BAVOIS08 - Les 3h du Roller

BAVOIS08まだまだ知らないローカルなイベントが多いです。この7月22日に開催されたスイスの3時間耐久レース BAVOIS08 - Les 3Heures du Roller のビデオソースもYouTubeです。ホームページを見ると、参加者総勢約60名、クラスはソロもしくは3人編制のチームの2つ、夕方5時半スタートして3時間後の8時半までに往復2キロのコースを何キロ滑るかの競技です。BAVOIS 08 はインラインだけでなく、同時に多種目のスポーツ競技が行われる夏の大きな大会のようです。

BAVOIS 08 - Les 3Heures du Roller

Sporting festive atmosphere and the "3 in the Roller" BAVOIS08.

Werner, Thierry and Alwin; Helena and Eric; C'tine, Olivier and geb;
in short about fifty skaters and skaters used their casters on the bitumen of Bavois.
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BAVOIS08 - Les 3h du Roller

Ttranslated by google
When? Tuesday, July 22 2008
How? 10 individual and 20 teams with 3 skaters
Description: The race will take place from 17:30 to 20:30.
    Roller race, starting line, a team of 3 or individual riders.
    The aim is to travel the greatest distance possible on a loop (closed to traffic) 2 km, with a slight drop in 3 hours.
    Departure and arrival at the same location.

    Definition from the dictionary MSM Encarta:

    Patin, whose wheels are aligned in the direction of the length to which a shoe is set high and rigid (anglicism)

    Small reminder for a trip on the road open to traffic:

    Ordinance on road traffic regulations
    Probably the most important official papers ;-)

    Excerpt ...

    Art. 50 Use of the road
    1 It is possible to use similar devices to vehicles as a means of locomotion on;
    A. Areas of movement for pedestrians such as sidewalks, roads or longitudinal strips for pedestrians and pedestrian zones;
    B. cycle tracks;
    C. pavement areas and zones 30 meeting;
    D. pavement of secondary roads when not surrounded by a sidewalk, a path for pedestrians or a bicycle path and traffic density is low when it borrows.