7,000km Skate in 70 Days

Mauro GuenciNY100K や A2A の覇者であるイタリアの Mauro Guenci さんがギネス記録 "6,088km in 94 days" を大きく更新する "7,000km in 70 days" に挑戦するそうです。2ヶ月を超える70日間も体力と体調を維持し、毎日平均100km滑る事など、私には想像できません。たとえ超人だとしても人間ですから、大変な事には違いありません。イタリア語なので、詳しい事が判りません、順次更新していきます。

Coming up a training report

(Mar. 2, 2009)
First part of the Senigallia training camp story will tell about the famous Italian inline skater Mr Mauro Guenci from Team Roller Senigallia and we will also get his comments soon concerning the upcoming 7,000km skating attempt in 70 days, so stay tuned for an intresting interview!
Anneli training in Senigallia

Senigallia trainings run by Mauro Guenci

Finns in a training camp in Italy, Senigallia. (Feb. 26, 2009)
Skating in Finland: Coming up a training report part 1: Interviewing Mauro Guenci!

Mauro Guenci Interview in Hotel Universal Senigallia

concerning the upcoming world record attempt!

New world record attempt with skates; 7 000km in 70 days, Mr Mauro Guenci is explaining in the video the upcoming journey in August 2009. Translation of the video in UK and some other guestions to Mr Guenci coming to skating in Finland blog: http://lemans2008.blogspot.com/
More from Mauro Guenci (ASD Team Roller Senigallia) : http://www.mauroguenci.it/
  • New York Marathon 100 km: Man Master Champion 2002, 2003
  • European Master in Basel 2004
  • Austria Cup: First class
  • Athens - Atlanta 140 kilometers:
    First place in 2003, 2004, 2006 and record with 4h50'08 "
  • London International Marathon Winner 2004, 2005 and Record holder of the circuit.
  • Luxor (Egypt) International Marathon:
    First place and best time
  • 1°to Sestriere on the same circuit of the uphill leg of the Giro d'Italia

Mauro Guenci interview!

(Mar. 10, 2009)
A famous Italian inline speed skater is going to make a new world record attempt by skating 7 000km in 70 days. The skating will start in August 2009 and Mr Guenci will start the record from Italy, then heading to France, Spain, Portugal, Luxenburg, Holland, Germany, Poland, Czech, Austria and back to Italy. We asked from Mr Guenci some other guestions concerning his career as an inline skater.

Why do you skate and when you have started skating?
I have been skating since I was a little boy, since four years old. I also did other sports as like football, cycling and track sports but in time, inline skating started to be a passion.

What is your best achievement as an inline skater?
I have many records but I think myself that the best from my point of view is the one hour skating record.

How often do you train and how much do you skate?
I skate almost every day and when I have been training for record attempts I have been skating daily around 3 - 5 hours.

What planns do you have for the future?
I will continue to coach Team Roller Senigallia, which is doing great at the moment and I will also continue my work with the skating school for the kids in Senigallia. My goal is also to spread the inline skating as a sport to so many places and countries as possible.

Will you have more training camps(stages) coming up?
Yes I will keep them, when I have time for it and when there are skaters who want stages.

What do you think about Finland? :)
I have never been in Finland but I know that the population in Fin is around 5 million, which is the same than in Milan area, but I have seen that you are nice and friendly people.
Skating in Finland: Mauro Guenci interview!
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