it will break at any moment. When we make a frame, it gets stress tested and tested by our racing team to make sure it won't have any problems. But the biggest concern for me is the last they use. I have used skates made by the same manufacturer and the last that they use is not a speed skate last. It doesn't even feel like a running shoe last. They are doing the same thing Tour did. Come in with a cheap package that hurts skaters feet which turns skaters off the sport. I don't like criticizing competitors but this is an issue that relates to keeping a sport alive. Also, when you buy a brand like Bont, Luigino, RB, Powerslide, you know that part of the money you are spending on skates goes back into supporting the races.


by Iggy (Sep. 3, 2009)
Let me ask you this Alex. And I'm not trying to call anyone out. I'm honestly curious about this and you'd probably be the best to ask here. The Bont Quad Racer is available in carbon fiber or fiberglass. The fiberglass boot is almost $100 cheaper than the carbon fiber version. How hard would it be to make fiberglass versions of, say, the Semi-Race or the Jet boots and get that same kind of cost savings? You still get the same heat moldability as the carbon fiber boot so you should theoretically get the same fit. And $100 is a pretty decent chunk of change and would definitely put a first pair of skates more in reach. Are there any other issues I'm missing with this that would make a fiberglass boot unfeasible for a beginner? Strength? Comfort?

EDIT: I just read the description of the Cheetah boot on the link posted above and that pretty much answered my questions about a fiberglass boot

And as far as frames, what would be the feasibility of using a high quality lower grade aluminum? I don't know much about different grades of aluminum to be able to suggest anything specific. I do understand they might not be as strong or as light as the higher end frames, but again we're talking about beginners here that aren't going to put a whole lot of force on the skates.

And what about if a skate like this was only available in smaller sizes? Then you're not selling a Senior Man a skate that may not be strong enough for them. I understand that quality is paramount and I would never expect any big name skate company to sacrifice that. But it seems that if you could incorporate these different materials into your current products then you could keep the quality up to your standards and still be able to create a lower price line of skates. And I understand that wheels are a little bit of a different monster as far as material used. Either you pay for the quality urethane or you cut the cost and subsequently cut the quality and performance of a wheel. I can't see a whole lot that can be done about the cost of wheels. But with the boots and frames, I think there would be more material options that would be almost as, if not just as strong and high quality as the current materials used.

by Godzilla (Sep. 4, 2009)
Hi Iggy,

There isn't anything wrong with a fiberglass boot apart from the skaters perception of fiberglass v carbon. All the Sharkie boots we made for 20 years were all fiberglass only boots and some of them are still going strong. Until now, our distributors were asking us for carbon boots because that's what the market was demanding. But now with the economic crisis, they want cheaper skates so we have introduced the Cheetah which is an all fiberflass boot. Unlike other industries, the stiffness is more important than the strength in a boot because the load being placed on a boot is very small. Fiberglass' stiffness is only slightly less than carbon and by adding 2 more layers of fiberglass, you end up with a skate that is as stiff as a carbon skate. The difference is that those extra 2 layers of fiberglass absorb more resin and make the boot heavier. You have probably seen a trend of boots being made with silver fiberglass outer skins, they work just as well as a carbon boot but you need more of it to get the same stiffness.

The current frames that sell for $120-$150 are already made from lower grade high strength materials like 6000 series rather than 7000 series. Going to a 5000 series is not something we would consider doing out of safety concerns, but some of the frames on the market including ones made by the manufacturer in this topic use 5000 series AL. Likewise, we wouldn't consider using 6000 series axles, but some brands do. They also don't use proper CNC machines. They call them CNC machines, but the side profiles are cut by hand on a milling machine without any computer involvement. I am not sure if they have recently updated their manufacturing, but the last time I was at that factory, the frames were all being made by hand. I'll give you an idea of the cost differences... we pay over $40 for our cheapest frame. That is just the cost of the frame, not including the samples, extrusion, designing, the cost of keeping stock, marketing, etc. I can buy frames in China for $12 and put them on a package, but I won't do it. You wouldn't want to skate on a frame that cost $12. The two sides don't line up properly so the wheels don't spin well, the metal hasn't been hardened, the axles are 6000 series, no stress testing etc etc. So in short, we can make a skate and sell it for $175, but I wouldn't put my name on it.

Good discussion.


by Iggy (Sep. 4, 2009)
Thanks Alex. That's a good explanation. I hadn't seen the Cheetah skates before I posted that. That skate is pretty much what I was thinking though. And I think that is a pretty good price point for a low price, good quality beginner skate. I understand that a $189 skate probably isn't gonna be the best quality and honestly I wouldn't recommend it to any of our skaters. But I do think you should be able to get a pretty good skate for between $250 and $300.

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new bont model - "Cheetah" - did i miss something?

by filipp (Sep. 12, 2009)
i just discovered a bont news for myself - bont cheetah. a new model. its been sold at inlinewarehouse and webersports .

Is it a new model? if so then why is it not on BONTs website in the first place?
Bont Skates Message Board and News: new bont model - "Cheetah" - did i miss something?