P2P Inline Marathon is back

今年、WIC Pamplona が開催されたスペインで、10年振りに P2P (Pamplona - Puente la Reina) Marathon が復活します。レース開催は9月13日、フィットネススケーターも参加出来ます。定員はスピード、フィットネス両方とも200名となっています。これが切欠で毎年定例開催になるとイイですね。

P2P Marathon will take place on September 13th 2009
You are right, Pamplona - Puente la Reina is back, one of speed skaters favourite races, and eye-catching for the fans, due to its emotion, contact and high Speed, without forgetting how danger can be mountain-downhill at such speed.

This time organized by the newly formed Berriro Ere, recovering what Dirdari Patin Club did from 1994 until 1999.

Organization of this event is supported by Asociación de Patinaje Recreativo de Navarra (Roll Iruña), Club Patines Txori from Puente la Reina and Patinaje Ardoi from Zizur Mayor.

General information
    Distance: 42 Km.
    Date: Sunday, September 13th 2009
    Neutralised starting time: 9.30am
    Real starting time: 10.00am
    Refreshment point: Baños de Belascoáin (Km. 26)
    Bonus sprint: Ororbia (Km. 14.5) and Ciriza (Km. 22)
    Mountain pass prize: Alto de Orendáin (Km. 34.9)
    Approximated Arrival time: 11:00am
    Limited amount of racers: Speed - 200 and Fitness - 200
P2P Inline Marathon

The Neutralised start will be in the Plaza del Castillo in Pamplona, the real start will be next to Cizur Menor and the finish line will be in the Paseo Fray Vicente Bernedo in Puente la Reina. Registrations - Click Here!

Starting Point

Finishing Point

Pamplona - Puente la Reina 2009


Frequently Asked Questions

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This FAQ is oriented Fitness Skater.
  1. What level need to have proof?
    The test is considered hard and technical means. If you control your skates well and you are more or less in shape, enjoy the tour. If not, we encourage you to skate a lot so we can join next year.
  2. Does this test is right for me?
    Of course, your biggest obstacle will be the steep descents but your goal is not competition, so you can tomártelas calmly and enjoy this wonderful journey. Will have support vehicles in the descents.
  3. The bus may leave the broom?
    Yes, the bus will be removing brush skaters to be left outside of time. We still do not know the time we allow the police to complete the historic trial, but whatever happens you can always superarte the following year. Since Berriro Ere you are encouraged to perform the test, because whatever you get go the distance, you'll enjoy an open circuit test with a spectacular landscape.
  4. Can I run with a backpack?
    Yes, but remember, the more weight you carry over your hamper progress. Some light sport you can be useful at some point.
  5. Are mandatory protections?
    The helmet of course and we recommend gloves, kneepads, elbow, wrist ...
  6. When can I apply?
    The date is approaching. In short you will get headlines.
  7. What is the fee?
    We are doing accounts for a fee as low as possible, but we are sure the budgets are expensive. All we can say is that the fee does not exceed 20 €.
  8. I have more questions, How do I find?
    If you can not find the information you bucas on the web, send your questions to info@berriroere.org.
Since Berriro Ere we encourage you to participate in this test, full fitness skater. This way you will appreciate the efforts that we are even included in a test that was always exclusive to speed skaters. Those who know our philosophy that we seek to know that more and more evidence of this kind, which do not conflict the speed skating and fitness.

International Speed Skating Marathon


P2P 2009 - Summary







Marathon the International of Speed skating from Pamplona to Bridge the Queen. A classic race on skates that returns to be celebrated after parón in 1999. The video is an east summary sport marathon, organized by berriroere.org I recorded from the first runner to the last one. In the complete video, ambient sound with music has been combined. More information to enter laplumilla.com. Photographic news article from laplumilla.com and flickr.