Interview with Mathieu Grandgirard

今年、ドイツGICとオーストリアAICで優勝した Mathieu Grandgirard と言われても・・・顔が思い浮かばない、オーストリア Rollerblade I.B.U Speedodrom Team のメンバーだとしても、ほとんど無名の人って感じです。だから、Team Rollerblade に載っていたインタビュー記事を更新。多分、来年活躍するのは間違いないでしょう。

Interview Mathieu Grandgirard

Mathieu Grandgirard was one of the most prolific skaters of the 2008 season. The leader from Rollerblade I.B.U Speedodrom won many races in Austria and in Germany, and the overall rankings of the Austrian Inline Cup and the German Inline Cup.
Vincent Esnault, (Oct. 21, 2008)
Hello Mathieu. I imagine you are very proud of this season!
画像You ´re right! For the first year, our team had great success. Personally, it was great as well, even if I was really unlucky in some part of the year (I lost my father in May, and had a bad bike accident in August). My preparation was all right during the entire season, from Berlin HM to the final Marathon in Koln. Winning some national series means exactly this: to be at high level all the year through.

You achieved a great season, with numerous wins in numerous races. You must have worked a lot to prepare and achieve these performances, right?
How can I say... It took a long time for me to find the right way to win. About 8 years ago, I had my first podium in WIC stage, and it´s only for 3 or 4 years later, that I managed to win several other races. As we say in France, “wine gets better with the time.” I’ve been racing the WIC for about 10 years, so I would say that I now have experience in racing. But it also means that I am now little bit older! I know my capacities very well: it helps me a lot to know what I´m able to do or not during a race. It’s also true that I like to train, to prepare myself for some important events. I’m training seriously during winter, but in Vienna, it´s not always easy with the weather! And we don´t have specific place to train for skating… I also have to find a good way to keep balance between my family, friends, work and training: it is not very easy all the time. But what is really wonderful and gives me a lot of power is to see how my little sunshine Rosita can smile and show her best growing up performance: that is an unbelievable GREAT feeling. Plus the fully support from Lisi (my « wife »& Manager for all) gives me the possibility to remain at a high international level. About training, I stand up nearly every day before 6 o´clock to train a first session before working (I´m physiotherapist) and later on, a second time.

Can you talk about your team of Rollerblade I.B.U Speedodrom? You cannot be at your best without a big team around you...
The goal of Rollerblade Speedodrom - an idea from Lisi Schrenk - is to give a chance for young skaters from different countries to learn and race with Top Level Skaters. In one way, it looks like a competence transfer between generations and different cultures. Of course, we had some troubles, like in all new things, but things mostly went well. Our two leaders, Nadine Gloor and Thomas Boucher, did a perfect job: they brought top results and they invested themselves a lot with us, and into the team. I hope that our teammates from our national team learned a lot about tactic and how to train, like we showed them in our international preparation training camp of Gardasee.

The best race of your season must be the Coni X-Race of Berlin. Can you tell us how you felt after this half marathon, where you captured the silver?!
Sure! This X-race was the best race of the year and Koln also. Ten days before, I was at the hospital, with a “Mike Tyson destroyed face”. I had a very bad bike crash and I broke a bone in the face twice and rip. But I had already ordered my flight to Berlin, so I decided to race, without a goal. The weather was horrible (summer storm). I don´t like to race under the rain usually, but sometimes I do not so bad. Only two guys of the team were at the start line, Christian Hartz and me. So our tactic was simple: Christian had to protect me, what he did half of the race, staying in the first 10 of the pack and trying to join most breakaways he was able to. One lap away to the end, I was something like in 20th position. 1,5 km before the finish, I was only 10th but right behind the Powerslide Team. When the sprint started, I reacted a little bit too late, so I was not able reach the first place… But it was a good race indeed!!

You raced the big series like the SIC and the WIC, as well as the national series as the GIC and the AIC: what is the difference between them according to you?!
In my opinion, the organization of the German Inline Cup was, this year, the best of all: not that many races, but only top events with a top organization. The AIC is... how to say… From those that I raced, Wachau Marathon, Wieselsburg or Schwarzlsee are top events. I heard from my friend Niki that Eisenstadt was a good and hard race. But this year, it was on the same day than the X-Race... In the opposite, Linz could be nice, if the organizer doesn’t lie about the price money, and Wörgl would be a good district competition. World Inline Cup is the place where you can measure with the crème de la crème from inline speed skating. Without a strong team, you’ve got no chance to win a race. But it’s always a big pleasure to take part and meet your friends again.!

Now that the season is over, what will you do?!
Rest... Maybe rest and rest a little bit more. I feel that my body and my mind need to recover. I will spend more time with my family, enjoy my life and do no sport for two weeks and restart training with running, biking and sure a little bit of skating. Two weeks is the maximum of rest for me, because I eat more, all what I keep away during the season, like double portion from Lisi good kitchen, Haribo sweets, good glass of red wine or French cheese... I like it a lot!!

Thanks a lot Mathieu. And have a good winter!

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Interview with Mathieu Grandgirard

"Enjoy each race as the first"
By Vincent Esnault (May 10, 2006)
Mathieu Grandgirard is a Frenchman in Austria and an international skater in Germany. Is that enough to make you understand how inline speed skating can open your window on the world? As a skater and after many years in the team of Fila, Mathieu just integrated the team of Creative-Rollerblade this season. And he made it well, with two wins in the two first races of the German Blade Challenge recently! As a French skater, Mathieu has in the past raced for the French team and was a French champion; he also took a beautiful podium at the World Inline Cup of Seoul in 2004. As a citizen of Europe, Mathieu lives in Vienna, Austria, with his wife and his daughter, and works as a physiotherapist. Now you understand he's got a lot of interesting things to say!

First of all Mathieu, must I say "bonjour" or "guten Tag"?
You must say "gruscot" like the people from Vienna say. It's now for one year and a half that I live in Austria!

Let's talk about your win of last week at the first GBC: how was it for you?
It was not all new for me: I know Daniel Zschätzsch for a long while and all the family of Creative-Rollerblade is so friendly. I also know Kai Menze (the manager of the team) for many years as I race in Germany for few seasons now.

And for your team mates ?
Our team is totally new: there's one skater left from last year. It's also an international team with four Germans, two Italians and one French, but we all speak in German . But it was not long to find the good tempo: with Daniel, we are like the old brothers and the youg are really motivate to learn! And we have the wish to make a great season. It was good for the team that the first race was a team time trial: we then "stiked" together and the final success make it easier. It was not so easy to win because the plateau in Germany is really homogene with a lot of team like KIA Motors, Timmerman or Zepto…

Did you have a good winter?
Yes I had a good winter. Since this year, I train with two young Austrians from Rollerblade-Austria: they are very motivated for the trainings and it pushes me every day to be good. I had to change a little bit my way to train because the winter in Austria is sometimes really cold and it can snow... So I made some trainings on the ice to replace the bicycle. I think that it's always good to change every years your way to train.

According to your own experience, what's the most important to integrate a new team?
For me, skating was and is only some pleasure, so it's my first motivation in the team. My last year in the team of Fila International was a little bit hard, not because of the result - individual or of the tem, it was ok - but because of the atmosphere. This year, I feel good in the team of Creative-Rollerblade with friends like Daniel and Kai. Kai is really a good manager: he knows the sport and try that we miss nothing… I repeat: he's a real manager! And me, I'm like a old brother: I take care about the tactic with Daniel: the young guns need a hand, or have questions to ask for the trainings or for everything else and I try to help them. I was young too and my old coach learned my a lot so now I try to give back. It's also easy for me because training is a part of my job. I enjoy to do it!

What will be your calendar for this season ?
Our calendar for this year is all the German Blade Challenge races and the bigger races in Germany. For sure, I will also do some races in Austria with my training partners.

Is it easy to be the defender leader of the German Blade Challenge?
You know, I'm too old to have a precision. I take the races one after the other and I will see what's going on!

Is it simple to have such goals when you have such a job and you live the place where you're living?
I think it's just a question of balance. I'm lucky in the life: I have a perfect wife who supports me 100%(she was also world champion and works for Rollerblade Austria as well) and we have a little daughter of 15 months totally lovely. Next point for my balance is my job: I'm always working, when I was living in France as well. I work in a hospital in Vienna, and I take care about some high level Austrian sport people. My job gives me a lot of indication to know how to train: quality and not quantity… A training is like a reduction.

Last question : what can we wish to you for the coming races or the coming months?
Enjoy every race like the first one, because it can be the last one!

Team Rollerblade: Interview with Mathieu Grandgirard

Mathieu Grandgirard 3rd in Seoul

(Apr. 12, 2005)
The first stage of the 2005 World Inline Cup has been characterized by the rain. Before the start, due to the wet and very slippery course, all the teams changed their strategy. Immediatley after the strart the race has been characterized by several attacs and Fila did a perfect team work placing one of the athletes in each break away attemp.

At 20km to the finish line a group of 4 athletes, Mathieu Grandgirard (Fila), Jorge Botero (Rollerblade), Frank Cardin (Salomon) and Tristan Loy (France) made a big gap on the pack and, thanks to the fast speed imposed by Tristan Loy, they arrived to the finish line. In the final sprint former World Champion Jorge Botero finished first in front of french Cardin and Fila Mathieu Grandgirad. One minute later, in the pack sprint launched perfecly by Fila team at 800 meters to go with Baptiste Grandgirard and Luca Saggiorato, Max Presti finished second (6th place overall) following Pascal Briand (Salomon) who finished 5th overall.

After the race Fila members were satisfied for this result even if they didn't win because the team showed to be in very good condition also on the rain that normally was not the best condition for Presti and team mates. Immediately after the race Max Presti said: "With this kind of wet and slippery course we are happy to finish the race on the podium and to show that also in the pack sprint we were the team to chaise thanks to the perfect work done in the last kilometer"

More than 5000 skaters took part the the marathon confirming the constant growth of inline skating in Korea.

Seoul World Cup final ranking:
  1. Jorge Botero - Rollerblade
  2. Frank Cardin - Saab Salomon
  3. Mathieu Grandgirard - Fila
  4. Tristan Loy - France
  5. Pascal Briand - Saab Salomon
  6. Massimiliano Presti - Fila7th Shane Dobbin - Rollerblade
  7. Luca Saggiorato - Fila
  8. Arnaud Gicquel - Saab Salomon
  9. Fabien Rabeau - Rollerblade
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