昨年末から SkateLog Forum で話題に成っていた BULLET Frames が韓国でも販売されるようです。アルミブロックから削り出して作るという製造工程で生まれるフレームの外見は韓国的デザインですが Made in USA と言うことです。写真では分り難いですが、フレームは Gray と Black の2色です。

BULLET was the most preferred frames for elite skaters in the early 2000. That fame is back.
  1. Fully CNC milled frame (CNC complete processing)
  2. High aviation grade Al. (Superlative air using aluminum material)
  3. Military spec. hard coat finish followed by a Teflon dip (migunyong Specifications, damgaseo to heat up Teflon resin)

Zeroboard: [BULLET] New Release!!

New 4x110 Frame

by Mojo MFG (Dec. 15, 2008)
This is the new frame we are working on . It will be a 4x110 and have some new things going on with it. Our name changed form Pure Speed inc. to Mojo Mfg. inc. over a year ago but it will be called the Bullet 440

by Danger Racing (Dec. 16, 2008)
I can tell you the Material used is first class American grade Alum, and the deck height are of industry standards, as are weight.

Mojo MFG was the maker of the Bullet frames that tons of frames use the technology today (MST, Schankle, Simmons, Luigino, Solvein and the list goes on). The Bullet 420 was a top selling frame in Korea. That is where companies like MST and Schankel first saw it. The frame was worn first by Harry Vogel at the 2001 World Champs. Mojo MFG was also the designer and original maker of another frame that was sold to one of the Industry leaders, only to have the design changed ultimately messing up how the frame performed(but that's not important at this stage in the game.)

After a Few years off working on some projects outside the industry Mojo MFG wanted to re enter the market with a new line of frames. Working with another frame leading designer and swapping ideas and technology the Bullet 440 was born.

That enough information for now more to come when the time is right. Skating is small, so when great minds in the sport come together to work on products it has to be a good thing... Soon you ll see frames with technology you have never seen before, and some you have.

Liberty Sports and Mojo MFG are working closely together to really bring the frames game up to par. 2 great mines working together to better what we are skating on is huge.

Bullet frames First same out in 2001 and quickly became big in Asia. When you have one man making each frame its hard to keep up with demand and as the wheels sizes kept changing Mojo MFG had a hard time keeping up. Now that it looks like the dust has settled, Bullet frames are back.

This was the first frame to use that brace system and then was quickly followed by MST and Schankel in Korea and then so on.

Any one interested in this frame can contact Danger Racing as we will be the FIRST to have them and will be helping find international partners to help get these frames everywhere.


Disclaimer: Danger Supports All Top Quailty Brands.
SkateLog Forum: new 4x110 frame and Mojo Mfg. (Aug. 20, 2009)

New!! MOJO BULLET Frames 205 grams


by Mojo MFG (Aug. 20, 2009)
Did not want to hijack a post.

Hello, We just took on a job designing and cutting some Tattoo machines. After that order is complete we will be working on a new frame size (4/105).

We also plan to offer a frame line cut from a solid block of 7075 Al for under the U.S.D. price of $390.00 if our last quote for the 7075 material stays the same or close to it. This price would be for the U.S. market only because of import fees to other countries etc..

I would like to have a contest on what to name the 7075 line of frames? Something like the "Bullet SP" SP meaning "special" or something like that. Post your thoughts and if the material cost does play out and we like the name the winner will receive a set of the 7075 frames at our cost (including shipping).

P.S "Bullet SP" is a hard name to beat but use your skulls because we would like to hear some of your ideas for the name.

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