Nordic Skating

凍った運河でアイススケートを楽しむオランダに続き、こちらスウェーデンのストックホルム近くの Kallhäll から凍った Lake Malaren の上を Lindö まで滑った動画です。初心者でも楽しめるスケートの車高が低く、スキーのポールを使って滑るノルディックスケートはお勧めです。Googel マップで見ると直線距離は20キロほどありそうですが、湖の周りを道路で移動するより、はるかに近いみたいです。それにしても、この重装備には驚いた。なお、スケートとスキーの Nordic skating は XC-Ice (Cross Country-Ice) とも呼ばれます。

A great day on Lake Mälaren, Kallhäll to Lindö

Lake Mälaren in Sweden

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Kissen, The Baltic Cruise: Lake Mälaren

Nordic Skating, Cross Country-Ice

Imaging being able to enjoy the fun of skiing during the colder months, without the need for snow, or in a snow less winter, on icy lakes, rivers, road and sea-ice.XC-Ice in an advanced, dynamic, shorter ski, connected to dual-blades under the tip and the tail. Skis have springiness, which means power when connected to dual-blades and when you kick. An ordinary ice skate has a single blade and are not springy. XC-Ice has dual-blades under the tip and tail. Cracks in the sheet of ice are small problems, because of the dual-blades. Both skiing techniques. Same binding and boots, as for ordinary skiing. Same safety equipment as for “Nordic Skating”. A hand-brake system can be option. Ultralight Is Ultrafast: Mälarpremiär

Lake Roxen by Linköping in Sweden

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Lake speed skating in Finland, Lake Iso Tahko

Lake Iso Tahko

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Skating in Finland: Year 2009 started with perfect ice!