Seba KSJ Skate 2009

今は普通に見かける Seba Skates 、2006年にプロトタイプのカーボンシェルブーツを発表してから、市販されるまでに随分と時間が掛かったように思います。2008年初め、韓国人スラロームスケーター Kim Sung Jin が専属になった機会に、KSJシグネチャーモデルも公開されました。いよいよ2009年には、これに少し変更を加えた発展型のカーボンシェルブーツKSJがリリースされる予定です。個人的にはマニアックな KSJ よりも2008年のブーツが良いように見えます。それにしてもカーボンブーツがスラローム界でも珍しく無くなって来たようです。

The Cross : KSJ Skate (Oct. 29, 2008)

Seba KSJ (Kim Sung Jin) Skate

Seba KSJ Red
Seba KSJ Red topSeba KSJ Red back
Seba KSJ Silver
Seba KSJ Frame Length: 231mm or 243mm
Seba KSJ Frame
The Cross : KSJ Skate Red and KSJ Skate Silver and KSJ Skate Frames (Nov. 15, 2008)

Seba KSJ Skate without Carbon Side Support

Seba KSJ Skate
INLINEONLINE.COM: KSJ signs with Seba (Aug. 13, 2008)

Seba KSJ Prototype Skate in Jan. 9, 2008

Prototype Seba KSJ
HK SEBA-KSj (Jan. 6, 2008)
Rouliroula: New Seba (Jan. 12, 2008)
Inline Skating Notebook: New prototype of Seba? (Mar. 9, 2006)

Seba and Kim Sung Jin in Shanghai

Clazy Slalom: Seba KSJ Slalom Skate (Feb. 1, 2008)

フランスのショップ Hawaii Surf に Seba universkate Seba GT Grand tourismo 入荷のお知らせが載っています。Rollerblade Coyote みたいな、とんでもない外見をしたスケートです。車高が高い、165mmマウントの100mm4輪です。

Seba universkate Seba GT Grand tourismo

(Sep. 11, 2008)
The seba GT is finally surf in hawaii, long months of waiting for this beautiful product, but ultimately the game worth the candle, it is simply beautiful and will interest many fans of hiking and Freeskate, find the most soon as possible at home and especially on the site hawaii surfing!
Hawaii Surf : Seba universkate Seba GT Grand tourismo

Seba GT 100 4X100mm (Limited Edition)

Extruded Aluminium Frames:
The new frame for the GT is 303mm capable of accepting 100mm wheels for the fastest skating experience. Like all frames in the Seba range it is designed to be extremely strong and supportive for all skating situations.
Aluminium Integrated Plates:
The skate shell has a built in aluminium plate that allows for more precise skating and better energy transfer. The frame is screwed directly in the plate for a more positive response from your skates.
Simple & Personal Frame Fixation:
This frame mounting system will fix almost every frame on the market. The frame can be changed in just a few minutes for Downhill, Slalom or Freeride Skating. You can choose the position of the frame laterally and in length depending on your own style and preference.
Boot Side Protectors:
Side protection has been added on the boot to protect the skate from falls when practicing slides.
Asymmetric Toe Strap:
The toe strap allows for precise boot tightening giving better efficiency in your skating.
Double Foot Strap:
The double footstrap allows the skater to tighten the skate precisely for better efficiency in their skating and an optimal rigidity of the skates. It is equipped with a precision pump buckle which helps the skater to tighten the skates they way they want.
Safety Lock Technology:
The new ankle buckle on the Seba GT features Safety Lock Technology and with the FK buckle is not only lightweight but strong enough to stay secure in all skating situations.
Cuff Adjustment System:
With this new patented system, you can choose the position of the cuff; High, Low, Front & Back and also the flexibility. Full customisation to suit the skater simply by adjusting the Cuff Buttons with an Allen Key
Seba GT 100mm Performance Wheels:
The new 100mm / 85a not only offer the ultimate smooth fast skate but are also extremely light for their size due to their lighter composite core
Endlessroll: Seba GT 100 (Limited Edition)