Powerslide ICON Frame

5月7日、Powerslide Racing News に Yann Guyader (Powerslide Alessi World) がテスト中の ICON 3X110/1X100mm のプレビューを寄稿していました。彼の背丈が日本人並みなのでジャストフィットだと思える、この100mmフレームと同じ高さで長が12.8'の ICON 3X110/1X100 の使い心地は気に成るところです。でも、以前どこかで見たフレームだナーと思っていたら Diabolik Skating のフレームと似てなくも無い・・・。

PowerslideTV - Icon Frame

The Icon Frame and I...A lovely partnership

by Yann Guyader (May 7, 2008)
ICON 3X110/1X100
I got them like a month ago and since then I won all the competitions I've raced. After winning the pre-mundial race in Gijon "Spain", and the International Kriterium of Gross-Gerau "Germany" I managed to gain my 5th WIC victory under the color of Powerslide last Saturday in Sursee. Thanks to that new rocket frame I feel perfect. I know you would tell me: What really makes the difference between the new Icon frame from Powerslide and any other frame? I would tell you everything. Indeed the frame has a completly brand new shape, machined out of one piece of aluminum the frame is stiff and it gives you an higher response. The 100mm wheel in second allows the frame to be a lot lower than any other 110 frame on the market, what makes you being really confortable while skating. forget all the shin problem you maybe had before. The lenght of 12'8" is great, cause you still have the roll of the 110 wheels without the inconvenience of the 4x110 that are sometimes for people like me with small feet a bit too long.

So believe me you really do need that brand new frame. the Serial winner frame.
By the way for those who do not like the Hi-Lo frames - the Icon frame will be available in 4x110mm also!

Get ready, production of the brand new Icon frames will start now!
Powerslide Racing News: The Icon Frame and I...A lovely partnership

CORE ICON 12,8 inch 3X110/1X100mm

ICON 3X110/1X100mm
The brandnew ICON frame 3X110/1X100mm show its teeth, Yann has dedicated his victory to this great new frame. In shops soon!!
  • brilliant CNC finish out of one piece block
  • 7000 T6 Aircraft Aluminium
  • laser print on anodized and ball burnished surface
  • single axle system M7 with torx
  • 195mm mounting
  • height: front 41mm, back 52mm
  • weight: 192g

Diabolik 4x100mm Frame

Aluminium Frame, Mount Spaceing 195 mm, Max Wheel Size 104mm, Weight 214g, Price 249 Euros
RollerEnLigne.com: TEST DE LA PLATINE 4 x 104 MM DIABOLIK
Diabolik Skating: http://www.diabolik-skating.com

110mmX3+100 Frame designed by Ewen Fernandez

RollerEnLigne.com に外観が ICON Frame に似たフレームが紹介されています。見れば見るほどそっくりなのですが・・・どっちのデザインが先なのでしょう。とりあえずプロトタイプのテストしている Powerslide が先行しているかと思いますが、モメそうな予感。

The brothers Schuffenecker (Franck and Jerome) have designed a platinum speed 3x110 mm based on a design proposed by Ewen Fernandez. They deliver the first draft of this model.

If this player wins enough votes positive, they could well be produced in limited quantity and marketing. It has the distinction of being very low and very short compared to other 3x110 mm + 1x100 mm and has anti-subsidence shoe, so that the wheel which passes close does not involve footwear. Feel free to post comments below to give your impressions and possible changes personal!
Name temporary platinum Ewen Fernandez
Material: Aluminum 7075
Length: 323mm (12'7 in)
Type: 3x110mm+100mm