WIC Roller Marathon de Dijon 2008

WIC Dijon 2008今週末の15日、初めて韓国 Incheon と フランス Dijon で WIC 同時開催されます。一応、韓国が本戦でフランスはC1扱いなので、当然レース結果の獲得ポイントにも差が出ますが、Dijon の上位狙いもアリかなと思います。

Allees du Parc streetCity: Dijon
Country: France
Day: June 15th 2008
Class: Class 1
Competition: Marathon 44km
Winner points: 60 points
Start and Finish: the circuit of Roller Marathon
FIC Race Start: 4:00 pm
Course: Lap Course, 21 times lap = 2.2 k
Organizer: FFRS
French Inline Cup: www.french-inline-cup.com
Local organizer: www.amsports.fr

Inline Skating Notebook: FIC Roller Marathon de Dijon 2007

FIC stage 5 annonucement : Roller Marathon of Dijon

The FIC stage of Dijon is also a WIC stage Class 1. Maxime Provost (Rollerblade France) is 2nd of the provisional ranking of the series right now, with pretty chances to take the lead! We will know it after the race, on next Sunday the 15th...
Vincent Esnault, (Jun. 12, 2008)
The marathon of the 5th stage of the FIC will start at 16:00, in the Allées du Parc street: the race is still a circuit race, quite plane, with two big rounds around at the end of the two big straight lines. One lap is about 2kms, so that the marathon is a 21 laps race.

The team of Rollerblade France will have a big part to play in Dijon, on next Sunday: Julien and Adrien Despaux are in good shape; Maxime Provost will be very motivated, because is on the provisional podium of the series.

The competition will certainly be quite strategic: the athletes will have to take care about each attempt of break. Even if the circuit is plane, with no real difficulty, it's always very tought to skate. The straight lines are long, and it's necessary to skate well to take a good speed in it. The rounds around are gigantics, so that it's not rare to see some skaters give up in!

But Maxime showed in the past he was able to achieve good results in that competition. One time, he managed to break one lap before the bell with Franck Cardin. Let's hope he will remember that good memory on next Sunday!
Rollerblade World Team: FIC stage 5 annonucement : Roller Marathon of Dijon


By Bill Brgg (Jun. 10, 2008)
Yes the 15th June is a Double up day, unfortunately Incheon changed late the date & Dijon was already locked in, But from all accounts a top field of WIC for Both events, also ceck on WIC 2008 Thread.

For Incheon the Big 3 teams Rollerblade MPC, Matter World Inline Center & Alessi Powerslide will be present. with their Strong Line ups.

Then King Max Presti Lugino Answer ( Surely they won't let him go up the road again with a Korean skating like Superman), Nicolas Zamudio Powerslide Phuzion & Kepa Cabellero from Allessi Powerslide National, then the Two Schankel Boys from Russia Nikolay Yugay & Roman Lechinskiy.

But new faces Antonio Ruales Bont IDRD Bogota & Wolvega winner & Alexander Jose Bastidas Bont Bacatta, with fellow Venezuelan skaters Fabricio Erviti & Carlos Salazar.

For me this course its hard to go past Luca Saggioratto if it gets to a bunch sprint, its a big open fast finish, but depends how far Rollerblade MPC will go to protect the lead of Diego Rosero, as he appears to be the chosen one in Rollerblade. But Andres Munoz has yet to get it right,but also a very fast & very Dangerous opponent,in the run for the line. Yann Guyader Alessi Powerslide can do it both ways, has a recent WIC record of every break he is in he wins, but if the field splits up, then Peter Micheal, Antonio Ruales & Alexander Jose Bastidas could be capable of winning.

Then you go to Europe for Dijon With virtually everyone not in Incheon there, Mattheui Boher always in contention there, will find plenty prepared to go on the attack, Rueben ( The tougher the Better) Martinez, CMS Argentina, Jorge Bolanos Equador Bont Bacata & Christian Diaz Granados Bont IDRD Bogota ( 3rd in Sursee ) are all primed & ready for a big race, then the N.Z. Element of DJ Nation, Mater World Inline Center with Ben Alchin & Wayne Begg Spirotiger World Inline center another strong Bunch.

Its also likely the Zepto boys Arlidge, Kay & Weidiwilt will be present, this course is likeky to suitthem, along with the strong Swiss teams.

Yes we always look forward to the productions out of France, well my daughter Nicole is not happy about missing out on the race she won last year, always a tough race, with attacks, breakaways & sprint primes featured.

But this year the depth of the womens field will be great, the Matter World Inline Center team currently 2nd overall in the WIC Standings, its not known if Lina Holguin 4th in the overall will be back from Colombia or not, But Nathalia Arthero seventh overall, Andrea Hartichelhar & Melissa Bonet are all very experienced & ex World senior medalists, the Bont IDRD Bogota team with World marathon champion Kelly Martinez 12th overall & Martha Ramirez 10th overall along with 4 other Colombian girls will certainly make the Competition a lot stronger.

With the Cado Motus Girls & probably Rollerblade IDU Speedome Austria girls of Nadine Gloor 6th & Sara Bak 11th, there could well be 6 or 7of the top ranked WIC girls competing in Dijon, Laetitia Le Bihan hopes of a French victory will be anthing but easy.
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WIC Roller Marathon de Dijon 2008

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WIC Dijon Results

Men Results
  1. Jorge Bolanos (licence individuel)
  2. Mathieu Boher (RPM Poli Matter)
  3. Julien Sourrisseau (RPM Poli Matter)
  4. Benjamin Douchin (Renard Inline World Team)
  5. DJ Nation (Matter World International)
  6. Felix Rhjhnen (Powerslide Phuzion International)
  7. Julien Despaux (Rollerblade France)
  8. Christian Diazgranados (Bont IRD Positiva Team)
  9. Juan Felipe Guiterrez (World Inline Center Sirotigers International)
  10. Adrian Leeman (X-Tech Crocs)
Women Results
  1. Anne-Sophie Petitprez (ASEB)
  2. Liliana Holungin (World Inline Center Matter International)
  3. Kelly Martinez (Bont IRD Bogota Positiva Team)
  4. Andrea Haritchelar (World Inline Center Matter International)
  5. Hilde Goovarerts (Cado Motus)
  6. Laetitia Lebihan (Sarthe Loops Racing by Cado Motus)
  7. Natalia Artero (World Inline Center Matter International)
  8. Shaneen Howard McLean (Bont IRD Bogota Positiva Team)
  9. Melissa Bonnet (World Inline Center Matter International)
  10. Justine Halbout (2 APN Avon)
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WIC Roller Marathon de Dijon 2008

Interview Winner Jorge BOLANOS

Interview 2nd Matthieu BOHER (BOB)

WIC/FIC Dijon 2008 - Open

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