Kelsey English wins Half Marathon

NorthShore Inline Half Marathon を10才の少女が42分50秒で完走、女子総合2位でフィにシュしたニュースが飛び込んで来ました。お名前は Kelsey English ちゃん、コーチの教え守っての勝利だったようです。すでに10才でコーチが居るってのも凄いですが、将来が楽しみな逸材と言って間違い無さそうです。

10-year-old wins women's half-marathon

By Kevin Pates (Sep. 20, 2009)
The smallest winner of all in Saturday's NorthShore Inline Marathon races was 10-year-old Kelsey English of Stafford, Va., the top female in the accompanying half-marathon.

Kelsey EnglishEnglish, a fifth-grader, says she's about 4-foot-6 and weighs 75 pounds. And she's fast, finishing 10th overall among 376 skaters in 42 minutes, 50 seconds. She was more than six minutes ahead of the next woman, Geralynn Sampson, 48, of Virginia in 49:12.

“My coach told me to get right up with the lead group, so I got right in there. This was a wonderful, wonderful day for a race,” said English, who has competed in inline marathons.

English said her traveling party, including Synergy teammates competing in the marathon, flew from Richmond to Charlotte to Minneapolis on Thursday, and then drove to Duluth. She'll be back in school Monday.

Paul Meyering of Burnsville, Minn., was the overall winner in the sixth annual half-marathon, edging 16-year-old Duluth East student Geoff Ash at the finish. Both were timed in 40:09. Three months ago, at the Baxter (Minn.) Inline Half-Marathon, Meyering topped Ash by two seconds as the pair went 1-2.

“I was trailing coming around the last corner and I had to sprint to beat his kick,” Meyering, who works in mergers and acquisitions for a finance company, said of overtaking Ash on Harbor Drive. “I had to dig deep to get around him.”
Medical tent update
Race medical director Wade Lillegard of the Duluth Clinic said about 40 skaters had been treated at the finish line medical tent as of 10 a.m., mostly for abrasions. There were also some dislocations, while one skater was taken to a Duluth hospital with a concussion.

Durand in top 4
Former Minnesota Duluth hockey player Brian Durand, 44, of Esko, profiled last week in the News Tribune, finished 54th overall in the elite division of the NorthShore Inline Marathon in 1:15:28, just a minute off his time from last year.

Leading the veteran division was one-time University of Minnesota hockey player Jeff Terwilliger, 49, of Edina, Minn., in 1:12:59.2. Also in the division were Keith Svir, 45, of Two Harbors in 1:13:20.3, Rick Abrahamson, 46, of Duluth, in 1:13:21.2 and Kirk Vesterstein, 48, of Duluth in 1:13:31.9.

Two other former hockey Bulldogs among the finishers were Mark Baron of Hermantown in 1:23:22 and Skeeter Moore of Duluth in 1:30:50. Mark Weiss, 46, of Duluth, in the age-class race, finished third overall in 1:17:15.

The average age of entrants in the NorthShore Inline race was 39½.
Duluth News Tribune: 10-year-old wins women's half-marathon

Over 3,000 cross NorthShore finish line

By Nicolette Helling & photojournalist Harry Baker, FOX 21 News(Sep. 19, 2009)

DULUTH - In a sport where Mother Nature can make or break your race time, today's weather was perfect for inline skating.

Columbians Dominate Inline Marathon
The NorthShore Inline Marathon drew approximately 3200 racers this morning to the course that follows along Lake Superior. Julian Rivera, a 24 year old from Columbia, claimed the men's title in 59 minutes, 35.4 seconds. Rivera avenged a 13th place finish from last year after falling in the final few paces of the race. The women's title was taken by 16-year-old Isabel Bernier in a time of 1:22:09.6. It was her first inline race in the United States.

Over 3,000 racers on wheels crossed the finish line in Saturday's NorthShore Inline Marathon.

You could hear fans yelling and bells ringing up and down the course.

And though the largest inline marathon in the western hemisphere has been in Duluth for 14 years, there were plenty of first time fans on the sidelines.

Pam Lind of Two Harbors was one of them, and said she was impressed with the athletes teamwork.

"The first ones that came through this morning had a train of about six or eight people," said Lind. "And they were going fast!"

With skater fan support noticibly weaker than it was for runners at this year's Grandma's Marathon, organizers are hoping to see more fans like Lind.

"I think it's great and I'll watch every year," said Lind.

Tara Alfonsi is the executive director for the NorthShore Inline Marathon.

"I would love to turn this race into more of an event weekend like they have where the whole community turns out and just has a great time and supports the athletes," said Alfonsi. "The community already does a pretty good job of that, but

I would really like to that to grow."

There may have been fewer fans along the course, but there was no shortage of enthusiasm at the finish line.

"It's just really cool to see all the people come in," said one volunteer.

And while the marathon was an exciting finish, there were some surprising results for the half marathon.

Kelsey English, who is only ten years old, was the first female to finish the half marathon.

She said her secret is skating behind people bigger than she is.

"The person took me right to the finish line so that's why I like skating with people," said English.

Five hundred volunteers were on hand at Saturday's race, many of them staked out at the finish line looking for injuries.

But with no serious injuries reported, organizers are breathing a sigh of relief and looking forward to spicing things up for next year's, 15th anniversary race. Over 3,000 cross NorthShore finish line