Ayumi Kawasaki is getting married

Blog PLATHOME によると・・・10年以上前からか世界大会で活躍されている、日本が誇る、世界のバートスケーター川崎鮎美さんが、今夏に御結婚なさるそうです。私がお見かけした頃は、その都度ヘアースタイル、体型が激変していたので、記事に添付されていた写真が・・・普通の適齢期の女性だったので安心しました。Congratulations.

Skate diary- Ayumi Kawasaki

(Mar. 17, 2009)
A very famous Japanese female skater "Ayumi Kawasaki". She is getting married in this summer.

Her husband "Takamitsu Kayaki" is a top skater in Japan. He participated in 2006 ASA amateur final.
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Ayumi mostly skates with guys in Japan because there are so few girls as good as she is. She first got into the sport because she saw a video and thought it looked cool. Her small size allows her to go very big in her airs. Where competitor Fabiola is powerful, Ayumi is light and mostly airborne when she skates. Her favorite trick is Mctwist 720. Ayumi sprained her ankle in 1998, but says she is fully recovered. Her favorite subject is PE and her favorite hobby is listening to music.

Women Pro Fabiola da Silva & Ayumi Kawasaki

Future Goals:
"I want to be the world champion in the world's biggest competition like (the) Olympic Games."
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Session with Jun Suzuki

(Mar. 17, 2009)
Jun will be down from Japan this weekend for a session. Don’t expect too much though, it’ll be more of an old man skate session, he is a retired pro skater after all…but can probably still kick your ass on the transitions.

We’ll head down to Kiara at about 1pm this Saturday (21 Mar) and check out the other parks (Shah Alam & Putrajaya) if time and weather permits

P/s - Check out Jun’s blog - blogplathome.seesaa.net


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Wedding Ceremony of Akymi Kawasaki and Takamitsu Kayaki

July 18th 2009
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