Inline World Master Games

今年の11月にスペイン領、カナリア諸島で World Master Games が開催されます。参加資格は35歳以上、5歳毎にグループ分けされます。会場はオーバルコースでは無く、ヘアピンカーブ連続するカート専用サーキット場なので、慣れていないスケータが不利になる事は間違いないでしょう。道路封鎖出来れば、ハーフマラソンが追加されるかも。

1º Inline World Master Games

by colopatinador (Jun. 5, 2009)
Since stupid Lamerz hijacked the old thread to the point of ruining it, here's a new one...
All right, guys: you asked for it, so there you go. 'Ave a look here at the info dossier and lemme know what do you think (we're still on time to make necessary adjustments). We've got the cooperation of the local city council + tourist board; already a couple of sponsors might be interested.

Please note main aspects:
  • Racing in 3 days (1 full, 2 halves) on karting track, extra races on a road circuit or indoor facility on a free afternoon (no guarantees to get the road closed until a month or so before the event, so can't promise it yet).
  • Judges: yes, but just a couple. I was thinking of inviting Barbara and somebody else (trustable) just to supervise, then to use volunteers + ourselves as referees.
  • Entries: if by august there are not enough participants listed, we better forget it. Then, once we reach the critical mass we can start collecting the entry fees, which was calculated to cover the costs: insurance, ambulance, prizes, timing chips, Barbara's travel expenses, final dinner, beers, etc… Again, if by September people didn't send the money, I'll have to call it a quit. I can afford to waste my time, but I'm not going to lose money on you old farts
Ok, that's all for now. Sign in ASAP and keep it alive!
Bont Skates Message Board and News: 1º Inline World Master Games

The SkateFactory Club, Adeje's City Council and Costa Adeje's Tourist Board are pleased to invite you to take part in the International Speed Skating Competition:

1º Inline World Master Games - Tenerife (Canary Is.)

13th - 15th November, 2009

The competition will be held in accordance with CIC rules, except for the referees' articles.
Location: The competition takes place in "Karting Costa Adeje", a 700m road track located in Adeje, south of Tenerife (Canary Islands).

Skate FactoryOrganizer: SkateFactory Club in cooperation with Adeje's City Council
  • President : Marcello Bresin
  • Administration: Marisa Fregonese
  • Voluntary staff: local skaters and their families
  1. Competitions
    Friday (all day) & Saturday (morning)
    • Ladies, age groups 30-65: 500 m, 200 m TT, 5000 m and 10000 m
    • Ladies, age groups 70 and higher: 500 m, 1000 m, 3000 m
    • Men, age groups 35-60: 500 m, 200 m TT, 15000 m and 5000 m
    • Men, age groups 65 and higher: 500 m, 1500 m / 1000 m and 3000 m
    The number of participants in the longer distances for Ladies and Men may be limited based on number of skaters, qualification rounds raced if necessary.
      Sunday (morning) - Final race/s: a half-marathon and / or a mixed team relay open to all ages.
  2. Age-groups
    The competition takes place in age groups as follows: from 35 years old, ranks every 5 years.
  3. Limitation of participants: The competition will be limited to 200 competitors. There could be a quota of entries for the different Nations and races, depending on final participants list.
  4. Eligibility: To be eligible a skater must NOT be a member of any National or World Cup Team; neither it is mandatory to have a license of any federation, but at least decent racing experience is recommended.
  5. Drawing and Classification: Neighboured five year age groups with a small number of participants may be put together for drawing and racing. In these combined groups the age group of each skater will be written behind his/her name in the participant’s list. The classification however will be done separately in five year age groups independent of the number of participants in an age group. The “all-round” winner of a three-distance contest or a four-distance contest in his/her age group is the skater who has completed successfully all distances and has obtained the highest total of points in his/her five year age group. Single races will be awarded too.
  6. Prizes and Results
    The best three athletes (higher points) of a five year age group will be awarded a trophy (three or four distances contest). Best sprinters and long-distance skaters will be awarded as well. All participants who skate successfully the competition without disqualification (by judges or by the rest of the field - see Art.9), will obtain a certificate, a medal (if not being awarded with a trophy) and a protocol with the results. Every participant will receive a souvenir at Registration.
  7. Anti-Doping Conditions
    Anti-doping tests may be conducted in accordance with WADA rules... only to selected suspects.
  8. Schedule (subject to change)
    8.1. Racing for Individual Groups:
    See below. Program to be completed once entries are closed.
    8.2. Training times: the track will be available for free from the Monday prior to the event twice a day (1 morning session, 1 evening session, 2 to 3 hours each).
    8.3. Timetable for Competitions: INDICATIVE
    Thursday, Nov 26th, 2009: 09:00 - 15:00 h Skater's Check-In, main hotel
      16:00 h Team Leaders' Meeting (maximum two team leaders per Nation)
      18:00 h Drawings (if necessary)
      20:00 h Welcome Reception in local Hooters or similar
    Friday, Nov 27th, 2009: 10:00 h Competition 1st day
    Saturday, Nov 28th, 2009: 09:00 h Competition 2nd day
    Sunday, Nov 28th, 2009: 11:00 h Competition 3rd day
      13:30 h Victory Ceremony
      19:30 h Closing Banquet
    A non-competitive, optional race will be organized on Saturday afternoon on a road circuit or indoors. (TBA)
  9. Referees
    A “chip” timing system will be implemented. Two international judges will be INVITED by the Organizer, in order to supervise the correct proceedings of the championship. There will be local voluntaries as well placed around the track with videocameras, acting as referees. Nevertheless, it is imperative that the participants understand that this is a FRIENDLY tournament, with no significant prizes or awards other than a unique opportunity to gather in a pleasant environment with a group of people that share their passion for skating. As a result, cheating in a race can be denounced by at least 3 competitors (from different countries): the offender will be punished with immediate exclusion from the final classification; subsequent participation in remaining races will be subjected to referee’s decision.
  10. Entries
    Entry deadline August 1st 2009 - All entries must be made by filling in and submitting the entry forms found at - Minimum number of participants: 100. If by the deadline there are not enough entries, event will be cancelled.
  11. Entrance fee for Competitors: 45,00€
    Payable by wire transfer to the organizer club (see details below) from August 1st (if minimum number of participants is reached before that date) until September 15th. If not enough fees are paid by that date, event will be cancelled and fees refunded less related bank charges (about 5€ each).
    Bank details: Club Skate Factory Iberica, Caja Canarias /IBAN: ES07 2065-0039-3914-0006-6302
    Bic/swift: CCECAESMM065
  12. Liability: the Organizing Committee assumes no responsibility for, or liability with respect to, bodily or personal injury or loss of property or damage incurred in connection with the 1º Inline World Master Games in Tenerife. Each participant is solely responsible for providing insurance coverage thereto. However, civil responsibility insurance will be contracted by the organizer.

1º Inline World Master Games: Information (PDF)
Skate Factory: