Mercury Skates to the future

斬新なデザインの Mercury Skates の紹介です。コンセプト優先したスケートデザイン画と云う事なので、いろいろと不具合な点があるとしても、なぜか、この夢がある未来型スケートに血が騒ぎ、興奮を覚えてしまいます。

Screw the Back to the Future Hoverboard - these rule!

Steven Hodson (Mar. 19, 2009)
I'm not a skater, ice or otherwise, as I have this thing about looking like a complete idiot as I am being hauled off in an ambulance with various broken bones and bruised pride. That said I gotta admit if I was an inline skater these would be so damn sweet.

Hell it might even be worth the ambulance ride but unfortunately the Mercury Skate is only a concept idea put together by Pouyan Mokhtarani and as such live in the same world as the Hoverboard. To help you get over the agony here's some more shots of what they could be like - if they were real.
The Inquisitr: Screw the Back to the Future Hoverboard - these rule!

Mercury Skates make in-line skating smoooooth

by Conner Flynn (Mar. 19, 2009)
I have seen the future of skates and its name is Mercury. It's finally skating weather for those of you who enjoy it, but all that vibration due to crappy roads and sidewalks takes away from the experience, doesn't it?

Maybe designer Pouyan Mokhtarani will make it a more pleasant experience with these skates that look like they are still scorching hot due to arriving from the future. Springs and airbags in the shoes could make skating feel as smooth as ice skating. Judging by the looks of these skates, skating may even be like flying.

I can't even skate and I want to wear them. Mercury Skates make in-line skating smoooooth

Mercury Skate turns in-line skating into smooth cruising using springs and airbags

by Charlie White (Mar. 19, 2009)
The first day of Spring's only a day away and it's time to start thinking about ... in-line roller skating! But we're weary of all that vibration, enough to rattle our fillings loose on all these pothole-pocked roadways here on the frozen tundra. So maybe designer Pouyan Mokhtarani is onto something here with Mercury, the in-line skates of the future.

In this handsome rendering of a design concept, Mokhtarani shows us how the judicious application of colorful red springs and airbags in the shoes could make in-line skating feel as smooth as gliding across a pristine frozen lake. He's also designed ankle support attachments for those of us with wobbly joints.

Unlike some radical skating designs, this one looks downright civilized, capable of some pleasingly smooth cruising. The skate boot part of the design looks so swank, maybe the wheels could be removable so we could wear those snazzy airbag-equipped shoes on the street. Mercury Skate turns in-line skating into smooth cruising using springs and airbags

A new skate experience

by Vincent Esnault (Mar. 20, 2009)
This skate will probably never be seen in a marathon's first pace: it is for sure too much hard to manipulate. But isn't it quite funny? From Mercury skates...
Team Rollerblade: A new skate experience

Mercury Skate for Smoother Ride on The Pavement and Decrease The Skater's Fatigue

Designer : Pouyan Mokhtarani
In-Line skating is one of the most popular sports among people. This popularity is spreading throughout the world everyday due to it's large range of usability. In fact, roller skate was invented to compensate the limits of ice skate and make it possible to experience skating on the streets.

The main purpose of designing this Mercury skate is to decrease the skater's fatigue and provide them an easier and smoother ride on the pavement with the least harms. If you've ever skated on a paved surface you had experienced a vibration feelings on your heel and sometimes it causes you to feel uncomfortable. This vibration will translate itself from heel to knee joints which is harmful not just for knees but for the eyesight as well.

Mercury In-Line Skate

Cliant: Personal Design
Date: 2007 ISPO Germany
Description: design a high performance healthy line skate modeled in 3dsmax and renderd in v-ray and photoshop nominated concept in VOLVO sport design AWARD at ispo 2007.

This general problem of In-line skates has been considered in this Mercury skate design. It has a new style of frame, fixing system and a damper to absorb the harmful vibration mentioned above and also it can help the skaters to accelerate faster and gain a higher speed.

Removable Cuff

The shell of this skate is removable those skates who work with cuffless racing shoes can remove the cuff to be more comfortable.

Air Flexing System

The function of flexing the foot in the skate boot is done by airbags which are placed in the boot and after being blown, they prevent the foot from moving in the skate boot.

The needed air for these bags is provided by the damper, placed under each boot when skaters change the mode from Anti-Shock to Blower and press their foot to the ground, the damper will be compact and a result the air will be transferred to the bags the air pressure is adjustable by the buttons on each boot.

Anti Shock System

The blade consist of two parts attached to two joints with compact springs and this feature prevent the front wheels from getting, locked when hitting small obstacles or stones which will provide more safety for the skaters.

Future Technology: Mercury Skate for Smoother Ride on The Pavement and Decrease The Skater's Fatigue
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