Trophees des 3 pistes

欧米の株式市場はイースター休暇で一時休止していますが、この間、フランスで "Trophees des 3 pistes" 開催中です。これだけ欧米から主だったスピードスケート選手が集まるのは今期初だと思います。これは、熱い戦いが期待できそうです。(注: 初日、11日は雨でレース中止。)

Le Trophée des 3 Pistes - The 23rd International Three Tracks 2009

Trophees des 3 pistesThis Easter weekend is also an inline racing holiday. The 23rd International Three Tracks 2009 (Le Trophée des 3 Pistes) is a three-day holiday of inline racing in Southern France that attracts thousands of skaters. The competitive events will be skated on Saturday, April 11th at Pibrac; on Sunday, April 12th at Valence d' Agen; and on Monday, April 13th at Gujan-Mestras. Here are some interesting facts about this season's racing holiday:
Participants will include 162 teams, including 85 French teams.
  • There will be about 500 French skaters in events.
  • This international race usually attracts 500 foreign skaters including Europeans, Americans, Colombians and more.
  • 19 different countries will be represented.
  • As many as 10 World Champions skate this event each year.
  • There will be 6000 spectators over the course of this 3 day event.

Participating team

  • GERMANY: E.R.S.G Darmstadt; RSV Blau-Wais Gera; SSF Heilbronn; TSUGV Grobbettlingen; SZ Kornwestheim; Tuttlinger Sport Freunde; Speed Team Bodense; TSV Bernhausn; RSV Grobenhain; SSC Meissen; TSS Cerfurt; Sgarnstadt; Hallescherl SC; Turbine Halle; Blau-Gelb Gross-Gerau; Zepto Skate Team
  • BELGIUM: Zwaantjes R.C. Zandvoorde; RSC Heverlee; Zwaantjes R.C. Zandvoorde; Bemog Powerslide; Fratelli Team Mechelen; Reko Roller Club Zemst
  • BRAZIL: Brasil Speed Team Sao Paolo
  • COLOMBIA: BONT Colombia; Mar Caribe; Patin K-ribe
  • DENMARK: Naestved In Line Club; Rulnord; Slagelse In Line Klub; Vallensbaek Rulleskoejteklub; IFK Inlinere Naestved
  • SPAIN: Ciudad del Turia-Beteró; Lagunak; AD. San Juan; Cobra El Prat; AD. Astur Patín; CP. Arganzuela; CP. El Retiro; CP. Vallekas; CP. Pelayo; San Antonio; CP. Nuevo Oviedo; CD. Fluke; UDC. Chantrea; CP. Delta Prat; CD. Amaya; CP. Enol
  • UNITED STATES: USA Roller Tour
  • FRANCE: Pibrac RS; ALValence d’Agen; Gujan-Mestres In Line; Bergerac; A.S.E Bisontain; Roller Skate Dionysien; Saujon Roller 17; USN Ville Parisis; Roun RC; RSC Lambersart; Landevant RS; Roller Club Fougerais; CPR Chateau Gontier; Roller Sud Goelo; RSC Loury; Valence d’Agen RS; Grol Vannes; Jscoulaines; Coulaines Sarthe Roller Team; Och St. Herblain; ESM Roller Challans; S.A Merignac Roller Skating; F.R. Villetelle; ST Pierre Les Elbeuf; RAC ST Brieuc; R.O. Breuillet Breux; C.P Lyvryens; CPR Mouilleron; Rill Lamballe; Team Pink Alsace; A.L. Saint Sebastien; 2APN Avon; R.S. Marigne Peuton; R.S. Reseen; A.M. Sports Dijon; Lou Roller; Asta Nantes; RS Launacais; Loops VSF LA Ferte; CPR Toulose Limayrac; Asphalte Roller Rixheim; A.S.M.B Belfort; Voujeaucourt Roller Club; Sarthe Loops Racing Cado Motus; Intrepide Roller Angers; Postillon Olympique Longjumeau; Patineurs d’Herbauges; R.S.C. Maximinois; Grenade Roller Skating; R.O.C. Steourellan; Guingamp Roller Skating; CPAL Locmine; Roller Club ST Marcel; Les Roulettes Herbretaises; Roller in lille Metropole; Ballan Sur Roulettes; Roller du Touch; Crazy Slalom 06; ALP in Roller; Levallois Sporting Club; St German en Laye Tuesg; ALCB Bouguenais; Kroko Roller Nimes; Strasbourg Vitesse; Avenir Thomery; Beamanoir de Dinan; Rolling Penthievre Lamballe; Le Mans CSSG;
  • HOLLAND: Cado Motus; Van Lingen; Lindenoord; Radboud; Yvg; Purmered; Nijeveen; Skov Heerde; De Drai Haulerwijk; Wassenaar
  • ITALY: Pol. San Nazario Varazze
  • PORTUGAL: Clube Desportivo Santanense; Clube Desportivo Dos Prazedes; Roller Lagos; Juventude Clube Aljezurense
  • SWISS: Jukalinthline
Race results and event photos will be posted on Le Trophée des 3 Pistes site. 3 pistes program (PDF)

Trophee des Trois Pistes

By Nicole Begg (Apr. 9, 2009)
This weekend the famous Trois Pistes (Three Tracks) is taking place in France. This is a very popular race meet with races held on three different tracks in three different cities and over three days. On Saturday we will be racing at Pibrac, which is apparently a very slippery bank track. Sunday at Valence D'Agen which was the location for the 2001 World Championships. Valence D'Agen was also my first ever Junior World Championships. The last day of racing is on Monday at Gujan Mestras which was the location for the 1994 World Championships. I have had a chance to skate on the track at Gujan Mestras as it is only half an hour away from where I am staying in Bordeaux. I've never raced at the Trois Pistes but it should be very exciting with rumors of over 40 Senior Ladies competing. This truly is an International event with skaters from USA, China, Argentina, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Colombia and of course New Zealand. They are estimating that there will be 19 countries represented at this years Trois Pistes.
Roller Girl: Nicole Begg: Trophee des Trois Pistes

Trophee des Trois Pistes

By Bill Begg (Apr. 10, 2009)
Hi Skaters,

Lets hope the weather turns out right for the next 3 days for the 3 Pistes event.

Sure to be a top event & some real high profile skaters attending, first person I bumped into was the great coach Mark Muse, who Guided brothers Dante & Toney to many world titles, he had a nine year old next champ off the block there.

Well the legend himself JL Larson was the next to lock horns with, with the legendary 26 sec 300 T/T 40 year old Yank, I was peeping around the corner, to see if Big Daddy Tony Muse was not in the USA World Tour group, Joe the organizational man & Jay Ingram there as well, it was all happening.

Well with Nicole in France with the French Camp not due till tomorrow, it was left to Tamara & two of the Bont Enduro boys Wayne & young Livio Wenger to try out the 3 new Bont Wheels, newly added to the bag.

With a slim & Trim looking Cecilia & another well performed Colombian Rommy Munoz present, its bound to be a real scorcher of a big opening season event.

Last years winner Sabine Berg a well performed track skater & now senior world medalist, will have her hands full containing two of the worlds best ( Cecelia no longer with Bont ) & Nicole, who not only were 1st & 2nd in last years World Inline Cup, but also Cecilia 2006 & Nicole 2007 & 2008 were the overall track World champions, Nicole's Forte the points race, does not appear to be programmed.

By Bill Begg (Apr. 11, 2009)
We wake this morning to a damp wet morning at Pibrac & the forcast not good for the 3 Pistes, apparently the next two days have road venues , if the weather turns sour, but not so Pibrac.

Apparently you draw a number in the long race, on the track around 170 meters, with 46 women over 3,000 you can imagine the job ahead of you, if you draw the back Line & you have a strong team lucky enough to get some front row marbles.

Well lets hope we get to see it & decent weather prevails.

Alas the worst dream has come true, rain all day at Pibrac, no Bank track races & no Substitue road, so one day lost, 12 hours of travelling for us., Colombian & USA skaters flying over specially for the race meet, at least the next two days will utilize the road circuits at A Aalence d' Agen on Saturday & Gyjan Mestras on Sunday, if its too wet for the track.

Both these venues have been used fopr previous World Championships, we just want to see races on them.

Bont Skates Message Board and News: BONT WHEELS TEAM Racing 2009

The skaters of Powerslide, Cecilia Baena and Yann Guyader won in Three Tracks

MundoPatin.Com (Apr. 12, 2009)
After a rest for the lunch, around 14.00 h. the competitions returned to the road of Valence d’Agen with the finals that would be celebrated yesterday
The rain continued, but the participants from different parts of the World didn’t give it importance and really good competitions were celebrated.

All the categories had finals where all the skaters wanted to get good places for be in the final podium tomorrow.

About the results, in the Junior Hommes category the German skater Tobias Hecht (RSV Blau Weiss Gera) is in the first place in the general classification. The second place is for Brice Catelin (Rouen Roller Club) and the third for Christopher Duval (USM Villeparisis).

In the main test of the trophy, Elite Ladies, the Colombian Cecilia Baena (Powerslide) is the leader of the classification and got the triumph in the two test of the day. In second place is the German Sabine Berg (RSV Blau Weiss Gera) and in the third place the French Laetitia Le-Bihan(GROL).

Both competitions of ladies were really exciting and all the participants wanted to be the first. In the head of peloton we could always see the skaters of Bont Wheels, followed by the skaters of Powerslide.

In the test of Elite Men we enjoyed competitions with really fast rates in the road of Valence d’Agen. The French Yann Guyader, Kevin Gauclin, Ewen Fernández; the Italian Marco Rebagliati; the German Felix Rjhnen; the Belgian Bart Swings among others were always in the main positions, but finally Yann Guyader (Asta Nantes Powerslide) got the triumph in a brilliant sprint with Kevin Gauclin (RPM Poli) who was second and the Italian Marco Rebagliati (San Nazario Varezze) who was third.

Tomorrow the competitions will continue from 09.45 h. in the morning in the track of Gujan-Mestres. Like today if the rain continue the competitions will be celebrated in the road.

MundoPatin.Com: , Tres Pistes 2009 (English)

International Trophy Three Tracks at Valence d'Agen

By Skatingsisters (Apr. 12, 2009)
Here are some results from the races in Valence d'Agen : All Results (PDF)

Les Elites Hommes (10.000 m en ligne)
1) Yann Guyader
2) Ewen Fernandez
3) Julien Levrard
4) Barts Swings
5) Julien Despaux

Elites dames (après 2 courses)
1) Cécilia Baena
2) Sabine Berg
3) Laetitia Lebihan
4) Nicole Begg
5) Nathalie Barbotin

More coverage (in Dutch) and lot's of pictures on Skatingsisters Blog.

Trophees des 3 pistesat at Gujan-Mestras

Classement des Elites Hommes

1) Yann GUYADER (ASTA Powerslide mater world)
2) Ewen FERNANDEZ (Patineurs d'Herbauges)
3) Julien DESPAUX (Grenade Roller Skating)
4) Benjamin DOUCHIN (RAC St Brieuc)
5) Julien LEVRARD (Levallois SC roller)
6) Thomas BOUCHER (ALSS St Sébastien Roller Skating)
7) Marteens SWINGS (Cado Motus)
8) Brian LEPINE (ALSS St Sébastien Roller Skating)
9) Kwinten TAS (Zwaantjes RC Zandwoorde)
10) Felix RIJHNEN (ERSG Darmstadt)

Classement des Elites dames

1) Cecilia BAENA (Powerslide)
2) Sabine BERG (RSV Blau Weiss Gera)
3) Nicole BEGG (Bont World Team)
4) Laetitia LE BIHAN (GROL)
5) Dan GUO (Chine)
6) Mareike THUM (ERSG Darmstadt)
7) Sara BAK (Slagelse in line Klub)
8) Carine TALBOURDET (Rill Lamballe)
9) Tamara LLORENS (Bont World Team)
10) Tina STRUVER (SV Turbine Halle)

Skatingsisters: , April 11th, 12th, 13th
Bont Skates Message Board and News: International Trophy Three Tracks

Elite Men Final on Gujan-Mestras

Elite Women Final on Gujan-Mestras Video: 3 Pistes - Elite Ladies - Gujan-Mestras
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Elite Men Race

Elite Women Race

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