The Days of the World Games 2009

台風接近中にもかかわらず、なんとか実施されている The World Games 2009 のレース結果を、こちらのページで更新します。初日、開催国の台湾が 300m TT で男女共に優勝し、盛り上がっているようです。時折降り出す雨の影響でスケジュール通りに進行していないようですが、時間調整ながらレース進行中です。ただ、中には時間変更に振り回される予定レースを辞退し、得意種目に集中する選手もいるようです。

World Games Day 3

Sprint 500m Women Semifinal 1 ListSprint 500m Women Semifinal 2 List
  • Huang Yu Ting (TPE)
  • Yi Chin Pan (TPE)
  • Jercy Puello (COL)
  • Mi Young Kim (KOR)
  • Carolina Santibanez Torrez (CHI)
  • Chiao Jen Hsu (TPE)
  • Jin Seom Lim (KOR)
  • Estefania Cuervo (COL)
  • Erika Zanetti (ITA)
  • Nicole Begg (NZL)
  • Sprint 500m Men Semifinal 1 ListSprint 500m Men Semifinal 2 List
  • Wei Lin Lo (TPE)
  • Chang Chiao Hao (TPE)
  • Nicolas Pelloquin (FRA)
  • Pedro Armando Causil (COL)
  • Kalon Dobbin (NZL)
  • Andres Felipe Munoz (COL)
  • Jorge Luis Cifuentes (COL)
  • Myung Kyu Lee (KOR)
  • Fernando Mejia Medina (ESP)
  • Claudio Naselli (ITA)

  • Daiskating: World Games 500m Sprint Heat (Photos)

    Sprint 500m Final Video's

    by Wouter Hebbrecht (Jul. 19, 2009)
    Sprint 500m Women FinalSprint 500m Men Final
    1st Huang Yu Ting (TPE) 47.382
    2nd Jin Seom Lim (KOR) 47.660
    3rd Jercy Puello (COL) 47.754
    4th Chiao Jen Hsu (TPE) 47.837
    1st Andres Felipe Munoz (COL) 43.685
    2nd Wei Lin Lo (TPE) 43.516
    3rd Myung Kyu Lee (KOR) 44.870
    4th Pedro Armando Causil (COL) 46.306

    Too bad the camera was blocking the big screen but here are the two finals of the 500m World Games. Check for yourself if the DQ of Wei Lin Lo was correct or not. In my opinion the mistake was made on both sides: Munoz cuts in from the outside and Wei Lo puts out his hands to either protect himself from going down or not...check for yourself in the 3rd corner of the race. No matter what happened this is between the judges and the skaters on the track BUT I wanted to point out that these 500m finals were the most exciting ones I have seen in the last few years!

    Chinese Taipei skater Lo Wei-lin (left) holds the lead in the men's 500-meter event at the World Games roller sports speedskating competition Sunday. He finished first but was later penalized a spot for committing a foul, earning the silver medal.

    Also I added a bonus video of the women's last corner with Jercy Puello and Huang Yu Tin but no call was made in that race....
    Skating With Wouter Hebbrecht: World Games Day 3: 500m Video's

    Daiskating: World Games 500m Sprint Final and 500m Sprint Final (Photos)

    Huang continues gold medal run in roller sport speedskating

    by by Wu Shye-chang (KOC-CNA Kaohsiung July 19)
    Chinese Taipei's Huang Yu-ting won a third gold medal for the host country on the final day of the World Games roller sports speedskating competition Sunday to the delight of a partisan crowd.

    Huang won the women's 500 meters by about a quarter of a second ahead of Korean Lim Jin Seon after having already won gold in the women's 300-meter and 1,000-meter sprint events. With the win, she became Chinese Taipei's first three-time gold medal winner at the World Games.

    Huang was actually trailing leaders Lim and Yersi Puello of Colombia until the final turn of the race, when she sprinted past her rivals to win with a time of 47.382 seconds.

    Puello won the bronze, and Huang's compatriot Hsu Chiao-jen, already a two-time silver medalist, settled for fourth place with a time of 47.837 seconds.

    In the men's 500-meter final, local favorite Lo Wei-lin, who won gold in the men's 300 meters, appeared to win the race with a time of 43.685 seconds in the final.

    But the coach of Colombian Andres Felipe Munoz, who finished 0.169 seconds behind Lo, appealed that Lo had committed a foul in pushing Munoz during the race. The appeal was sustained and Munoz was given the gold, while Lo was relegated to second place and a silver medal.

    During the previous day's 1,000-meter event, Lo tripped over Alexis Contin of France and rolled over twice before recovering his footing and ended up 11 seconds behind the winner.
    Taiwan Public Television Service Online: Huang continues gold medal run in roller sport speedskating

    World Games Day 2

    World Games Update

    by Nicole Begg (Jul. 18, 2009)
    This morning the 1000 meter heats took place inbetween the showers of rain. In the second heat of the ladies it started to rain with a few laps to go and skaters were slipping all over the track. It wasn't until Angeline Thomas from Australia crashed that they finally decided to call off the race. After the rain stopped the third heat started, which I was in and with two laps to go it started to rain again. The officials didn't call off the race and it was very slippery. When qualifying involves times this effects the outcome of the race. The officials didn't want to re run the heat until they spook to the corner referee's who agreed the skaters were slipping and had to slow down which affected the overall time. Once the track was dry the two heats were both re run and I ended up finishing second in the heat but was the fastest qualifier to go through to the semi finals.

    The mens heat were then run and nearly immediately after the ladies semi's started. I won my semi final and am through to the final tonight along with Huang Yu Ting (Chinese Taipei and winner of the 300m Time Trial), Marta Ramirez (Colombia), Chiao Jen Hsu (Chinese Taipei and second in the 300m Time Trial), Jin Seon LimChiao (Korea and third in the 300m time trial) and Brigyte Mendez (Colombia).

    Tonight the 1000 m final starts at 6pm and then I also have the 15 km elimination race at 7.20pm.
    Roller Girl: Nicole Begg: World Games Update

    Day 2: 1000m Final Line Ups

    by Wouter Hebbrecht (Jul. 17, 2009)
    Hi everyone,

    During this mornings chaos of rainy and dry track conditions the women and men could skate the full program. The big question for today is who will be capable of beating the local skaters? In my opinion that will be pretty hard to do. Lets watch and see...

    1000m Women Final Start List1000m Men Final Start List
  • Huang Yu Ting (TPE)
  • Chiao Jen Hsu (TPE)
  • Marta Ramírez (COL)
  • Brigyte Méndez (COL)
  • Jin Seon Lim (KOR)
  • Nicole Begg (NZL)
  • Pedro Causil (COL)
  • Alexis Contin (FRA)
  • Claudio Naselli (ITA)
  • Sjoerd Huisman (NED)
  • Chiao Hao Chang (TPE)
  • Wei Lin Lo (TPE)
  • Skating With Wouter Hebbrecht: World Games Day 2: 1000m final line ups

    Daiskating: 1000m 1/4final and semi final (Photos)

    Day 2: Final Results

    by Wouter Hebbrecht (Jul. 18, 2009)
    Biggest upset today was local favorite Wei Lo crashing in the 1k final.

    1000m Women Final1000m Men Final
    1st Huang Yu Ting (TPE) 1:51.733
    2nd Chiao Jen Hsu (TPE) 1:51.956
    3rd Nicole Begg (NZL) 1:52.005
    1st Pedro Armando Causil (COL) 1:34.651
    2nd Alexis Contin (FRA) 1:34.742
    3rd Claudio Naselli (ITA) 1:34.770

    15000m Elim Women Final15000m Eilm Men Final
    1st Hyo Sook Woo (KOR) 26:58.503
    2nd Martha Ramirez (COL) 26:58.713
    3rd Yi Chin Pan (TPE) 26:59.020
    1st Jorge Luis Cifuentes (COL) 24:33.214
    2nd Yann Guyarder (FRA) 24:33.410
    3rd Andres Felipe Munoz (COL) 24:33.922

    Tomorrow I will try to upload the 1k finals including the tumble of Wei Lo!

    Also World Games' last day for skating with 500m sprint on the program!
    Skating With Wouter Hebbrecht: Final Results and 1k Final World Games Video's

    Daiskating: 1000m Final and 15000m Elimination Final (Photos)

    Taiwan's Huang adds second gold in roller sport speedskating

    by Wang Shwu-fen (KOC-CNA Kaohsiung July 18)
    Huang Yu-ting won a second gold medal for host Taiwan in the World Games roller sports speedskating competition Saturday, barely edging out compatriot Hsu Chiao-jen to capture the women's 1,000-meter race.

    Huang had given Taiwan its first gold medal in an official World Games sport -- the women's 300-meter sprint event -- Friday.

    "I want to thank my father and coach for the tough training regimen he initiated, " Huang said Saturday before the 1,000-meter race when talking about the work she put in prior to the World Games.

    In a repeat of the 300-meter sprint finish, Huang claimed gold with a time of 1 minute, 51.733 seconds, Hsu won silver and New Zealand's Nicole Begg took bronze.

    Taiwan also fared well in the women's 15,000m race, as Pan Yi-chin took bronze in 26: 59.020, an agonizing half second behind gold medal winner Woo Hyo Sook of South Korea. Marta Lucia Ramirez of Colombia took silver.

    In the men's 1,000-meter final, local favorite and 300-meter gold medalist Lo Wei-lin had his dreams of a second gold dashed when he tripped over Alexis Contin of France and rolled over twice before recovering his footing. He ended up 11 seconds behind the winner in a sport usually decided by hundredths of seconds.

    Compatriot Chang Chia-hao finished fifth.

    Colombia's Pedro Amando Causil won the event in 1:34.651 seconds, while Contin and Claudio Naselli of Italy won the silver and bronze medals respectively.

    Huang Yu Ting and her father Huang Chin-lung
    Huang Chin-lung, father of Huang Yu-ting and a national roller skating coach, said he had no doubt in his mind his daughter would win the gold medal.

    To concentrate Yu-ting's attention on preparing for the World Games, the coach said he had to limit the time his daughter spent with her boyfriend, gold medalist Lo, to push them harder.

    The 21-year-old Huang Yu-ting now hopes to earn her bachelor's degree at National Sun Yat-sen University in Kaohsiung, the host city for the World Games, and will be aiming for more gold medals at the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou.
    Taiwan Public Television Service Online: Taiwan's Huang adds second gold in roller sport speedskating

    World Games Day 1

    World Games TV Broadcast

    by Nicole Begg (Jul. 16, 2009)
    This is the information I have received from the organization:
    Public Television Service (PTS) is the host broadcaster of the Taiwan World Games 2009. PTS will form an alliance with other news and sport channels to maximize domestic coverage, and seek worldwide exposure via international channels. Opening and Closing Ceremonies will be live broad casted via one main domestic channel and two cable channels with at least 80% coverage.

    Chunghwa Telecom will webcast live and/or highlight programs via its platforms of MOD (Movie on Demand), IPTV (Internet TV), HiChannel (Website) and 3G mobile phones.

    Live broad casting sport events include - Dance Sport, Gymnastics and Roller Sport (Speed), and selective live programs from Korfball and Rugby Sevens.
    I have since found online one of the sites mentioned that should have some sort of coverage once racing gets underway.

    HiChannel -
    I was able to translate some of the web page and tomorrow there will be coverage of the 300 m time trials. It looks like it will be delayed coverage from 21.30 - 22.30.
    ** Kanji "競速滑輪" means "Inline Speed Skating".
    Roller Girl: World Games TV Broadcast