K2 Skates 2009

K2 SkatesK2のホームページは未更新ですが、北米では K2 Skates 2009 のネット販売が始まっているようです。目新しい物は Frame: 100% bamboo, 100% post consumer recycled PET liner, 50% recycled PET small diameter mesh, Recycled PET laces, 37% recycled PET sandwich mesh, Embroidery 100% recycled PET, Recycled last board, All stitching 100% recycled PET thread, 100% PVC free の Eco Skates でしょうか、とりあえず通販サイトを参考にまとめてみました。


EXOThe EXO is the ideal choice for the new skater that is looking for a stable, comfortable skates and doesn't want to break the bank. The Exo offers a smooth roll that's great for beginners thanks to the combination of our composite frame, ABEC 5 bearings and 78mm wheels.
List Price: US$140.00-

Athena WomenThe Athena Women is the perfect skate for women who are new to skating, fitness oriented and want a good value. The Athena features a composite frame, 78mm wheel and ABEC 5 bearings and is designed around a womans foot to create a tue womens skate.
List Price: US$140.00-

EXO 80The EXO 80 for the intermediate skater who wants a skates that is comfortable, breathable, supportive and responsive. The K2 EXO 80 features the Alu with an 80mm wheels, ABEC 5 bearings and our new diecast aluminum frame. If you are a value-oriented skater who wants solid performance this is the skate for you.
List Price: US$180.00-

Andra WomenThe Andra Women is a great skate for women who want a high performance skate at a low price. The Andra comes with an 80mm wheel, ABEC 5 bearings and our new diecast aluminum frame. The Andra is designed to fit a woman's foot and looks as good as it fits.
List Price: US$180.00

Moto 84The Moto 84. If you are skating as your primary workout activity, then the Moto 84 is the ideal skate for you. If features V02 Alu frame, 84mm wheels and ISQ-7 bearings and is the perfect introduction to bigger wheels.
List Price: US$220.00-

T:Nine Alexis WomenThe T:Nine Alexis Women. Women who workout in their skates are going to love the Alexis Women. It features K2's system, V02 Aluminum frame, 84mm wheels and ILQ-7 bearing creating the perfect women's specific fitness machine.
List Price: US$220.00-


Eco Etu MensThe Eco Etu Mens is the first sustainable skate to hit the market. It features all the quality you have come to expect in a K2: stability cuff, comfortable softboot, 84mm wheels and ILQ-7 bearings along with some features that are great for both skaters and our planet. The Etu's vibration absorbing, stiff, revolutionary banboo frame is the smoothest frame on the market and the comfortable softboot is made from recycled materials that look great and are very breathable. The Etu is the total package of quality, performance, comfort and sustainability.
List Price: US$225.00-

Eco Maia WomensThe Eco Maia Womens is the T:Nine version of an environmentally friendly skate. She features a stability cuff, K2 softboot, 84mm wheels, ILQ-7 bearings and our revolutionary bamboo frame. Designed to fit the unique foot shape of a woman, the Maia's upper is made out of recycled material that are both breathable and comfortable. This is the flagship for what inline skates are to become!
List Price: US$225.00-

X Training

Moto 90 MensThe Moto 90 Mens. Where stability meets versatility. The added stability of the Moto 90 comes from high ankle lacing integrated with the cuff height for a secure feel. Its versatility comes from the 90mm wheels and ILQ-9 bearings for smooth effortless glide over any terrain.
List Price: US$270.00-

T Nine Celena WomensThe T Nine Celena Womens is not only geared for speed, but overall support for added endurance as well. This T:Nine skate comes equipped with 90mm wheels and ILQ-9 bearings for the east of glide. The Celena includes an enhanced stability cuff which is combined with a quicklace system for convenience and a supportive fit. T9 stability cuff was designed with a collaboration of a womens focus group and K2 engineers.
List Price: US$270.00-

Moto 100 Custom Fit MensThe Moto 100 Custom Fit Mens ramps up the performance with its custom fit intuition liner for a custom fit and a V02 Hi-Lo 100/90 mm wheel set up for additional speed without giving up the maneuverability. This Hi-Lo wheel setup combined with the enhanced stability cuff creates a skate that is ideal for longer distance workouts with the security of added ankle support.
List Price: US$330.00-


Radical 100The Radical 100 is the logical choice for skaters who want to experience the smooth roll of 100mm wheels along with the ankle support that the K2 radical cuff provides. Outfitted with 100mm wheels, ILQ- 9 bearings and K2's Four Hundred frame, the Radical 100 is the perfect skate for long training skates and marathons.
List Price: US$350.00-

Radical ProThe Radical Pro is the only skate that will allow you to experience the speed and smooth roll of a race skate along with the proven comfort and support of the K2 Softboot. This skate has all the features of its Radical cousins along with our new Radical Hi-Lo 110X2+100X2 frame and Carbon Radical Cuff (the same cuff that won 15 Medals on Madshus athletes at the 2006 Winter Olympics). It's perfect for long training skates, marathons, and just about anywhere else you speed junkies want to roll them.
List Price: US$450.00-

Radical FlxThe Radical Flx is designed to create the most efficient skating stride available. The Klop-like frame found on the FLX allows skater to utilize more muscle groups when skating than ever before, creating less fatigue and allowing you to skate longer. The Radical FLX hold 3x100+1x90mm wheels, ILQ-9 bearings and is topped off with K2's medal winning Carbon Radical Cuff.
List Price: US$499.99-


Fat JoeFat Joe. Affordability meeets style and performance with Fat Joe. This K2 softboot looks almost shoe-like and fits like only a K2 can. Outfitted with a Stability cuff, composite frame, 80mm wheels and ABEC 5 bearings makes Fat Joe the perfect skate for new skaters looking to refine their technique.
List Price: US$140.00-

Rita WomenThe Rita Women. As the sister of Fat Joe, Rita delivers performance, style, and the unmatched comfort of the softboot to new skaters. She feature's a stability cuff, composite frame, 80mm wheels and ABEC 5 bearings that create the perfect learning skate.
List Price: US$140.00-

Dirty RatThe Dirty Rat is so maneuverable that it turns on a dime. The enhanced stability cuff, 80mm wheels, and ILQ-7 bearings keep it stable under foot while the K2 softboot provides all day comfort.
List Price: US$200.00-

Vincenza WomensThe Vincenza Womens is a head turner, that’s for sure. She features a Stability Cuff, responsive Aluminum Frame, ILQ-7 bearings, 80mm wheels and a women’s fit that screams comfortable.
List Price: US$200.00-

The DonPowerful, stylish, and maneuverable. The Don brings us back to a time when skates were worn all day and the fun never ended. The Don features a 247mm frame, supportive Soul Cuff, 80mm Hyper Concrete Wheels and ILQ-7 bearings that set the tone for this important family.


Fatty ProThe Fatty Pro Aggressive Skates is all black in with full UFS compatibility, the known fit of the K2 softboot and backslide plate proven to Royale like no other. The softboot designs incorporate breathable, comfortable, and flexible materials that fit and function like a second skin while substantially reducing overall weight. Equipped with a standard cuff with max support.
List Price: US$200.00-


RaiderThe Raider features unparalleled support, relaxed fit, and first class comfort that make it just right for any junior skater to have fun. The Raider also comes equipped with ABEC 3 bearings, 72 mm wheels, and a push button adjustment through five fill sizes. And let's not forget it is affordable!
List Price: US$110.00-

MarleeThe Marlee is the ideal platform for young skaters to develop their skills. It has been crafted like a K2 adult skate. There is nothing toy-like about the Marlee. It features ABEC 3 bearings, 72 mm wheels, 5 size adjustability, and imaginative style that will make any youngster happy.
List Price: US$110.00-

MissyThe Missy sport stylish looks along with ABEC 3 bearings, 72 mm wheels, and a push button adjustment that adjusts for length as well as width. This skates can grow up to five sizes and is perfect for little girls who are ready to roll.
List Price: US$130.00-

Moto JrThe Moto Jr is one of a kind in the market by being the first junior skates that adjusts for width and length. This skate features a push button system that makes adjustments easily through five full sizes. On top of this, the Moto Jr. features 72mm wheels ad ABEC 3 BEARINGS MAKING IT THE BEST CHOICE FOR GROWING BOYS.
List Price: US$130.00-

Moto Extreme JrThe Moto Extreme Jr is one of a kind in the market by being the first junior skates that adjusts for width and length. This skate features a push button system that makes adjustments easily through five full sizes. On top of this, the Moto Jr. features 76mm wheels ad ABEC 3 BEARINGS MAKING IT THE BEST CHOICE FOR GROWING BOYS.
List Price: US$170.00-

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