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Brochure Amazing Roller Sports PDF FileFIRS がアテネで開催された SportAccord 2008 で行ったオリンピック競技初参加へのプロモーション活動報告が更新されました。ローラースポーツのファイルやビデオが入ったUSBメモリーをIOCメンバーに配布したそうです。ローラースポーツ競技が2016年のオリンピック種目に決まれば、東京でレースが見られるかも知れません。

Amazing Rollersports

Rome: (July 17, 2008)
Dear friends of rollersports, this is another great step for the promotion of our sports and FIRS Olympic Project.

We are sending the promotional material that we have presented during SportAccord 2008 in Athens to all the IOC Members, to our Sponsors and to potential Partners. We are also sending it to all our National Federations to support our National President in their lobbying activities with a high quality video and a brochure.

Advertising in Athens Airport during SportAccord

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Federation International de Roller Sports: Amazing Rollersports
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With thanks to Athens for a great event, SportAccord heads to Denver

Following the sixth and most successful edition of SportAccord, in Athens, the event moves to North America for the first time next year.

The outstanding conference programme of SportAccord 2008 in Athens June 2-6, 2008 is all available for viewing at, in keeping with the SportAccord organisers’ aim of providing an information resource that extends beyond the event. Likewise, SportAccord TV, a broadband service delivered in collaboration with WCSN, produced more than 20 interviews with sport industry leaders in Athens, which can be viewed in full on

One of the highlights of SportAccord 2008 was the announcement by the International Olympic Committee of the official candidate cities to host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. The seventh SportAccord in Denver will bring delegations together with representatives from the sporting movement ahead of the announcement of the host city in October 2009.

Dear Friends of,

I am writing you to announce a new important step towards the Olympic dream: FIRS has been convened by IOC Sports Department for a preliminary meeting in Beijing next August 21, about the Roller Sports’ candidature as new Olympic sport.

On such occasion, we shall have the opportunity to deal about all the steps up to the vote in Copenhagen, 2009.

We just received the rules of conduct from the IOC to be observed in the next 16 months, when our events, our organising skills and the value of our sport will be carefully evaluated by Observers charged by the IOC Program Commission.

It is of fundamental importance that FIRS may observe those rules to allow IOC Members to analyse and rightly evaluate all candidate disciplines.

Furthermore, during the meeting in Beijing, we shall be informed about the important opportunities FIRS will have in Lausanne next autumn: sports that are selected as new disciplines for the Olympic Program will be allowed to present IOC Members their athletics values.

I believe that, in this meeting on next Aug.21, we shall be able to collect the guidelines for a better appreciation of the several positive aspects of the amazing Roller Sports world.

I shall write you more when back from Beijing.

FIRS President
Sabatino Aracu
Federation International de Roller Sports: Editorial