Powerslide CECILIA BAENA !!!

Cecilia Saena が Powerslide World Team に加入と発表されました。まー、BONTから引き抜かれたと言うべきでしょうが、この笑顔を見れば満足度100%のようです。来週、その他のチームメンバーが公表されるようです。


by JvS (Jan. 23, 2009)
With incredible proud, POWERSLIDE presents CECILIA BAENA as the new member of its team. Chechy is undoubtedly the strongest female skater in the World, and we feel proud and happy that she has chosen to join the POWERSLIDE family. Her new teammembers will be presented next week!

Inline Skating Notebook: WIC Team in 2009

Chechi, Fabio and Zamu win in Cartagena

by JvS (Mar. 17, 2009)
The balance of the first serious international racing weekend in Cartagena, Colombia shows that the new Powerslide teams are stronger than ever. Fabio Francolini won the elimination race, Nicolas Zamudio won the points race, and Yann Guyader finished secons in the points race, and third in the marathon. Even though he crashed really hard in the points race.

Cecilia Baena, the new star in the Powerslide team, showed right away that she is up to the challenge. Thanks to multiple podium spots and the victory in the elimination race, she is now leading the WIC ranking. We are looking forward to a great season.

Cecilia CHECHI Baena win in Cartagena
Cecilia CHECHI Baena takes her first victory for POWERSLIDE
Powerslide Racing News: Chechi, Fabio and Zamu win in Cartagena


The season is in full progress, so it´s time to have a closer look at the new star in the Powerslide Matter World Team:

Please present yourself:
Cecilia Baena Guzman, also known as Chechy, I am from Bogotá, Colombia. I am 22 years old and have been skating since I was 3 years old.

What was your main motivation to join the Powerslide Matter team?
Because Powerslide is the best skating brand in the world, a company that is dedicated to everything that has to do with skating, no matter if fitness, aggressive, FSK or speedskating.... Furthermore I got to know Powerslide as a company that really believes in the skaters and supports them in a way to allow them to really reach their best performance.

Where do you train while you are in Europe?
I live and train in Gross Gerau Germany. We live there in a Powerslide house, together with Nicolas Zamudio, Rommy Munoz and Christian Diaz. It is perfect, because we can train there all together, also with many strong German skaters. In fact most of the time also the German Powerslide skaters, Martin Matyk, Pascal Ramali, Felix Rhijnen and Mareike Thum join our training. It´s very motivating to have so many strong skaters together here, and I think sometimes also the German skaters can learn from the training philosophy we have in Colombia.

What products do you like?
All Powerslide products are made to obtain the optimal performance in speedskating, with a high quality and especially designed with the best technology, lightweight and very comfortable. At the moment I am using a pair of stock C4 boots and the ICON frame 3x110/1x100mm... But I also enjoy very much the Phuzion fitness skates, we use these very often to go out and enjoy the beautiful European landscape.

What are your first experiences racing for Powerslide?
In one word: excellent! It has been a great season so far, I am really happy with my performance and hope to continue these good results for the remainder of the season. I have a great team, and am very satisfied with the current situation.

What are your biggest successes?
I am 22 times World champion and in 2008 I won both the World Inline Cup and the Swiss Inline Cup.

This year with Powerslide I managed to win:
  • Incheon, Korea, World Inlinie Cup
  • Trophée des trois pistes, France
  • Speedskating Kriterium, Gross Gerau, Germany
  • GBC Prolog, Groß Gerau, German Blade Challenge
  • Berlin Halfmarathon, German Inline Cup
  • Eschborn Frankfurt City Loop, German Blade Challenge
  • Kassel marathon, German Blade Challenge
  • Heidiland Marathon, Swiss Inline Cup
Chechy Baena