Jenna Downing of Yorkshire England

Jenna Downing7月の S3 Supergirl Jam in Huntington Beach にも出ていた Jenna Downing 嬢がシアトルの LG Action Sports World Championships 2008 Street で優勝したそうで、ビデオが公開されています。あまりと言うより、ほとんど知らない方なので調べてみました。2002年、当時13歳から ASA Pro としてから活躍し現在まで、スケート暦は長くて10年はあるようです。TouTubeに投稿された、つい2年前のビデオと比べてみると、その上達具合が良く分かります。

Jenna Downing's winning run at the LG Action Sports World Championships 2008 in Seattle. After a year of shooting jam session style contests, it was the women’s street contest that brought back what seems to be the lost art of line skating. First place Jenna Downing, second place Fallon Heffernan, and third place Fabiola da Silva.

Jenna Downing Women's Inline skating World Champion

Jenna Downing in LG Paris

(Sep. 13, 2006)
Jenna Downing skating with the local crowd

(Aug. 21, 2006)
After just rolling around on the street, Jenna met some friends who owned a skate park near to her house, and they encouraged her to go there. By training with them at such an amazing facility she began to improve and it wasn't long before she started entering competitions! Then it all went from there!
Jenna Downing: Profile of the LG Action Sports and for Female Aggressive Skaters

Jenna Downing Female inline World champ 2008

Jenna Downing:

Jenna Downing (ASA Pro) –13 yrs, Yorkshire England

by Blade (Mar. 2002)

Jenna DowningI first met Jenna when she was only nine years old back in 1996 in her local skate park in England. I was traveling through Europe on tour and decided to take a few extra days to see England. Rollerblading was experiencing a boom and much to my belief, skaters knew who I was. I was crashing at a skate magazine publisher’s flat and he told me there were many skater girls anxious to meet me. Jenny Logue, England’s current ASA Pro and a good friend of mine, had mentioned Jenna before and that I had to meet her. I was wearing my hair in two braids down the side of my face back then which became my trade mark and when I showed up at Jenna’s local park, she and a couple of other little girl grommets were sporting braids as well. I was touched and amazed at their level of ability. Jenna was a strong skater. She reminded me of ASA Pro skater Katie Brown (FYI-Katie is currently in college for ice Hockey and hopes to make the 2006 Olympics). The park was having a lock down overnight party, which they all tried to get me to participate in, but somehow the offer from a local skater’s family of a soft bed won me over. I truly enjoyed seeing both Jenny and Jenna rolling and having fun..

UnityThe ultimate part of this story is, over the years Jenny Logue kept me informed of how Jenna was improving. Jenny was like an older sister to Jenna and it was Jenna’s destiny to became pro. The interesting part of this story was when I produced my seconded WASN Skate Festival; Sobe Soft Drinks was my main sponsor. I realized that Sobe had no in-line skaters on their sponsorship team. This was because they where listening to the negative end of the action sports industry and told me that aggressive in-line wasn’t a “core” sport like skateboarding and surfing and was told that aggressive in-line wasn’t so called “cool enough” to sponsor. They did however believe in women in sports and after visiting England for a multy-sports event, Sobe discovered Jenna and told me they were interested in sponsoring her. I was thrilled but knew she was too young, only 12, and that the ASA wouldn’t turn her pro till she was 13. Well to make a long story short, Jenna is now a Sobe Sponsored ASA Pro.

MakioWhen I saw her skating on the street course in Milwaukee in 2001, I asked everyone who she was, and when I finally found out, I was so excited that I ran on to the course to give her a big hug. When I found her Mom, Jane, it was like meeting my sister. Jane is a single mom who’s raised Jenna by herself. I sat with Jane and found out how devoted she was to Jenna’s career. Jane told me Jenna is somewhat of a celebrity in England. She’s appeared in many ads and commercials skating. “When Sobe offered to sponsor her in 2000, they offered to pay for a coach, not really knowing how the sport worked,” said Jane, “Jenna learned all her tricks on her own session at skate parks.” .

Since Jenna is only 13, Jane has to travel with her, which can be costly. It can cost over $1,000 to travel for the both of them to the states, but Sobe is willing to take care of it all. “We wouldn’t be able to do it with out them, “ said Jane. Jane sometimes works two jobs to take care of Jenna but is thankful Jenny Logue has been there for Jenna over the years. Jane puts Jenna of a train ride into the city (London) 2 ½ hours to skate Play Station Skate Park. She always feels safe knowing Jenny Logue is there to meet her daughter.

Soul grind

Jenna has some maturing to do, she has some impressive tricks under her belt for 13, but with her determination I predict but the time she is 17, she will be skating at the level of Martina Svobodova and Fabiola da Silva if not better.
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