NY100K 2008 Free Jacket

8月31日までに New York 100K Inline Marathon に参加登録した人に配布される無料ジャケットのデザインが公開されました。色が去年の赤と黒からブルー基調に変わりました。これって、ドイツのライバルブランドのイメージカラーだと思いますが・・・スポンサーのK2は太っ腹です。なお、100キロマラソンレースの開催は9月27日です。


Hello Everyone this is the design of the NYC 100K for 2008 hope you like it! Remember to register before august 31 2008 so you can get you free jacket!

I also wanted to personally thank everyone for helping us make our 2007 event a success. I am inviting you to pre-register for our 2008 event before August 31, so you can receive our free limited edition NYC Skate Marathon & NY 100K jacket.
If you register before August 31, you can enjoy discount registration. if you wait until the day of the event, you will not receive a Jacket and registration goes up 20%

To answer concerns from skaters, we have made it so you will receive your jacket at the registration/packet pick up table the day before the event or the day of the event in your packet, this way if you register before August 31 you will receive your jacket.
Please note: Jackets will only be given to people that do show up at the event and pick up their registration packet, NO PACKETS WILL BE GIVEN TO ANYONE UNLESS YOU SHOW YOUR ID AND REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION. No jackets will be mailed, unless you register as a phantom racer.

For more information please go to: www.skatemarathon.com or to Register go to: www.active.com

Once again I want to thank you for your support.
Francisco Ramirez
The New York City Skate Marathon & NY 100K
Event Director
Empire Skate Club: The NYC Skate Marathon & NY100K FREE JACKET DEADLINE SOO
Inline Skating Notebook: NY 100K 2008 and New York 100K 2007