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数え切れないほど多くの Action Sports サイトがあるのに、安床武士さんが優勝した X-Games Asiaの記事は無く、かろうじて BMX で X-Games Asia に触れた記事を見つけました。先日、オリンピック種目から洩れると言い切るコメントがある一方で、Most Popular Extreme Sports の2007年度統計で Inline Skate が1位に成っていたり、いったい客観的な評価はどうなっているのか整理でき無い状況です。

The Daily Grind: X-Games Asia, The Summer's First Major Proving Ground

by AkD (Senior Writer) (May 16, 2009)
 X-Games AsiaAsia served as the proving ground for an epic battle in skateboarding both in street and vert between Americans and Brazilians. Shanghai, China hosted this year's X-Games Asia about a week ago. American skateboarder and fan favorite Andy McDonald gave a solid effort, but it only earned him 10th place in skateboard street.

Fabios Santos came close, but earned second place to America's Austin Seaholm. The battle also spilled across on skateboard vert where Andy McDonald brought the competition.

McDonald skated his way to a gold medal and first place in skate vert. McDonald dominates and used his last run as a victory run. He performed a rocket backflip amongst other stellar moves. McDonald won the gold in Asia, but can he do it in Los Angeles this summer. Below is McDonald's victory run after Adam Taylor fails.

The atmosphere was electric and some excitement was left from the 2008 Olympics in China. It was a great weekend for action sports. BMX and Inline skating also featured huge showdowns.

The BMX events were pretty solid despite BMX legend Dave Mirra, but it's not all about the man they dubbed miracle boy right? Spain's Sergio Layos rode his bike all the way to second place with a final score of 92, just falling a couple of points short of USA's Garrett Reynolds, who won first place and the gold medal with a 94.33 on BMX street.

Reynolds will be riding on his momentum to the X-Games 2009 in Los Angeles, California. The question is will he compete in BMX Superpark? The story was different in BMX vert, USAs highest final ranking was fourth place, in which Austin Coleman finished.

Austrailia's Tim Wood took home the honors this year with a total score of 93.33 with Simon Tabron behind him with 91.67. Victory runs weren't too rare as Takeshi Yasutoko took home the gold in Inline skating vert. His victory run can also be seen below. Epic battles have already taken place. With the Asia X-Games done and over with many questions remain.

Will there be an X-Games Mexico despite the Swine Flu?

Can the X-Games Asia winners build on their momentum in X-Games 2009?

Will those who fell short look for redemption?

Summer isn't officially here yet and action sports are already raising the bar. Speaking of bars, look out for Danny Way and the Big Air competition at X-Games 2009 as well as Moto X step up.


KIA X GAMES ASIA 2009 Inline Vert Final
Bleacher Report: The Daily Grind: X-Games Asia, The Summer's First Major Proving Ground

San Diego's extreme sports companies ride big waves

By Shannon Rose Strybel, SDNN (May 13, 2009)
Sports enthusiasts are combining their knowledge of sport with expertise in business to start new companies.


Source: Sporting Good Manufacturers Association
Source: Sporting Good Manufacturers Association (SGMA)

Extreme sports factoids:
  • Inline skating. Nearly 45% of all inline skaters participate 13 days or more a year.
  • Skateboarding. More than 3.8 million skateboarders participate 25+ days a year.
  • Mountain Biking. Overall participation has grown a mere 2% in the last month.
  • Snowboarding. This is the second most popular winter sport, right behind Alpine skiing.
  • Paintball. Overall participation has grown by more than 50% since 2000.
  • Source: Sporting Good Manufacturers Association
  • Cardio Kickboxing. More than 60% of participants are casual – less than 50 days/year.
  • Climbing (Indoor, Sport, Boulder). Popular on cruise ships, at spas, and in many homes.
  • Trail Running. Total participation has been steady since 2000.
  • Ultimate Frisbee. It’s more popular than lacrosse, wrestling, beach volleyball, fast-pitch softball, rugby, field hockey, ice hockey, and roller hockey.
  • Wakeboarding. Participation here is affected by rising fuel costs.
  • Mountain/Rock Climbing. Overall participation grew by 30% from 2006 to 2007.
  • BMX Bicycling. More than 60% of these participants engage in the sport 13+ days/year.
  • Roller Hockey. One of its biggest challenges is getting access to proper venues.
  • Boardsailing/Windsurfing. It’s dependent upon Mother Nature as this sport needs wind and water in order to participate.
San Diego News Network: San Diego’s extreme sports companies ride big waves