Paris, Capitale du Roller

今年9月5日から10月4日まで、パリで1ヶ月間開催されたイベントです。フランス語が読めないので、正直なところ詳しい事が解らず、これには無関心でした。しかし、Capital of the Roller を自負するパリは燃えていたようです。Hotel de Ville の展示写真やビデオを見ると、まだ歴史が浅いローラースポーツの起源までさかのぼり、その原点を知った上でローラースポーツのアイデンティティーが何なのか、芸術・文化にまで昇華する切欠になる素晴らしいイベントだったと感じています。

Paris, Capitale du RollerDiscover the history of roller and its ancestor roller skating, and today that everything related. The exhibition "Paris, capital of roller" was held at the Hotel de Ville, from 5 September to 4 October, the sport is popular and fun with Parisians for over 200 years!

Planet Roller proposes past 10 years, its members to discover roller in the beautiful roads of the planet and to meet and establish links with local skaters! This year for ten years, it mobilizes to offer an interactive exhibition on the theme of roller in Paris. Indeed, the "roller skating" is over 200 years in our capital and a fun sport which has Vogues but reborn each time with more momentum.

The skaters in the world of roller Paris were involved in this project supported by the Mayor of Paris.
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Paris, Capital of the Roller

Graphic Designer: Alexis HURET , Graffiti: Moktar GUINDO & GARY Paris, capitale du roller and Photos
Planet Roller: Paris Capitale du Roller EXPOSITION : PARIS, CAPITALE DU ROLLER 2008

The "rollers" in honor

The brigade roller of the police will be present at the exhibition "Paris, capital of the roller", which was held from September 5 to 4 October 2008 at the Hotel de Ville.

The public will particularly explore the various missions of this particular unit, as the fight against crime road, coaching hikes roller, or prevention within primary schools.

The brigade roller oversees the two largest hikes in Paris rollers of the capital, Friday and Sunday. It also controls traffic on the bicycle and bus lanes in particular, and made numerous patrols in the streets of Paris.
Police de Paris: Les "rollers" à l'honneur

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