AIC Putrajaya Boulevard in Malaysia

8月1日、Asian Inline Cup がマレーシアで開催されます。ちょうど夏休みで旅行など予定されている場合、Recreational 10km race, Fun skate 5km などネットで参加申し込みが出来るようです。なお、参加募集の締め切りは7月27日です。


by Bill Begg (Jun. 29, 2009)
Hi Skaters,
AIC Putrajaya Boulevard
Please note the Malaysian leg of the Asianic Inline Cup, will go ahead in the spectacular Political Capital of Putrajaya on the 1st August.

GOOD NEWS IS that the cost of living, is only half the price of Singapore & there are very few places in the World, where you can still purchase a McDonalds meal for around $2 USA Dollars, this is one of them, also accomodation is very cheap for those from outside of Malaysia.

The beautifull city surrounding a Man Made Lake & Fantastic Buildings, is a must to see, Plus a true World class marathon Circuit, a test for everyone.

SEE you all there, for this first off wonderfull event.

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  • Event Details
    • Date: August 1, 2009 (Saturday)
      Event Time: 3pm - 10pm
      Main Location: Putrajaya Boulevard, Start point @ Palace of Justice
      The Boulevard: The Putrajaya Boulevard is one of the most distinctive feature of the city. It is 100m wide and 4km long. Along the way it is embellished by four squares namely Dataran Wawasan, Dataran Rakyat, Dataran Putrajaya and Dataran Gemilang. As in elsewhere in Putrajaya, the Boulevard is lit with special ornamental lighting.

  • Race Category / Events on the day
    • a) Professional
      • Marathon - 42km (Mens and Womens)
      • 500m Sprint - points: Mens and Womens
      b) Recreational
      • Recreational race - 10km
      • Fun skate - 5km (mass participation)
      c) Inline Funstart classes for families and children
      • Free try-out classes
      • Open to the Public
      d) Freestyle Slalom performance
      • Come catch the fast-moving, eye-popping moves of expert Freestyle Slalom skaters
      e) Inline Hockey Demo & Try Outs
      • Watch how Inline Hockey is played with a Demo from our very own Malaysian Team: Team Underdogs!
      • Try your own hockey skills and learn new techniques with the team
      e) Skate vs Bike 100m Sprint Duel

      Related Event:
      Speed Skating Clinic with Bill Begg
      • 6pm Thursday, July 30th 2009, Tropicana Golf & Country Club Basement Carpark
      • Limited to the first 20 registrants
      • RM30/pax or
      • RM10/pax for those who also register for the AIC Putrajaya 10km Recreational Race

  • Registration & Fees
      • How to register:

      • 1) Get the registration form from Skateline TTDI or download it here
        2) Fill up the registration form
        3) Submit the registration form via one of the following methods:
          a) Submit the form to Skateline TTDI
          b) Fax the form to +603-77275758
          c) Scan the form and email to
        4) Registration fees to be submitted together with the registration form at Skateline TTDI.
      • Closing Date: July 27th, 2009 (Monday)
      • Registration Fees:
        a) Professional Category (incl 42km race & 500m sprint)

        b) Recreational Category (10km race): RM15/participant
        c) Recreational Category (Fun skate 5km): RM5/participant
        RM100/participant means Registration Fee as 100 Malaysian Ringgit

    Top Skaters Line up AIC Malaysia

    by Bill Begg (Jul. 10, 2009)
    Hi Skaters,

    Well Putrajaya Malaysia will be the ASIANIC INLINE CUP race not to be missed, The current World overall track champion & 2 times World champion Nicole Begg will be present, hopefully fresh from World Games success.

    Eri Marina Yo the Indonesian 2009 Marathon Champion & overall leader of the AIC will be accompanied by Sylvia Setiawan the 2008 Indonesian Ladies champion, so great support for the ladies event, lets hope the other skaters take advantage of the opposition.

    Also great news Dimas Prasetya the Mens 2009 Indonesian Marathon champion will be present, he impressed both myself & the AIC marketing Manager Eddie Chua while we were in Indonesia, at their National Championships.

    In 2010 around end February, its hoped a series of around 3 AIC events will be held in Indonesia.

    On the Thursday 30th July, Bill & Nicole Begg will run a Coaching Clinic in Malaysia & are due to arrive in Singapore around the 21st July.

    We are very excited about the great Malaysian Venue on Putrajaya Boulevard & look forward to a programme of some great racing, with many of the AIC stars from overseas likely to be present & are looking forward to seeing all the regular competitors plus the new Malaysian Skaters.

    Also further details will follow about the AIC race for Chinese Taipei on the weekend of the 8/9 August, as we meet at the World games to finalize details.

    Overseas stars roll in

    by Bill Begg (Jul. 29, 2009)
    Hi Skaters,

    Currently we are in Malaysia at present Eddie & Danniel Chua & myself holding a meetting with the Malaysian event Manager Jo Tan.

    Everything is in place & under control for this important A. I. C. venture into Malaysia. The Putrajaya event will commence late on Saturday afternoon, with a high ranking official starting the 42 km event.

    On Thursday we have a seminar from 5 to 7 pm & the main newspaper will conduct an Interview with Nicole Begg.

    There will be a real overseas flavour With Tiger from Korea, Diasuke from Japan, Jacques from France, KIm, John & Andrew from the USA, Eri & a few other top Indonesian skaters, plus the top Singapore skaters, in what should be a great race.

    by Bill Begg (Jul. 31, 2009)
    Hi Skaters,

    The contingent of overseas skaters in the Patrajaya event have been flowing into SHAH'S VILLAGE HOTEL today, the latest amongst the 9 nations represented is a female skater from Vietnam.

    A check of the course today & everything is in ortder for a great race, with 3,2,1 Hill climb points available on the each of the 6 laps, & 5 lots of sprint prime Bonus points available on 5 laps of 3, 2 & 1 points.

    There will be the 500 meter sprint pre race series, a Cyclist verse a Skater 100 meter dash & Slalmon skate & show demonstations, as the Palace of Justice in the Capital of Patrajaya, hosts this first AIC event in Malaysia.

    Its not to late to Jump in your car & be in Patrajaya for the late registrations at 2 pm & the start at 4 pm

    • 4:00pm 500 meter sprint heats.
    • 4:20 pm Final 500 meters.
    • 4:30 pm !0km Recreational race.
    • 5:00 pm Arrival of VIP's opening.
    • 5:10 pm 100 Meter Dash Cyclist Verse Skater.
    • 5:20 pm Warm up ready for 42 km event.
    • 5:30 pm VIP flags off the Marathon.
    Once race underway, Free hire skate tryout, Freestyle & Slalom Demonstations & Inline Hockey Demo's will take place, at the start finish line.

    Yes Chip timming will be in Place for the events.
    • 7:30 pm 5 km Mass Fun Skate.
    • 8:15 pm Prize Giving & Lucky Draw ceremony.
    We Would like to thank our Malaysian Support from Skateline / Bont Malaysia & Eusoffe Chua, plus Joe & Kevin who have worked with the AIC executive group of Daniel, Eddie & Bill, to get this event up & running.

    See you all there.

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    Nicole Begg Conquers Patrajaya AIC

    by Bill Begg (Aug. 1, 2009)
    Hi Skaters,

    In her first road racing since the end of April, Nicole Begg Tackled the tough Patrajaya Bouelevard Malaysian Course, with a tough hill test on each of the 7.5 km laps of the 45km race, In the first Hill after a fast opening pace Nicole Begg lead Kim Sik (Tiger) from Korea over the top, followed by Diasuke Kazamaki from Japan & Johanas Wihardja from Indonesia over the top, with fellow Indonesian's Dimas Prasetya Putera & Eri Marina Yo the second lady over the top, Sylvia Setiawan, was the 3rd Lady, but with the tough opening start & first hill thrust by Nicole, at the end of lap one, Tiger Sik, Nicole & Dimas had a 43 sec lead over the rest & they continued to go away.

    After some attempts to get away, Nicole Begg attacked to the far side of the road & got clear for a good workout, on the final Hill Sik the Korean & Putera the Indonesian mens Marathon Champion had had enough, Tiger Sik won From Dimas Putera & Johannas Wihardja, in a top day for Indonesia, they also took out 2nd & 3rd in the ladies, with Eri Marina You & Sylvia Setiwan, Eri had already claimed a major victory in the 500 meter pre marathon sprint, with a win over Nicole Begg.

    daiskating: AIC Malaysia in Japanese (Photos)

    by Bill Begg (Aug. 2, 2009)
    Hi Skaters,

    In my personal opinion Patrajaya Malaysia was the perfect marathon course for a World Inline cup race, the Much Travelled Kim Aimes & fellow USA skater John Mucho told Malaysian leg organizor Eusoffe Chua that it was the best marathon course they had been on, with hills an a good element of toughness & one that a dead set sprinter could not win on.

    One thing that Max Presti & I both agreed on was that the top marathon skaters races were to soft & Max has always advocated that no more than 20 top skaters should ever reach the finishing Zone together, with this in Mind & my own thoughts I chose a course I considered would be worthy of a World Cup race, as the Local Skateline Bont representative Eusoffe, first showed me couse options.

    I felt quite happy about my choice till the International skaters toured the 7.5 km course, my daughter Nicole said I had made it to tough for trying to promote to other skaters not at the world class level, I had already had the recreation 10 km & 5 km skates turn around before the tough 350 meter hill. So it would have been easy to eliminate the major hill & still have a Hill Prime, on the top of the bridge over the Lake, which was a tough 400 meter drag.

    I put it to the vote & the 3 top Indonesian girls wanted the hill left in & Tiger & Diasuke & the Indonesian men had no trouble with it, so the hill remained.

    As it turned out Nicole was correct, as she continued to tear up the hill, with the men struggling & many of the lesser skaters destroyed, but upon addressing the skaters at the start, that we did not want to see any men dropping back to tow & help women.

    I never thought I would live to see the day that the opposite applied, On lap 3 the two men with Nicole sat on for 3 km in one stretch , not wanting to take a lead, after nearly 30 km Nicole attacked & got away with the Korean Tiger in tow, but gave it away & thought it unfair, if she towed one of the two men away for a win.

    So the 3 regrouped, with 5km of the 45 km race to go Nicole attacked on the Incline over the bridge on the far side of the road & Tiger Kim Bum Sik Korea & Dimas
    Prasetya Putera the Indonesian Marathon Champ, did not & could not respond. After having an excellent pre season Build up & winning 3 out of 4 of the early seasons Marathons & 2nd in a 4th, with only 1 WIC race Nicole took out revenge on the tough course, to give herself a reasonable workout, in the lead up to the World Champs.

    American John Mucho relished the tough conditions & this masters skater new to the sport after being a Cross Country skier, is looking better with each outing & in the Masters, as a stand alone event, he is closing the gap on the likes of top Italian masters. Daniel Chee Wee Singapore was 5th an Usa Skater Andrew Dranginis an ex cyclist, who took up speed skating after a Singapore posting was 6th, Frenchman Jacques Frety was 7th, while the Malaysian skater Kevin Peterson 8th, in a country where serious speed skating has not been practiced, put in a brave effort to finish the event.

    In 9th place Koh Choo Seng Tony a 60 year old Singaporian who skates every day never gave up & completed the course for 9th, while Roger Ang, recently recovering from a serious Motor bike accident was 10th, with Ong Gin Lip 11th, Steven Tan from Malaysia 12th & Adrian Janitra Sitompul from Indonesia was 13th & finished in a very distressed condition.

    Patrajaya 500's & Marathon times

    by Bill Begg (Aug. 2, 2009)
    Hi Skaters,

    With 10 bonus points for the winner, with 1 for 8th, for the pre Marathon sprint, most the top contendors chase the points, in the Ladies the Indonesian Eri Marina Yo got her day off to a great start, with a win over Nicole Begg, who was one of the fastest at the recent World games, although Begg did not get it right, she is not one to throw races away to non team mates, so a great win for Yo & every reason as to why the Indonesian, should be present at Haining & the first Individual from Indonesia to attend World championships.

    Although some difficulties are involved the AIC is working very hard to try & encourage representation from Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia, to the FIRS World Champs in Haining.

    Ladies 500 meters sprint
    1. Eri Marina Yo - Micro X-Tech - Indonesia.
    2. Nicole Begg - Bont Wheels - New Zealand.
    3. Della Olivia Silviana - Indonesia.
    4. Sylvia Setiawan - Micro X-Tech - Indonesia.
    5. Kim Aimes - Bont - U.S.A.
    Mens 500 meters
    1. Johannas Waihardja -Tara's Skates Jakarta - Indonesia.
    2. Daniel Chee Wee - Team Revo - Singapore.
    3. Dimas Prasetya Putera - Micro X Tech - Indonesia
    4. Diasuke Kazamaki - Schankel - Japan.
    5. John Mucho - USA.
    6. Ong Ginlip - Singapore.
    7. Roger Ang- Team Revo - Singapore.
    Ladies 45km. Finishers.
    1. Nicole Begg - Bont Wheels - New Zealand. 1.28.06
    2. Eri Marina Yo - Micro X-Tech - Indonesia. 1.40.03
    3. Sylvia Setiawan - Mico X -Tech - Indonesia. 1.47.45
    4. Kim Ames - Bont - USA. 1.58.58
    Mens 45 Km Finishers
    1. Kim Bum Sik ( Tiger ) - Korea
    2. Dimas Prasetya Putera - Micro X-Tech - Indonesia
    3. Johannas Wihardja - Tara's Skates Jakarta - Indonesia. 1.40.02
    4. John Mucho - USA. 1.43.55
    5. Daniel Chee Wee - Team Revo - Singapore 1.44.31
    6. Andrew Dranginis - Team Revo - USA. 1.50.22
    7. Jacques Fretty - Inline Kahi- France
    8. Kevin Peterson - Skateline / Bont Malaysia.
    9. Koh Choo Seng Tony - Singapore
    10. Roger Ang - Team Revo Singapore.
    11. Ong Gin Lip - Singapore.
    12. Steven Tan - Skateline/Bont - Malaysia.
    13. Adrian Janitra Sitompull - Indonesia.
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    AIC Malaysia, Aug 1st 2009..the race….

    by Eri Marina Yo (Aug. 2, 2009)
    we started the marathon 6laps @7.5km..and what a hard course! an uphill before bridge, downhill and then turn right, and the last uphill which is veryyy veryyy…..steep aaaand so loooong…which was killing me esp my thigh….huaaa…

    first lap, already soo fast….at the first circle, della got left, and sylvia got left..just tiger,nicole, me, dimas,daisuke, johanes,until the dead uphill (1st lap),,damn i got left…really i’m not that strong…fiuuuhhh….and before completing first lap, daisuke n johanes already got left, i also catched them…and daisuke stopped, i just skated with jo until finish line.
    the first group : nicole, tiger, and dimas,,getting faster (i’m not sure maybe we were getting slower hahaha)
    and at the end, nicole left both boys almost a minute maybe…and then tiger came first, almost same with dimas…and then some minutes later, me and johannes…and some minutes later daniel chew wee, later, john mucha, later sylvia, later kim, and last one 60year old man from singapore wow…finishing 42km with that kind of course….big applause!! unfortunately della stopped at 2nd lap…

    what a race, what a course, what a day…it’s a great honor to race with world champion Nicole Begg,,very nice person and of course very strong skater….

    we all already back to Indonesia safely without any flu and we all bring happiness!!!

    Just a piece of my life: AIC Malaysia, Aug 1st 2009..the race…. (Photos)
    KIC: AIC Stage.4 in MALAYSIA