ARENA 2009 in Geisingen

中国のHaining International Roller Skats Centerのようなインドアリンクが、2009年にドイツに完成するようです。屋内は200X60m、広さ6000㎡の中に幅7mでバンク角12度の200mリンクを設置すると記載されています。インライン専用ではなく類似するスポーツが使用できる施設だそうですが、年中天候を気にせず練習できる環境がうらやましい。

ARENA2009 in Geisingen - close to the A81 between Stuttgart and Bodensee

Germany's first indoor standard inline track and and more activitys!
Excellence center for athletes
Use for more Events & kinds of sport
Private ownership
More than only a Inline Speed…!
  • 200 meters of loop course
  • 7 meters width
  • Corner elevation 12 degrees
  • Roof structure 100X60 meters
  • surface area 6,000 square meter
Possibility to the round enclosing: protection against wind and rain

special event location for other meetings and users:
Trade fairs, corporate events, school and sports club

ARENA2009: and Facebook ARENA2009 in Geisingen

arena2009 in Germany started construction last week

by Jörg Dietrich (Nov. 24, 2008)

The exiting German skate project was launched after a long preparation

Geisingen. This week the first earth movement has begun on the future skate facility arena2009. After many month of preparation it finally started! The private investor, the family Uhrig is really exited about it.

It was a long way to be able to make it all happen reported Sabine and Thomas Uhrig today. Almost one year of preparations and planning were needed to make it come true. One of the biggest challenges was getting the building application from the regional government. The major of the small community in Geisingen supported the project from the beginning and was a huge contribution for the arena2009 project. Many hours were spent together with an experienced German architect to design a one of a kind sport complex in the world of skating. The first blue prints look amazing.

The arena2009 in Geisingen will be the biggest skate arena in Germany when it is finished in the summer of 2009. The skate stadium will hold a completely covered 200 m banked track and a separate 470 m road course only some meters away.

The roof of the banked track will also cover the approximately 3000 seats for spectators during the competitions. During the cold period of the year it will be possible to close the open sides with large waterproof and wind resistant textile curtains. This will make it possible to train even in the cold German winters. The track will be 7 m wide to give the skaters enough room during training and competition. The shape of the track needs to be finalised in the next weeks after the FIRS has not yet released the new regulations for international tracks.

In addition to the banked track there will be a separate 470 m road course on the facility around a little lake. Some of the corners of the road course will be slightly banked to allow top speed with the 110 mm wheels. The concept of the road course is to create a nice outdoor track in the middle of a beautiful landscape close to the Donau River. It will be a meeting point for the skate community even when they are not training.

Also many new technical features will be part of the new track. An advanced high speed video camera moving alongside of the track will give complete new chances for technique analysis. A real-time heart rate monitoring of up to 30 athletes at the same time will be possible. This will be a great tool for all coaches during the skate clinics. There are also negotiations with a well known time keeping company trying to install a chip based time keeping for the athletes not only during the competitions.

Along the Donau River there is a famous bike route that connects all the way to Vienna, Austria. Some parts of the bike path will be also remodelled from the surrounding communities to create perfect road training infrastructure of more than 100 kilometres with direct access from the arena2009. This will suit the fitness, recreational and top skaters training there. The idea is to attract clubs, teams, recreational skaters and tourists for a weekend trip or longer to the arena2009 and enjoy the great possibilities offered there.

Geisingen is located in the south of Germany only 45 Minutes north of Lake Constance and one hour south of Stuttgart. There is a direct Autobahn Exit from the A81 that will allow a fast access to the Arena 2009 for all athletes from Germany, Suisse and even France.

Starting from March a large group of world class athletes will live together in Geisingen! Most of these athletes are from the new ZEPTO Skate Team. Some of them will be involved in managing the track. World Champion Scott Arlidge from New Zealand will be responsible of the coordination of all the training sessions and running the new skate shop at the Arena. Scott’s girlfriend Anna will also be involved in some activities of the arena2009. Reyon Kay will work on many maintenance issues and technical support of the skating gear in the shop. All the other athletes will help to coach the new founded club in the city and give their experience to the kids.

We will keep you updated of all new developments of this project
ZEPTO Skate Team: arena2009 in Germany started construction last week

Construction begins on Arena 09

by Alx Bont (Feb. 01, 2009)
The first digging has begun on Arena 09 in Germany. A special lighting engineer has been hired to make the arena uber cool.
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