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現在、Answer wheels のウェブサイト工事中です。巷では、Matter Wheel Hub を採用している Answer wheels から Joey Mantia がレースでテスト中の新ハブに変更した Atom wheels に変わると言う噂もあり。 SkateLog Forum でもユーザーによる興味深い書き込みが交わされています。

Answer wheels to become Atom wheels, and other rumours

by merlin (Aug. 25, 2008)
The Rumor is that Answer wheels will shortly be changing their name to Atom wheels. This is apparently due to a legal conflict over the use of the name Answer.

All future Answer wheels will be made in natural urethane colour, with the HUB being coloured to represent the wheel hardness/model instead. Apparently this is because the colouring process effects the hardness, and so it is easier to get consistent results without colouring.

There's also a new hub on the way to replace the corrent Matter-design. The new hub will cure the 'clicking bearing' or 'loose bearing' problems.

by BWI-Sheldon (Aug. 25, 2008)
  • Hubs don't crack. (not like Matter)
  • Bearings aren't falling out. (not like Matter)
  • Wear is reasonable. (not like AM wing)
  • Ride is smooth, even on harder wheels. (not like Matter, PC Vane)
  • Urethan stays on the hub. (not like MPC)
  • Wheels spin true. (not like MPC)
SkateLog Forum: Answer wheels to become Atom wheels, and other rumours

Answer ONE Inline Skate Road Wheels 100mm

Answer ONE Inline Skate Road Wheels Answer ONE 86A material is the same as Matter yellow juice; their 84A is a cross between Green and White Matter Juice. Answer ONE wheels are made without color to optimize the compounds to their full potential. ONE wheels will be faster, last longer and grip more. It’s well known color changes wheels, some colors more than others but no color is best. They therefore have differentiated their wheels through core colors rather than Urethane colors. A proprietary chemical called Go-Thane fuses together all the ingredients and performs best in its natural state.

Another advantage is their exclusive curing process called INCUBATION. This is a controlled environment which wheels are cured to perfection. Like color, curing is a very important process to the overall result of high-performance race wheels.

Atom One 86A

Atom One 84A

High performance urethane wheel with a the Answer's new Sonic-welded one piece hub, designed to eliminate bearing seating, cracking, creaking and hub separation problems.

Atom Bite 84A Track

Atom Bite is a track formula designed to do one job: to bite.
Inline Skating Notebook: ATOM Wheels 2009 (Nov. 2, 2008) New!

All For One And One For All

This race definately doubled as an equipment test, as I had a brand new, never before worn stock Challenge as well as the new ATOM ONE road wheels. From the moment i slipped my foot into the new boot, I knew it was going to be a good day. I had the pleasure of testing the ONE wheel on the track in Weinfelden with pleasing results a few days before the WIC marathon. With that confidence gained from the track sessions, I decided to put them to the test in the race, and I have to admit, they did not disappoint. The wheels felt flexible enough to get a good push without sacrificing any kind of roll. Around the round abouts and all through the sharper turns, I really felt as if I was gripping better than anyone else. I was really able to react to breaks like never before with the new setup, and I felt surprisingly efficient, considering the new boots.

The Wheels have the largest core in the industry, and it's solid... Something I've been hoping to get for a long time now; It allows for equal flex around the entire wheel, perfect bearing alignment, and it will never separate and make the creaky noises. We also wrapped more urethane around the 74mm core which creates an enormous amount of momentum once you get that thing up to speed... It's really an incredible and effortless feeling. This definately came in handy for the field sprint, I was just able to hold more speed easier than the rest of the field, which brought me to victory.

- Joey Mantia

Luigino Racing: All For One And One For All (Aug 09, 2008)