Oceania YoungStar Kate Dousi

インラインが盛んなニュージーランドと比べると、何かテンション低そうなオーストラリアです。ナショナルチームの中に名前を知っている選手が居ません。しかし、有望な女子選手の記事が掲載されていたので、来年、オーストラリアから Asianic Inline Cup に参加するチームがあると期待したい。

Kate skates to international success

by Nick Crockford (May 25, 2009)
Kate Dousi : Speed star Kate Dousi who won five of her six events at the Oceania Inline Speed Skating Championships last month.FROM 500m to the marathon, Kate Dousi was almost unbeatable at the Inline Speed Skating Oceania Championships last month. The 17-year-old won five of her six events and was named the top overall senior female athlete at the international event. Only the 200m time-trial slipped from her grasp - but Dousi still finished second.

It was a performance that has also won the Pine Rivers Press Sports YoungStar award for March-April.
"I prefer the distance events," said the St Paul's School student, "anything of 5km and above.
"The shorter distances are more strategic, but I was still pleased with the results in the championship."

Dousi, the 2008 junior ladies national champion, won the Oceania 500m, 1000m, 10km points, 20km and 42km marathon races. But this is just a stepping stone towards her next major goal - the Inline Speed Skating Senior World Team Championships in China.

Dousi, a member of the Logan City Speed Team, was selected for the Australian team following an impressive display at the National Championships in January. All her efforts, which includes training "three or four times a week on skates and two or three sessions of cycling" are geared towards the September event. It is a far cry from the day 11 years ago when she first started skating. At the age of eight Dousi saw a man with speed skates and was hooked - to the extent she gave up ice skating to focus on speed skating.

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Northern Times: Kate skates to international success


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Inline Speed Skating on Totally Wild

Segment on Inline Speed Skating from the TV Program Totally Wild (Channel 10, Australia), aired 18/07/2009. Filmed at the 2009 Oceania Speed Skating... competiton, April 2009, featuring the cream of Australian and New Zealand inline skaters.
Interv...iews with Nial Ward (NZ), Jacynta Webster and Liam Garriga (AU).