Rando Roller Telethon 2008

Telethon 200812月にフランスで190km滑ったグループがビデオ投稿。タイトルの Telethon 2008 って意味が良く分かりませんが、30時間もの長時間TV番組 Telethon かと思います。日本的には日テレの「愛は地球を救う24時間テレビ」と同じような一般からの募金を募る番組です。この主旨に賛同して GCOB Rando Roller が企画した足掛け二日のスケートイベントのようです。

For this year 2008, the GCOB Rando Roller joins the association "The Ark of the effort" to develop a sporting challenge as part of the Telethon. For the GCOB skaters, the project is running to make skating a raid of about 190 km from Rouen to Normandy in the campaign.

Téléthon 2008 : 190km roll in a loop (Dec. 5-6, 2008)

From Friday evening, skaters Club will start for 5 steps from 30 to 50km through the department and return Saturday in the early evening.

In each of the towns, and with the assistance of representatives of the AFM, the Club will collect donations collected by the municipalities (check only) and take to the podium Telethon place of the cathedral in Rouen.

GCOB Rando Roller: http://www.gcobroller.com and Telethon 2008 Photos

The Route of the GCOB Rando Roller Téléthon 2008

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