AIC Jia Xing China

5月29日に、AIC Jiaxing China 42 km Marathon が開催されます。なにしろ情報源が Bill Begg 氏だけなので、詳しい事が分かりません。レースには少なくとも12ヶ国、(Switzerland, Astria, Lichenstein, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, USA., Singapore, France, India, China & Taiwan)から選手が参加予定。日本からは風巻大翼さんが招待され参加されるようです。

AIC Jia Xing China

by Bill Begg (May 17, 2009)
Hi Skaters,

Xaijing AIC Marathon now Friday the 29th May, in the afternoon, to Co-incide with the main part of the festival.

Xaijing is 1 hour from Shanghai airport, so please advise us if you need met at the airport.

I will be at a meetting in China tomorrow & be more up to date with finer details then.

Already skaters from Japan, Korea, USA & 12 from Hong Kong have confirmed, with the possibility of a European team also Present.

At least 12 different nations will be represented at the short Notice AIC event In Jia Xing China ( 1 hr from Shanghai ) Switzerland, Astria, Lichenstein, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, USA. , Singapore, France, India, China & Taiwan.

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Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China (浙江嘉興)

A Profile
Jia Xing ChinaJiaxing, a major city in Zhejiang Province, stretches out on the great plain of Hanghzou-Jiaxing-Huzhou, with Shanghai to its east, Hangzhou to its west, Suzhou to its north and Hangzhou Bay to its south. Covering an area of 39.15 million square meters with a population of 3.28 million, Jiaxing has five counties (namely Jiashan, Pinghu, Haiyan, Haining and Tongxiang) and two districts (namely Xiucheng and Jiaoqu) under its jurisdiction. In 1997, its gross domestic product amounted to 42 billion yuan with GDP per capita reaching 12,766 yuan.

A typical Chinese riverine town, Jiaxing is famous for its picturesque sce neryand rich historical sites. The Qiantang River Tidal Bore at Haining, t he North-South Lake at Haiyan, the ancient town of Xitang at Jiashan a nd the Jiulongshan (Nine-Dragon Mountains) Beach at Pinghu constitute Jiaxing's major tourist resources which are characterized by the scenes of wave, river and sea and by the numerous historical sites and cultural relics. The city has a provincial-level scenic resort, a municipal-level scenic resort, a state-level forest park and two provincial-level towns of historical and cultural interest. Within the city there are 23 star-rated hotels and 28 domestic and international travel agencies which may provide tourists with excellent services.
Global Gazetteer: Jiaxing, China Page

Jia Xing Asianic Inline Cup.

by Bill Begg (May 28, 2009)
Hi Skaters,

The Asianic Inline cup only finalized two or 3 weeks ago for Jia Xing, has attracted a lot of Interest, with a decent contingent of foreign skaters, who should ensure a great race. With around 1,000 skaters expected to fill out the 3 groups of races. With the AIC 40km race & a 8km & 4 km race for others.

The Big Litchensteiner Andre Willie representing X-Tech International team is one of the favoured starters, after his good 7th Placing in the Incheon World Inline Cup last week, he has a solid team of workers behind him with the Austrian Martin Thaler & the Swiss pair Andreas Beetschen & Roman Ashenbacher.

Not much is known about the 3 Indonesian Men but Allan Chandra, Johanes Wihardja & Muhammand Arief Rachman could Suprise, as 15 years ago they had strong skaters, so we expect it could still be the case, we Have the Veteran Japanese Skater Daisuke Kazamaki & the Korean marathon specialist Kim Bum Suk, alias Tiger, if you can "Grab the Tiger by the Tail " you could just about win it.

The two promising youngsters from India Mohit Malik & Rohit Royal, are the leading two Juniors in the AIC & Malik at 13 years old was 4th in the opening event, a suprize result on a Technical course suited for the nimble. But tomorrows big 4 km open course, will be tougher for the two young Indians. Bofu Wang & Donglin Xte from Taiwan will compete & not much is known about their form, but Taiwan has many top skaters.

Singapore Skater Daniel Chee Wee the winner of the first WIC event, & 2nd overall after the first two events, just needs a solid result to go into the outright lead, but unfortunately just back from a service stint in the army, he has not been on his skates recently, may not be the best preperation, Bertrand Chew, Roger the Rabbit Ang will back up Daniel, with the big suprise Lai Yong Quan alias the fast Boy landing in China, a skater considered with talent to Burn, he appeared to have thrown the sport away, but Singapore fans will be pleased to see he is back on a starting line.

Of the Chinese men Yang Song, Zhi Chong Liu, Xin He & Tiam Shu Dai appear to be the most highly rated, but there could be other late arrivals, USA master skater John Mucha is not expected to pressure them. But the man who cold have the final say could well be Hong Kong skater Doon Yuen, the winner of the 500 meters sprint for Bonus points & 4th in the Marathon, must be one of the favoured 4 or 5 skaters, but a very good overseas field for the AIC first venture into China.

Well the runaway winner in both the opening two rounds of the ladies was the Indonesian Eri Marina Yo, but not only does she once again race the experienced Kim Ames USA & Elaine from Hong Kong, but Wen Wen Li an Asian Champion & Dan Guo a World Bronze medalist, along with another fancied Chinese skater in Xuemiao Cui,

The racing starts in 11 hours time at 2pm with the 500 meters heats & Finals, 2.20 pm Junior 4 km, 2 .50 pm Open Marathon, with 8 km race to end the day, with Bank Track racing on the Saturday.

Bill Begg
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The Participants of the first AIC Jiaxing international skating competition



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今日、29日に AIC JiaXing マラソン開催されましたが、詳しい結果は分かりません。風巻さんは「豚インフルエンザ」が流行っている日本からでは当局が神経質に成るので、便宜上、韓国選手として登録されています。とりあえず、風巻さんのブログ diskating にアクセスしてみてください。

Daisuke Kazamaki (Schankel-Kazax Japan) & Kim Bum Suk (Korea)


1st Jiaxing International Roller Marathon Invitational Tournament


by Bill Begg (May 29, 2009)
Hi Skaters,

Andre Willie X- Tech has in the last month proven to be somewhat of a breakaway expert, winning the Lichenstein Criterium in a Breakaway with Christophe Luginbuhl Bont, then in the 10 men initial breakaway in the WIC in Incheon to finish a creditable 7th, now with his win in Jia Xing wo km AIC he will go to the top of the Asianic Inline cup overall, as will the Indonesian Lady Eri Marina Yo X-Tech , with her 3rd placing today.

While Willie was a hero in the mens race Guo Dan showed her class by sticking in the mens first pack, till Willie & Teamate Martin Thaler Austria along with Zing Chong Yu China broke away after 8 km & going into the last 4 km round Willie alone for the last 10km had a 1 min 20 sec lead on Thaler & Chong Yu with another 2 minutes back to the chasing bunch of 8, both Beetschen & Ashenbacher tried to get clear in the last laps, but could not.

Zing Chong You Twin Cam outlasted Thaler to get 2nd, while Yang Song China National team X Tech won the bunch sprint for 4th with Andreas Beetschen Switzerland 5th & the Korean Tiger Kim Bum Suk 6th with the Chinese Taipei skaters Donglin Xie 8th, & Bofu Wang 9th, while Roman Ashenbacher Switzerland rounded out the top 10.

Unofficiall, Provisional, till the video re check later from 10th to 20th

1. Andre Wille
2. Zing Chong Yu
3. Martin Thaler
4. Yang Song China
5. Andreas Beetschen
11th Diasuke Kazamaki Japan
12th Tiam Shu Dai China
13th Number 60 China TBC.
14th Dong Shen Bin China
15th Muhammad Arief Rachman Indonesia
16th Xio Yue Ding China
17th Jun Yue Huang China
18th Johannas Wihardja Indonesia
19th Zhan Xia Yu China
20th Mohit Royal India
? Bertrand Chew Singapore
? Rohit Royal India
? Shen Xu Dong China

A close big 2nd Bunch sprint with 3 ladies involved also, so particularly in the area of 18 to 20th yet to be confirmed.

Ladies 40 km

1/ Guo Dan - China.
2/ Yan Yong Hong - China
3/ Eri Marina Yo - Indonesia
4/ Pan Jia Xin - China
5/ Yu Fu Ying China
6/ Kim Ames USA.
Guo Dan - China
Winner Guo Dan - China. (X-Tech)
A very difficult race to organize at the last minute & a high ranking official turning up saw the the mens 500 meters heats run, but not a final, but the girls final decided, so the nine mens qualifyers, will all be awarded 5 AIC bonus points each, with 3 heats of 10 run, the fastest 3 Qualified.

But at the end of the day with a 4 km & 8 km race & about 1,000 competitors skating was the winner.

Even kim was giving a wave to the crowd as she went by in a group of 3 or 4 men, I think the girls all realized the time restaints & they all got to race a race, when a big government official arrives & plans get slightly changed it makes things difficult for everyone, but we have had a great Bunch of people Like Tiger, Diasuke, Kim, Mucho man, eri & the Indian boys supporting the events to help get it underway, that they have stood beside us & understood that we are trying to create something for the betterment of skating.

Well Allan won the first heat of the 500 sprint, perhaps he was saving himself for the final, but the governer arriving & the police every 10 meters leaving the track, we could not fit it in, the nine finalists will all be awarded 5 bonus points each, it was one of many challengers, before we get a man on the moon.

Well Ultra the pain levels were high, a bit of a rough surface & a wind blowing & the pace on from the Gun, a lot of people blown apart, The 3 in the break Then the next the winner 1 min 20 sec clear of 2nd & 3rd, then another another 2 mins back to 9 others with Yang Song & Andreas Beetschen sprinting for 4th & 5th, with the Korean Tiger 6th & Guo Dan the first girl, with that group & Diasuki Kazamaki from Japan the last & cramped up badlly. Then almost a lap behind the next group 12th to 23rd, With the two Chinese Taipei, 2 Indians & 2 Indonesians, 1st Singapore Bertrand Chew 20th & 7 Chineses skaters.
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Andre Wille triumphed at the Asian-Inline Cup in Jiaxing

Translated by
Five days after his seventh place at the World Inline Cup in Incheon (Korea) won by Andre Wille X-IDEA print tech team that the Asia-Inline Cup race in the Chinese Jiaxing. Wille triumphed only after long and arduous 40 km.

Inline Skating. - Approximately 100 skaters in the category of elite men from eleven nations participated in this competition Inline inline in the Asia Cup. These include members of national teams from China, Singapore and Korea. The Liechtensteiner André Wille and his team traveled due to promotional reasons, their sponsor to this but not just around the corner this race, near Shanghai. The four-kilometer-long circular course had ten performances. The weather was very warm and windy. The pace was shortly after the start is not very high, as was very tactics. After five miles, the team tried to Vaduzer Andre will attack with the pace of market. Again and again they tried from the main field to be solved. The IDEA print-X-tech team to perform an enormous amount of work and after ten kilometers could desire, together with two other skaters from the field solve.

The advantage of the three outliers was larger, because in the main field are no longer updated and will team-mates the Nachführarbeit repeatedly disturbed. The leading trio was next to his Austrian team-mates a Chinese skater who does not lead to work or could. So Will took earlier than wanted the initiative and attacked. His team-mate, sacrificed himself and remained behind. Will now have the last 20 km alone training. He did this to the delight of his team's excellent and celebrated after 40 km a solo victory. "I was the last 4 km really enjoy, because I already reckon could, if everything runs normally that I race for me would decide," said Andre Wille. "It has a lot of fun, although I find this 20 km alone was really tired and still am. It was really hard. Without my great team I would have today can not win. I'm overjoyed. "On Monday, after his travels will Asientrip back to Liechtenstein, where the preparations for the next competitions pending.
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