Vanilla Speed Skate

Vanilla SkateSkateLog Forum で11月から販売開始のレーシングスケート Vanilla Flash が紹介されています。本来 Quad Speed Skate Boots の Vanilla からリリースされる、この価格300ドル以下の格安スピードスケートですが、デザイン外観から推測して韓国か中国メーカーのOEM製品と思われ、品質、その他、一応問題はないと思います。この時代に、この価格破壊ブーツは、それなりに既存メーカーの脅威となりそうです。

Vanilla Speed

by Michael Lehrke (Aug. 20, 2009)
Your first question: ”Why are you doing speed inline?”

Answer: Vanilla is all about getting people on wheels. Not just quad skates - any skates.

    Vanilla Flash MSRP: $259.00
  • Full carbon fiber boot,
  • 7000 series 4x110 frame,
  • 100mm wheels,
  • ABEC9 race bearings.
  • Sizes 5 to 13.
  • Available November 1st, 2009
There are TONS of kids out there who would be really good at inline speed skating if they could afford to get into the sport. Right now, first time skaters have to drop at least $350 to get into a new, up-to-date pair of speed inline skates. Yeah… $350. Do you really think mom or dad is gonna drop $350 on a pair of skates for a kid that is going to outgrow them in a year? Drop $350 on a pair of skates that the kid may not even use in two months?

And what if the skater has to pay for the skates himself? Do you know how many hours it takes to actually save up $350 working a $7.50/hour job? (Hint, it's like forever.) Growing up in a single-parent home (my mom's) where we were “working class”, if I wanted something for $350, that would be my birthday (Oct 28th) and Christmas presents combined - and that's all we could get. Just one present.

Here's the point: If Vanilla can help get speed inline started again in America, then we're going to do it - anyway we can. By manufacturing a high quality, low cost speed inline skate, we'll introduce a whole new group of skaters to this sport and hopefully put USA back on the map in inline speed skating.

    Vanilla Blackmail: $189.00
  • Half fiber glass, half carbon fiber boot.
  • 6000 series 4x110 lightweight frame,
  • 100mm speed wheels.
  • ABEC7 race bearings.
  • Sizes 5 to 13.
  • Available November 1st, 2009
Vanilla Skate Company jumped on to the scene in 2005 with a fresh perspective and A+ customer service. And, get this, they actually test all their products before they put them on the market! That may seem like common sense, but they are one of the only manufacturers today that does extensive product testing and development. Whether you are a jam skater, a rink rat, or a derby girl - Vanilla has you covered! We have the best selection of low price and cheap Vanilla Skates!
Vanilla and Company: Vanilla Speed

SkateLog Forum: Vanilla Inlines....... and Just got my first speed skates (Dec. 15, 2009)

X-Tech 風フレームは FLD の Packages Skate と同じフレームのようです。なので、シャンケルREBECと見間違えそうなブーツもこの会社で作っているかも知れません。




2009年09月01日 01:47
あちらでのスケート用品販売業者(danger racing)は
2009年09月01日 02:50
今の円レートで価格は24000円強ですから高望みは出来ませんが、実際に US$259.00- でも買えない子供が居るならば、Vanilla and Company のコンセプト By manufacturing a high quality, low cost speed inline skate... を否定する根拠はありません。ただ、他社のデザインを真似ている点は誉められる事ではありませんが。

かつて、Powerslide がスピードスケートの販売を開始した頃の価格設定と品質が、このスケートに勝っていたとは思いません。初期は当たり外れの大きい製品でした。

現物を手にしていませんので、評価はリンクを貼っている SkateLog Forum を参考にして下さい。と言っても、まだ販売されていませんから、今、書かれている評価も想像の域を出ません。11月になれば、ハッキリするでしょう。