WIC Incheon 2008

WIC Incheon 20086月15日は参加人数 15,000人という Incheon World InlineCup 2008 です。マラソン距離は38キロ。そして一般参加出来る20キロとジュニア11キロのレースがあります。例年、日本からの参加手続きはIWIC日本事務局が代行している、文字通り「日本から一番近いワールドカップ」です。なお、参加募集は5月25日に締め切られています。

また、今年はIWIC開催日が中途変更されたため、WIC (C1) の French Inline Cup Dijon と同一開催になってしまい残念です。


City: Incheon
Country: Korea
Day: Saturday, June 15th 2008
Class : Top Class
Competition: Marathon 38 km
Winner points: 200 points
Expo: Wangsan beach
Start and Finish: Wangsan beach
WIC Race Start: 9:35 am
Course: Lap course, including three turns
Participants: 15,000 participants
Prize money: US$40,000- (38 Km)

WIC Incheon Marathon 38km Course

Marathon 38km and Open 20km or Junior 11km

WIC Incheon 2008Time Table
09:00 Junior men 11Km start
09:03 Junior Women 11Km Start
09:05 Rrecreational Skating 11Km Start
09:35 WIC Women 38Km Start
09:40 WIC Men 38Km Start
10:35 Senior Men 20Km Start
10:38 Senior Women 20Km Start
10:43 Master Men 20Km Start
10:46 Master Women 20Km Start

Organizer: Incheon Inter-Inline Marathon Organizing Comittee
World Inline Cup: www.world-inline-cup.com
Local organizer: www.iiio.co.kr
Host city: http://english.incheon.go.kr
Official hotel: http://incheon.regency.hyatt.com
Yahoo! Weather: Inch'on Weather Forecasts

Inline Skating Notebook:
SsangYong INCHEON WIC 2007
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WIC stage 5 : Incheon announcement

This is the first big travel for the team, which is based in Europe. Incheon, South Korea, will hoste the 5th stage of the WIC on next Sunday.
Vincent Esnault, 12.06.2008
South Korea is one of the big places of inline speed skating. More than 6000 skaters will take the start of this fifth stage of the WIC 2008, which prooves the success of our sport in this part of Asia.

The competition is a 38km race, on plane grounds. The main difficulty of that stage is the time the athletes need to travel from Europe, their Home place, to South Korea (7 hours). Also, the race starts in the morning, which means they will have to wake up very early, at about 6:30. One last thing to add: it will be the begining of the summer in South Korea, so that the temperatures will be probably hot and the athmosphere wet!

But it will not be a problem at all for the World Team of Rollerblade MPC: the athletes are used to that kind of conditions. The circuit is fast? Laura Lardani prooved one season ago she was able to win that WIC stage! And Luca Saggiorato, two seasons ago! That are pretty good reasons to feel confident before the race.
Rollerblade World Team: WIC stage 5 : Incheon announcement

Incheon WIC

by Nicole Begg (June 14, 2008)
This morning our team arrived safely in Incheon, South Korea after a long flight. Incheon is the host city of the 5th World Inline Cup race this season. The race which is not quiet a full marathon (38km) gets underway at 9.20am Sunday morning. We have not seen the course yet but from the map I've seen it looks similar to previous years, up and down the road that runs along the coast. Tomorrow afternoon we get to have a look at the course and hopefully will be able to skate the last few kilometers.
Roller Girl: Nicole Begg: Incheon WIC

Incheon (KOR). Over 6'000 skaters came to the Wangsam Beach this sunday morning to participate at the 5th Incheon World Inline Cup.

The italians sprinted at the end of the windy race to an impressive win with 4 Italians in the top 5. Also The Rollerblade MPC World Team celebrated a big triumph: 1st Luca Saggiorato (ITA), 2nd Francesco Zangarini (ITA) and 4th Diego Rosero (COL). 3rd got the Italian Stefano Galliazzo (Alessi Powerslide World).

At the women's race the Colombian Cecilia Baena (Bont Wheels) demonstrated again her strength in the sprint. She won in front of her teammate Nicole Begg (NZL) and the Venezuelan Sara Erbiti (Bont Bacata).

WIC Incheon 2008

Men Results

  1. Luca Saggiorato, (Rollerblade MPC World Team), ITA
  2. Francesco Zangarini, (Rollerblade MPC World Team), ITA
  3. Stefano Galliazzo, (Powerslide Alessi World), ITA
  4. Diego Rosero, (Rollerblade MPC World Team), COL
  5. Max Presti, (Luigino Answer Wheels), ITA
  6. Yann Guyader, (Powerslide Alessi), FRA
  7. Matteo Amabili, (Powerslide Alessi), ITA,
  8. Kepa Caballero, (Powerslide Alessi Euro) ESP
  9. José Bastidas, (Bont Bacata), VEN
  10. Antonio Ruales, (Bont IDRD Bogota Positiva), COL

Women Results

  1. Cecilia Baena, (Bont Wheels), COL
  2. Nicole Begg, (Bont Wheels), NZL
  3. Sara Erbiti, (Bont Bacata), VEN
  4. Brittany Bowe, (Luigino Answer Wheels), USA
  5. Tamara Llorens, (Bont Wheels), ARG
  6. Simona di Eugenio, (Rollerblade MPC World Team), ITA
  7. Jana Gegner (Rollerblade MPC World Team), GER
  8. Nadine Gloor, (Rollerblade IBU Austria), SUI
  9. Laura Lardani, (Rollerblade MPC World Team), ITA
  10. Sandra Gómez, (Powerslide Alessi), ESP

Overall Ranking after 5 races and C1 class.

Men Teams
Luca Saggiorato
Luca Saggiorato
Francesco Zangarini
Francesco Zangarini
Diego Rosero
Diego Rosero
  1. Luca Saggiorato, ITA, (Rollerblade MPC), 488 Points

  2. Francesco Zangarini, ITA, (Rollerblade MPC), 439

  3. Diego Rosero, COL, (Rollerblade MPC), 439

  4. Yann Guyader, FRA, (Powerslide Alesi World), 413

  5. Stefano Galliazzo, ITA, (Powerslide Alesi World), 354

  6. Antonio Ruales, COL, (Bont IDRD Bogota), 328

  7. Alexander Jose Bastidas, VEN, (Bont Bacata Bogota), 319

  8. Massimiliano Presti, ITA (Luigino Answer Wheels), 313

  9. Andres F. Munoz COL (Matter World Inline Center), 295

  10. Nelson Garzon, COL, (Matter World Inline Center), 253
Women Teams
Cecilia Baena
Cecilia Baena
Nicole Begg
Nicole Begg
Alexandra Vivas
Alexandra Vivas
  1. Cecilia Baena, COL, (Bont Wheels), 635 Points

  2. Nicole Begg, NZL, (Bont Wheels), 494

  3. Alexandra Vivas, COL, (Bont Wheels), 434

  4. Liana Holguin, COL, (Matter World Inline Center), 365

  5. Nadine Gloor, SUI, (Rollerblade I.P.U.), 360

  6. Jana Gegner, GER, (Rollerblade MPC), 352

  7. Sara Irviti. VEN, (BONT Bacata), 323

  8. Tamara Llorens. ARG, (Bont Wheels), 318

  9. Nathalia Artero, ARG, (Matter World Inline Center), 300

  10. Sandra Gomez, ESP, (Alessi Powerslide), 296

WIC Incheon: Saggio once again in gold, Zanga in silver!

Luca Saggiorato won the WIC of Incheon last Sunday in a massive sprint (he already did it two years ago). His team mate Francesco Zangarini captured the second place, whereas Diego Rosero was fourth in a row.
Vincent Esnault, (Jun. 16, 2008)
Luca Saggiorato (Rollerblade MPC World) captured the gold in Incheon, South Korea, at the WIC stage 5. He crossed the line at the first position of the pack, in a marathon which was far from easy.
Many times during the race, there could have been breaks, which would have made the race completely different. On the long circuit of the international airport (two laps of 20kms), the most motivated were the local skaters (more than 8000 competitors at start); but the 16 WIC athletes finally controlled the race.

Each attempt of break failed, including the longest: Nelson Garzon (Matter) escaped more than 5kms, in vain… Nicolas Iten and Diego Rosero made a wonderful work for the team of Rollerblade MPC World, in order to conclude the WIC in a sprint.

The strategy was successful. In the last 3kms, a lot of skaters tried to go away alone, to prevent themselves from the sprint: but Diego was vigilant and caught them back all. Luca took the lead of the sprint in the 200 last meters, with Francesco and Diego behind him to protect him. He took the left side of the road and crossed the line victoriously.

Every body knows what’s following: Francesco was close behind, and Diego nipped on the line by Stefano Galliazzo (Alessi Powerslide).

Anyway, with such a result, the team comforts its leading place at the WIC ranking. Luca is at the first place of the provisional ranking of the World series with 488 points, followed by Diego and Francesco (both 439 points)!
Rollerblade World Team: WIC Incheon: Saggio once again in gold, Zanga in silver!

WIC Incheon: Simona, Jana and Laura in the Top 10

Simona di Eugenio, Jana Gegner and Laura Lardani (Rollerblade MPC World) captured the 6th, 7th and 9th places in Incheon, WIC stage 5. The girls finished very close to the podium… Actually, they did not managed to control the final sprint of the race.
Vincent Esnault, (Jun. 16, 2008)
The ladies race of Incheon, South Korea, was not as much physical as the men’s one. There were fewer attempts of break, so that it became a strategic marathon, with the final sprint as an ultimate goal.

In that kind of situation, the team of Bont has proved many times this season is efficiency. But the last straight line of Incheon is a little bit Laura Lardani’s favorite: she won here last season.
But this time, the Bont train was the fastest. At more than 400m to the line, Alexandra Vivas took the lead of the pace, and opened a perfect way for her team mates, Cecilia Baena and Nicole Begg. The two skaters captured the first and the second place, whereas Venezuelan Sara Ervitti (Bont Bataca) took the bronze. The blue train was very close, but remained behind...
Rollerblade World Team: WIC Incheon: Simona, Jana and Laura in the Top 10

Incheon World Inline Cup 2008 using helmet cam

Inline Skating Notebook: SsangYong INCHEON WIC 2007

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