Coni X-Race 2008

Coni X-Race 20088月24日にドイツ、ベルリンで GIC/WIC C1 レベルのハーフマラソン Coni X-Race が開催されます。優勝ポイントは低いモノの、今の順位をキープしたいランキング上位選手は出場するようです。なお前日、23日に予定されていた WIC Hallum Holland は今月キャンセルされました。

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Coni X-Race Half Marathon

by Bill Begg (Aug. 18, 2008)
On Sunday the 24th in Berlin the Coni X race class 1 WIC event will take place,so close to Worlds a number of top skaters will be missing, but a number of those in contention for the points will be likely to turn up, for sure the likes of Guyader & Saggioratto are likely to be presnt & the BONT WHEELS ladies team have all confirmed they will be starting. So a top class firld will be quaranteed.
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Coni X-Race announcement

The Coni X-Race will be held this week-end in Berlin, the capital city of Germany. This is a WIC Class 1 event, as well as a GIC stage.
Vincent Esnault, (Aug. 19, 2008)
Coni X-RaceThe half-marathon named Coni X-Race will take place this Sunday the 24th in Berlin. The circuit is a large and plane one, near the Brandenburg Gate and the Victory colomn. The women will race at 12:45, and the men at 14:00. Currently, Diego Rosero (Rollerblade MPC World) is leading the German Inline Cup provisional ranking. His team mate Luca Saggiorato and Nicolas Iten will also take the start of the race.
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The Coni X-Race 2008

写真を見ると雨が土砂降りの中で実施されたようです。常勝 Joey Mantia の姿なく、これでシーズン優勝は Yann Guyader に決まったようです。女子は MPC Wheel からサポートを受けている CadoMotus の Hilde Gouvarts が BONT チームの Cecilia Banea と Nicole Begg を退けて優勝。今回の雨でウィールの差が微妙に出たようです・・・と言いたいのですが、WIC選手の皆さんはMPCが提供した同じレイン用ウィールを履いていたようです。

Men 21km Marathon Results

  1. Alexander Bastidas, (Bont Bacata), COL, 37.18,23
  2. Matthieu Grandgirard, (Rollerblade Austria), FRA,
  3. Severin Widmer, (X-Tech Crocs), SUI,
  4. Witold Mazur, (Ambra Cekol), POL,
  5. Fabio Francolini, (Powerslide Alessi World), ITA,
  6. Adrian Kung, (X-Tech Crocs), SUI,
  7. Lasse Simoni, (Stadler International), COL,
  8. Nico Wieduwilt, (Zepto Skate), GER,
  9. Yann Guyader, (Matter Inline Center World), FRA,
  10. Felix Rijhnen, (Powerslide Phuzion International), GER,

Women 21km Marathon Results

  1. Hilde Goovaerts, (Cado Motus), BEL, 44.13,27
  2. Cecilia Baena, (Bont Wheels), COL,
  3. Nicole Begg, (Bont Wheels), NEL,
  4. Alexandra Vivas, (Bont Wheels), COL,
  5. Tamara Llorens, (Bont Wheels), ARG,
  6. Jana Gegner, (Rollerblade MPC World), GER,
  7. Tina Struever, (Schankel World), GER,
  8. Margo van de Merwe, (Cado Motus), NED,
  9. Jannitta Spigt, (Cado Motus Bob), NED,
  10. Katja Ulbrich, (TS Bayreuth), GER,

X-Race Men

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Coni X Race WIC

by Bill Begg (Aug. 24, 2008)
Well after a season of dry weather WIC races the skys opened in Berlin & at times the rain was very heavy, with a driving wind.

MPC wheels had a field day on the slippery & treachorus Berlin roads, as every top skater dived into their reserve wheels, as from last years experience, even the great Joey Mantia could not manage to finish in the top 100 with out them.

Alexanda Jose Bastidas BONT BACATA from Venezuela wrapped up a great season with backing up a 2nd in Rennes, by winning the bunch sprint in front of 40 other title aspirants, but there were suprises galore, with the minor skating powers well represented, former Frenchman now Austrian domicilled, the experienced campaigner Matheiu Grandgirard Rollerblade Austria was 2nd, the young Swiss skater Severin Widmer X-Tech Crocs , who has done everything except win one this season was 3rd.

Now they showed at the europeans, that they were no Bunnies, with Mazur, as one of the Polish team officials at the European Juniors, probably exceeding his wildest dreams by finishing 4th, in a photo finish with Francolini 5th, Kung X - Tech was 6th, with another suprise Simoni Denmark 7th, before the First German skater Nico Weildiwilt 8th, Yann Guyader wrapped up 9th to tie up the CIC overall for 2008 with Felix Rijhen rounding out the top 10 finishers,
The ladies race was a triump for the wet weather godess Hilde Goovearts Cado Motus from Belguim, who won the sprint from the 4 BONT WHEELS girls Cecilia Baena & Nicole Begg, on the dias for 2nd & 3rd, Alexandra Vivas was 4th & Tamara Llorens 5th.

For BONT WHEELS its been a great early season finish, as they have put beyond any doubt that they will now take out the 1st, 2nd & 3rd overall, after wrapping up the teams overall & Cecilia Baena as overall winner in 2008.
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WIC/GIC Coni X-Race: Rosero bad race, Grandgirard good race

Diego Rosero (Rollerblade MPC World) is not the leader of the German Inline Cup anymore. But Mathieu Grandgirard (Rollerblade I.B.U Speedodrom) has taken the lead of the German series today.
Vincent Esnault, 24.08.2008
The Coni X-Race has been raced under the rain today. Unfortunately, Diego Rosero did not manage to achieve a good half-marathon: the Colombian finished at the 23rd rank. Because of this result, he's not the leader of the GIC anymore: he's actually at the second place.

But Rollerblade I.B.U Speedodrom leader Mathieu Grandgirard replace him. The French alreday achieved good results in Berlin in the past (he took the bronze in 2006), and even in Germany (he won the series the same season). He finished second today, behind Alexander Bastidas! More news about the race soon...
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Back to the 100mm?

The last international race was raced with 100mm wheels. Even, a large part of the men's pack turned back to the "old" diameter. Why?
Vincent Esnault, 27.08.2008
Actually, it was heavily raining in Berlin for the Coni X-Race. A large part of the skaters considered that, in these conditions, it was a best choice to compete with smaller wheels: lighter, more precise… And to stuck to the road with MPC wheels! The Storm Surge wheels were on the skates of each winner and each medalist! But it is certain that when the skies will be blue again, the 110mm diameter will come back!
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Overall Ranking after 10 races and 2 races of C1 class.

Men Teams
Yann Guyader
Yann Guyader
Luca Saggiorato
Luca Saggiorato
Massimiliano Presti
Massimiliano Presti
  1. Yann Guyader, FRA, (Powerslide Alesi World), 946 Points

  2. Luca Saggiorato, ITA, (Rollerblade MPC), 803

  3. Massimiliano Presti, ITA (Luigino Answer Wheels), 767

  4. Francesco Zangarini, ITA, (Rollerblade MPC), 744

  5. Fabio Francolini, ITA, (Powerslide Alesi World), 739

  6. Diego Rosero, COL, (Rollerblade MPC), 720

  7. Stefano Galliazzo, ITA, (Powerslide Alesi World), 644

  8. Matteo Amabili, ITA, (Powerslide Alessi), 591

  9. Severin Widmer, SUI, (X-Tech Crocs), 589

  10. Alexander Bastidas, VEN (Bont Bacata), 575
Women Teams
Cecilia Baena
Cecilia Baena
Nicole Begg
Nicole Begg
Alexandra Vivas
Alexandra Vivas
  1. Cecilia Baena, COL, (Bont Wheels), 1245 Points

  2. Nicole Begg, NZL, (Bont Wheels), 881

  3. Alexandra Vivas, COL, (Bont Wheels), 870

  4. Giovanna Turchiarelli, ITA, (Powerslide Alessi), 694

  5. Sandra Gomez, ESP, (Powerslide Alessi), 646

  6. Laura Lardani, ITA, (Rollerblade MPC), 600

  7. Nadine Gloor, SUI, (Rollerblade I.P.U.), 597

  8. Natalia Artero, ARG (Inline Center Matter Woman), 590

  9. Tamara Llorens, ARG, (Bont Wheels), 570

  10. Jana Gegner, GER, (Rollerblade MPC World), 569

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